Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Onward & Forward

There is nothing all that new to report on the story of Elvis at this time.  Nor do I really know if there will be anymore of significance.  Right now we hang in limbo wondering if he's alright, if he made it back home, or if he gave the officials & thus us the slip & is still in the country, I have no clue.  I do have to admit it does sadden me a great deal.  But again, he is a grown man and I have to in the very least respect his wishes on the matter.  Perhaps a clean break is best, especially with all the drama surrounding it all, but it still sucks.  Again though it could just be he's taking some time to be heartbroken and put his head together before he reaches back out to us, at least in the form of a phone call to say "hey, thanks".

As far as life goes here at BFE (Bonds Family Estates) well, it's life.  I saw Mikaila's ENT today about my own sinus issues & he's called me in a heavy duty super antibiotic to take for the next week or so and set me up to have a CT scan done of my face & head to see if there's something that will show as a cause for my chronic problems.  His initial opinion is that there's something causing me to not fully get over a sinus infection and thus I maintain a mild to severe infection year round.  I give him props for not trying to talk me into taking yet another allergy med (that is ineffective) or try a different steroid med (that I'm allergic to).  I have quite the extensive list of medications that I've tried over JUST the last year thanks to my wonderful insurance company and their insistence of me having to try this and that med before they'll approve a referral to a specialist.  Seriously - I've only dealt with chronic sinus/allergy type issues since I was about 10 years old...I'm quite the EXPERT at what works and what doesn't and I also know that ANY form of steroid breaks me out in hives & causes me to swell within 23 minutes.  My CT scan is scheduled for Thursday & my follow-up with the ENT is on the 4th of February.  So here's to hoping something is found out.

I switched schools & majors again, not sure if I mentioned that previously.  It was nice to be 'off' for most of October, November, & December, especially with all that went on in life, but I really missed studying, writing papers, and the like.  It seems to give me goals to push for and helps keep me on track with all in life, as odd as that sounds.  My new major is Criminal Justice, with a concentration in the social worker side of it.  It fits best with my long term plans and what I've always wanted to do in life.  It also doesn't hurt that I'm awesome at it.  Kinda sucked that it took going through two schools to find one that actually fit what I was looking for, but I think having those experiences helped me find exactly what it was I was looking for & wanted to work towards.  I don't want to just be able to work in a field with a degree, but I want my degree & career to have real meaning for me.  Despite the labels of my previous majors after I looked deep into what the programs were offering they were not what they were made out to be.  I guess that's kinda the job of the recruiter - make you think that what you're getting is what you want.  Other benefits include 12 week courses instead of just 5.5 week courses, real breaks between Semesters, & REAL textbooks!  OMG! How I loathe LOATHE e-books.  I LOATHE them.  The only - ONLY reason I would want a Kindle or any other type of e-book reader would be for the free mobile internet access - I'm not kidding.  I FREAKING LOATHE E-BOOKS!  Okay...I'd also like a Kindle for the "read to me" option...so don't take that off your Christmas list for me. ;-)

I am also still doing the painted glass bit with BooMonkey Creations.  I am back to taking custom orders and have many new pre-made pieces done up!  My goal is to have at least 100 pieces ready to take with me when we go to Missouri this summer & find a buyer for them.  I have a few good leads & some promising prospects, so my fingers are crossed.  If you have any suggestions, even if you're not buying at this time, leave a comment & tell me what you think would be awesome!

Brian is meeting with his lawyer tomorrow to look over the settlement paperwork on his worker's comp claim revolving from the injury he sustained to his shoulder back in August of 2010 and had surgery on in May of 2011.  We'll see what he has to say about it, hopefully it's decent news.

We file our taxes on Wednesday.  We should be getting enough back to tag both vehicles, pay off the car, & get everything else paid up to date...and pretty much nothing else.  I'm at least hoping to be able to get a new desk chair - this one is ready for the dump.

Mikeal is doing well with school.  Straight A honor roll & all that jazz.  His attitude is I guess what one should expect of a 9 year old boy, but it's an adjustment to me, especially since I'm so used to him being quite compliant & agreeable towards me.

Since Mikaila's tonsillectomy her speech has GREATLY improved.  It's expected that by the time she starts kindergarten in about 18 months she'll be on par with her classmates!  This is SOOO awesome especially since it's been only 18 months since the first surgery to remove her adenoids & put tubes in her ears.  She went from almost no spoken words to new words & full letter sounds on a daily basis.

