Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Poor Mikeal

In light of the fact that tomorrow is April First....we decided to be a little bit ...umm....how should I put it... onery....

See last year, with his new baby sister here, he decided to pull a VERY VERY mean trick on Brian, I can't remember exactly what it was, but something to the tune that I'd taken her to the hospital for some severe reason....I was in the bedroom sleeping with her when he'd come home from school and had no clue. Brian was rightfully VERY VERY upset over all this because 1) that meant Mikeal was home by himself and 2) I hadn't even let him know about what was going on.

So we're going to get him back a little bit this year....kinda

See he lost a tooth this evening. Meaning he's expecting his dollar from the Tooth Fairy to be under his pillow when he wakes up in the morning instead of the tooth....

Brian composed a small little letter to put under his pillow instead. And that note reads :

Dear Mikeal,

Due to the recent economic problems I cannot afford to give you money for your tooth. I am going to take your tooth for now in hopes that you will thank me later.

My Deepest Sorrow,

Ms. Tooth Fairy

WAY down at the bottom in VERY tiny print (well tinier than the letter's print) is a : PS APRIL FOOLS! Money is on the kitchen table this time.

:giggle: We're so mean....

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