Otherwise things are fairly ho-hum normal around here.  Well, as normal as my life gets, anyways.

And yes, I did have someone follow me to the ENT appointment...

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lightning Strikes!

Continued from here.  To read from the beginning go here.

January 18

The day started off as any normal does here at the house.  Mikeal went to school, Brian got up with Mikaila since he didn't have to work, and I was allowed to sleep.

Oh blessed sleep how I missed thee.

Sometime around 10am Brian got a text from Elvis...Brian had ran out of voice minutes on his phone for the month, already.

The text read: "I need you to come get my room key from me & clean out my room, then bring my truck to me."

uh...no, not after the night before when he wasn't there at the hotel and therefore didn't give us the promised gas money.  Besides, we had no clue where "here" was.

After a few more texts back & forth Elvis let on that he'd taken 5 different cabs trying to shake whomever was following him, & he was now hiding in the woods.

He seriously wanted Brian to go scour the woods of Nashville for him?  No FUCKING WAY!

We didn't hear anything back from him for a while.

Around 3pm Elvis called the house.  Said he'd been being followed & was scared & cold & had slept out in the woods all night.

I talked to him.  Told him if I was able to find a way to get Brian out there since we were completely empty on funds that I'd send him out there to get him, BUT he had to promise to go see my doctor the next morning and get something for his nerves, etc before all this stress & paranoia killed him and once he was back at our house we weren't taking him ANYWHERE until after he'd started the medications & taking them like he was supposed to.

We called and talked to a few people & were able to secure a bit of cash to out gas in the car.

Around 7pm Elvis called back & told Brian where he was at.

He was in DALTON, GEORGIA.  That's a freaking 5(FIVE) hour drive, one way, from the house.  WHAT THE FUCKING HELL!

I went over the plan with Brian about taking him in to see my doctor & get on meds, etc.  Brian of course had his own idea that he'd just take Elvis to the Consulate's office in Atlanta, GA, for them to assist him on getting a flight back to England & be back home sometime the next afternoon...okay, fine, whatever...the last few weeks he's already proven that he's not going to follow my recommendations anyways, so why should something like this be followed.  I've never dealt with anything at all like this in my life...*sarcasm*

What Elvis needed was something to help chill his nerves & to get through with the court stuff & work with his new lawyer here to get everything taken care of.  Just be a fucking man & take care of the shit!

January 19

Well, instead of doing as he'd claimed he'd done - taking him to Atlanta, he brought him back here, cleaned out the hotel room, he packed a suitcase, etc...and Brian took him to meet with the consulates halfway between here & Atlanta.

I did go to bed around 5am, Brian & Elvis showed up here at the house around 7, so I was OUT of it.  They left by around 8, I'm sure, since I was up at 9am and there was no sign of them.

Brian was back home around noon...and promptly crashed until nearly bedtime.

I talked to Elvis a little bit via yahoo/text to his phone.  He told me goodbye and all that, and it just seemed completely final and sad.

I wished him well and told him that I'd box up his personal stuff that'd been left here & send it to him after he gave me an address to send it to...

He also signed his Chevy truck over to Brian & left other instructions with him about the Saleen that all this mess is supposedly over.

While Brian was sleeping I started getting strange phone calls.

Unknown callers according to the caller ID.  Two of which claimed to be detectives.  One was Detective Slip - he did not break his back on the steps, but was severely bruised & sore.  Maybe next time he goes up or down wet steps he'll use a freaking handrail, but I doubt it.

The other supposed detective wouldn't give me any information, just said he was looking for Elvis.

I told both of them all that I knew - Elvis was in the care of the British Consulates & as a civilian that was all the information I could get about him.  They're officers of the law & therefore should be able to pull up information as to whether or not he'd caught a flight out or not.  The consulates will only tell me that they took him to the airport.

Later that evening I noticed an officer pull up my drive here & sit two houses up the way, with a spotlight pointed towards my backyard.  Brian was at work, Elvis was gone, and none of my neighbors would be home for a few more hours.  The officer sat there with the spotlight on until right before Brian pulled into the driveway...and they left out the back way.

January 20...

More unknown calls were made here to the house, a repeat of the evening before.

But otherwise it was a rather quiet day and I worked on my homework that was due by midnight on Saturday, the 21st.

Around 6pm Lady Gold called me.  I'd not heard from her since we'd told her that Elvis was in the care of the consulates...

She called to let me know that there were at least two black Cadillacs with Tennessee tags following her around town.  She lives in a tourist town.  During Tourist season (April - September) it's quite QUITE busy around there...the rest of the year it's almost a ghost town.  She was confident they were following her due to the roads they'd follow her down and such.

Lady Gold invited my family to come out any time to vacation there & she'd put us up in her house & she'd get us in to see the attractions & shows & the like that are open in the summer...especially since the kids were so incredibly well behaved while they were there, despite having been on the road for nearly 20 hours in a 24hr period.

Elvis also had told us at one point that he'd hook us up with free stays & passes to Disney there in Orlando whenever we liked.  Of course I imagine that'd depend on if we ever hear from him again.

January 21

We still have people watching our movements & the house.  I really don't care.  Let them waste their time and money.  I can't give out information I don't know and until we get some legal paperwork in the mail from the state & from the lawyer out of Orlando there's really nothing that can be done.

And so it's back to normal life here, as normal at least as it can be.  Homework, school, house cleaning, work, grocery shopping, and two children determined to drive me insane.

I'm sure this isn't the end of the story, but that's the story as it's unfolded thus far.

Epilogue Part 1
Epilogue Part 2

Things get Strange & I vent

Continued from here.  To read from the beginning go here.

January 17

We are roughly 12 days into this whole debacle and one would think that things would have calmed down by now.  A meeting with a lawyer here in town was scheduled for later this afternoon and it was thought that hearing things from a lawyer's perspective would help ease Elvis's fears.

Because Brian had spent the night with Elvis at the hotel I didn't see them before late that afternoon.  It was also Tuesday, which meant the kids were FINALLY back in school and businesses were open again from the holiday weekend.  Brian also had my car which meant I was left with his truck...his 1990 beater Chevy 5 speed truck that he'd hit a deer with the night before.

I'd not driven a 5 speed in almost 7 years until then.  The last/only 5 speed I've ever driven was a 1996 Mitsubishi Galant.  The beater truck also has over 300,000 miles on the odometer, so some wear goes with the truck.  Add in the bent fender that rubs the tire, we found out, after I'd driven it and it was a boss hog on the road.  LOL

Mikeal woke up late for school so I had the glorious joy of driving him to school.  The school driveway is a downhill, around a curve, back up hill, with traffic annoyance.  I hate driving to the school period...and here I was going to be driving Brian's truck there & back home again.

I did just fine with it.  Only stalled out once & that was at the first stop sign from my driveway.  Mikaila left on the bus at 11:30 and  I had to run to town.  I met with a friend of mine for lunch, we talked for a bit, it was nice to have some girl time, even if she thinks I'm crazy, stupid, what have you for helping Elvis out as much as we have, especially only knowing him for a few weeks.   I can defend mine & Brian's actions in this whole thing until I'm blue in the face and it won't matter to some people.  They'll see us as suckers and that's fine.  Had it not been for the assistance of absolute complete strangers when I was going thru my divorce and custody crap I'd likely be either locked up in a padded room or I'd be buried.  In my opinion this is kinda like paying forward the kindness of those strangers 7/8yrs ago.  We could do it, we did it, it's done.  Those that have a problem with it it's their problem.

After lunch I stopped by the city police department to get what info I could on Prissy.  They directed me to go to the county police department, so off I went.

At the county office I was told that any info they had I'd have to pay $2 per printed page - highway robbery, if you ask me, but whatever.  I gave the first name - she pulled it up.  Told me that yes there was a few things on it.  I think asked if she could pull up the other two names Prissy has gone by.  Then I was shut down.  I was told that she wouldn't pull up anymore information for me without a social security number.

Uhhh...yea.  Arrest records, court minutes, etc are public record.  Technically by law the only information I have to have is her name & if more than one person comes up under that name then a birthday.  VERY rarely are social security numbers even included on police reports.

So solid brick wall.

I called up Brian & let him know about it and that was that.  Elvis's new lawyer said he'd finish up figuring his costs & would get back with him the next day.

I went back home to wait on the kids to get home & Brian & Elvis showed up not too much later.

And it was decided he'd just spend the night at our place to save on the running back & forth.

Then Elvis couldn't wait to leave.  He'd gotten a phone call from an "Unknown" number.  The guy on the other end of the line claimed to be a detective working this case & needed to meet with Elvis, at a local restaurant, to take his statement.  I told Elvis to tell him that he'd now have to consult with his lawyer, since he was in the process of securing one, but it all spooked Elvis something fierce.  I mean, wouldn't it spook you if you got funky phone calls from supposed detectives, wanting your statement, in the evening, at a backwoods restaurant...that closes at 2pm?

So Brian ran Elvis back to the hotel.

Elvis was sure they were being followed & on their way back to the hotel asked for Brian to bring his truck up to him if it was completely cleaned out & help him load the truck with everything he had there at the hotel & get him out of the area.  Said he'd pay Brian $100 for the trouble.

Brian was back to the house around 5pm, I fed the kids something real quick, loaded up the car, & followed Brian all the way back to Nashville, again.

By this point in time we're a few days into all this & several days of being around people that act like paranoid fools will start to make you feel a bit edgy and aware.

On our way out of town I noticed a marked police car following us.  I really didn't think much of it at first because it's a highway, not the interstate, & cops are kinda normal around here on the main roads.

Then we crossed over into the next county...I kinda expected the officer to stop there since he was then out of jurisdiction.  Such was not the case.

He continued to follow us, but fell far-ish behind.  Far enough behind I could still see his headlights behind me when the road was straight enough.  I expanded the distance between Brian & myself, slowing to around 45mph, on a 55mph highway.  The cop behind me increased his distance behind me.

These folks really need some lessons on how to not look suspicious when following someone.

Along the way we had to detour through a neighborhood due to a wreck blocking traffic along the way.  I kept my distance as best I could from Brian, but it wasn't terribly easy, and the cop on my tail was right there on my tail as we snaked through this neighborhood area.

Once we got to the edge of Nashville I was able to get far enough behind Brian to hit a few red lights before getting on the interstate to the north edge of town.  Cop still right on my tail, but he did end up at the 2nd light putting a few cars between us.  I knew which was Brian would be taking to get on the interstate, so I went down a few more lights & caught the next ramp onto the interstate, buying some time.

I lost the cop on my tail weaving around the rush hour traffic & taking the necessary exit SHARPLY.

We get to the hotel where Elvis was supposed to be waiting on us....and he wasn't there.

We were a bit PISSED to put it mildly.  Brian called him up to find out where he was at, turns out he was already downtown, on the Strip.

A guy that appeared to be staying a few rooms down asked us if we'd lost our key and I just quickly told him we were just meeting a friend, no biggie, and that wires had been crossed.  We left & went straight home, leaving Elvis's truck there with the keys stowed away on it, hidden.

The night proceeded quietly.


Paranoia Sets In

Continued from here.  To start from the beginning go here.

January 15

Elvis had a rough night, but did say he slept & slept until well past noon, so things seemed alright.  He had an appointment on Tuesday the 17th to speak with a lawyer about everything and so I expected smooth easy sailing.

Elvis had also asked me to stop by Prissy's 2nd ex husband's place & leave a note for him to call Elvis.  See, back when Elvis first started dating Prissy the Ex #2 had called Elvis up to warn him about Prissy & told him that when it all went south to buy him a beer.  I went out there to deliver the note, no big deal.  Instead of just putting the note in the door & walking off I rang the doorbell and Ex #2 answered the door.  Now, keep in mind I'm not a small gal.  I stand 6ft tall & have a build to me, plus extra.  This dude is HUGE.  I explained to him my reason for being there & all he could do was shake his head & say "I tried to tell him years ago, he didn't want to listen and I'm not getting in the middle of it".  I just told him that Elvis wished to buy him that beer & I left the note with Elvis's phone number for him.  Dude seemed nice enough

Elvis called around the time Brian was getting off work & asked for Brian to come pick him up at that hotel late Sunday afternoon to come to the house & eat dinner with us.  Waffle House just isn't the greatest thing to attempt living off of & a good meal & a quiet evening at 'home' would do him well.

Things seemed to be healing in his head and things were quiet.  For a while.

Later that evening Elvis decided he didn't want to spend the night at our place, on the couch, plus he'd paid for two weeks at the hotel, where there was no kids or dogs or cats and a full bed - okay, he did have access to a queen sized bed here, but he didn't feel completely safe here, even after I put heavy drapes over all the uncovered windows here.  There are no street lights out here & it's basically out in the middle of nowhere and he started worrying about if Prissy knew he was here that she'd having someone rough her up & drop her off her & claim that he did it.  Again, there was no reasoning with him that she'd be in complete violation of the protective order if she came out here...even went as far as to tell him she could show up & I could beat the snot out of her & she'd be the one to go to jail for it.  He was also worried about there being too many places around here for her to hide in the dark & land a bullet in his head.  Okay...kinda farfetched, in my opinion, but again, she's a former FBI agent & supposedly a great marksman.

Since Brian had to be at work early Monday morning I took Elvis back out to the hotel he'd been staying at.  I then drove Elvis's truck back home & let him have use of my car.  He had mentioned feeling like someone had been following him, not to fail to mention he'd been staying on the northside of Nashville...which is about as seedy of an area one could be in, especially in a nice truck that had some $20,000 in sound equipment in the back of it, even if it was in a locked camper.  Plus, I have full coverage on my car so if something was to happen to it it'd be covered.

Elvis had also mentioned wanting to have a Christmas dinner & just a whole redo of Christmas since his had totally sucked.  I obliged, no big deal and we made plans for Christmas dinner to take place on Monday evening.

January 16
Elvis returned back to the house that Monday morning & drove his truck back to the hotel, I'd moved all his stuff out of his truck the night before & put it in our basement for safe keeping.  I then went grocery shopping after he'd left.  I'd put off the real grocery shopping for wayyy too long & it couldn't really wait much longer.

While I was finishing up at WalMart Elvis called in a half-panic.  Said that he was sure he was being watched & followed & now didn't feel safe at the hotel, alone.  Since he was to be back at our place that evening for Christmas dinner anyways & to spend the night to go to the lawyer's the next day I ran out to get him at the hotel, I had both the kids with me since they were out of school for the holiday and figured it'd be fine.  With the hell he'd been through over the last few days I was confident that some paranoia had started settling in deep.

I got back to the house with him, with no noticeable incidence, Mikeal & I unloaded the groceries & put them away, Brian came in from work, and I made dinner.  - Crab Stirfry over White Rice - YUM & EASY!

A nice calm, relaxing evening...

And then Brian makes mention of someone coming up to his place of employment asking Brian if he knew a British guy.  The company name on the side of the truck was the same as Prissy's maiden name.

Bring on a whole new wave of paranoia...on both Brian & Elvis's parts.

Their refusal to call & report it, with the temporary protective order in place annoyed the piss out of me.  Of course they promised to do it after dinner...then Elvis couldn't leave our place quick enough, so Brian promised to do it on their way to taking Elvis back to the hotel.

UGH!  I was so annoyed with both of them.  But of course I didn't find out about all that until later.

Brian didn't have to be at work on Tuesday & Elvis was wanting to Brian to come back out to the hotel in the morning to pick him up to take him to the lawyer's office here in town in the afternoon.

I told Brian to just spend the night there, it wasn't worth it, especially since it's an hour drive one way from the house to the hotel.  Mikeal took Mikaila to bed with him upstairs & both were out within minutes.

I spent a little bit of time reading my Intro to Criminal Justice book since my classes were starting the next day & I was sure that if I didn't take advantage of the time I had I wouldn't get many chances.  I also cleaned up the house a bit before settling in to sleep.

Oh blessed sleep.  I think it was my 2nd night of actual real sleep since the whole bit began.


Saturday, January 21, 2012


Continued from here. To start from the beginning go here.

January 13

Around 2am, less than 30 min after passing out I was awakened again.

Elvis wanted to check out hotels not too far from here, but in Nashville.  He felt like he'd inconvenienced us over the last few days & wanted to check out the scene in Nashville to check into the prospect of finding work until the legal stuff here was taken care of and his touring season started back up in March.

I looked up a few places for him, found a place he felt was reasonable enough for him to stay at.  We talked a bit longer, I took some screenshots of the emails from the boyfriend to Prissy, and he seemed to settle down again for a bit.

He asked me to stay up a bit longer talking to him & we talked about all that had happened, I tried reassuring him that she couldn't touch him while he was at our place, plus being here afforded him some witnesses.  And it seemed to have sunk in a bit...

And then I passed back out around 3...

Not too far past 4am I awoke again to him & Brian talking.  He'd gone in & woke Brian up, which slightly annoyed me, but whatever, Brian had to be at work, but Elvis was ready to leave our place.  He & Brian talked a bit, had some coffee, I went into the kitchen to join them, might as well, I couldn't go back to sleep.

I reached out to give Elvis a hug and wish him well & restated the invite that he was welcome any time for as long as he needed, but I was cool with him needing to get some peace.  Afterall - there are three dogs, two kids, and a cat here...he's used to a quiet place with only homing pigeons as pets and the pace of everything here can be a bit much for someone who is just in need of some peace of mind.  He spent the better part of the next 20 minutes just crying on my shoulder there in the middle of the kitchen.  My mommy side just wanted to swaddle him in a blanket & calm him.  Crazy to say that, I'm sure, about a grown, 45 year old man, but he just seemed so lost and scared and utterly heartbroken and exhausted and mommy instincts are strong with me.  Being a mommy has been my life for the last almost 10 years and I totally suck at being a heartless bitch.

I know it was a bit awkward for Brian to see his best friend in the arms of his wife, sobbing, in the middle of his kitchen, Hell, it was awkward for me...so after a bit of hand twisting and slow pacing back & forth Brian joined the embrace.  I was a bit relieved when Elvis finished getting it out of his system.  And then he left to go to the hotel.

He called me a bit later to tell me he didn't go where he said he was going...and I got a bit annoyed...but whatever, he's a grown man, he's free to do as he pleases.  Yes, I'll admit, by this point in the last week of everything I felt like I'd adopted a 3rd child & all that...and my momma bear protectiveness was starting to show. A lot.  It's just one of those things that happen, I attach to people at a heart level, so sue me and get over it.

It was Friday, but due to the ice and such on the roads the kids did not end up having school and Brian had to work, so I worked on catching up on my housework a bit and preparing for my new semester.  My classes started back up on Tuesday and I'd not really done much to prepare for it.

Elvis being at the hotel, roughly an hour from here was a good thing, so I thought.  He wouldn't be near here & maybe it'd give him enough of a break to collect himself & all that.

Late Friday afternoon Elvis called and asked that Brian come out there and visit with him, hang out with him, the like.  Brian did.  He went out to the Nashville Strip with him to a few bars and the like & got home fairly late, even though he had to be at work early the next morning.

He went to work, dragging a little, but it wasn't bad.  I was a bit (a lot) annoyed with Brian, because we've lived here 2 years now and not once, even when both the kids were off at friends' houses & we had the opportunity to go, had he taken me out.  Brian also knows that prior to me settling down into being a stay at home mom, with two children, I went out quite often, at least once a month, to go dancing & socializing where there was live music.  So in 5 years I'd not been out but once and that was for our first anniversary & we were with a pair of Brian's friends and my baby brother who was home that weekend from boot camp.

I was also just exhausted & hadn't really had any time at all with Brian and was missing him and getting a bit jealous of all the attention Elvis was getting.

January 14

Elvis invited us to come back out, offered to even pay for a babysitter if it came down to it.  I called friends, etc...everyone was busy or sick or caring for sick parents.  Finally, thanks to Facebook friends I was able to land a reasonable babysitter for the night.  I got dressed up for a real night on the town.

When we finally got the kids all situated & all that we left out.  Brian was complaining about it because he'd already been out the night before, then worked all day, and still had to be at work the next morning, around 10.

At that point I didn't care because I was being a bit selfish, I'll admit that.  I'd spent countless hours being awake as Brian was out and about or sleeping and I needed to get out and just relax & enjoy myself.

Before we had gotten down to the strip Elvis had ran into an old friend of Prissy's...in fact her best friend and a co-worker from before Elvis had met Prissy.  In a way she'd introduced the two of them.

We found out from her that a few months after Elvis had moved into her place she had quit her job with the Agency & over the next few months quit talking to her.  She couldn't believe the accusations of the protective order.  She said that they were close enough that had any of that actually been going on Prissy would have confided in her or there would have at least been physical evidence of it and there wasn't.  We'd also found out some information about the 2nd ex-husband and how Prissy had royally screwed him over as well - taking him for almost half a million dollars.  And the info about Prissy just kept flowing.  Turns out that even though Elvis had been with her for almost 5 years he didn't know anything really about her.  As previously mentioned they didn't hang out with friends or anyone that knew her and that's how she wanted it.  She didn't want Elvis to know about the real her, just the her she wanted him to see.  All this information weighed heavy on Elvis.

I wore the wrong shoes, but they were cute shoes and I didn't care.  I really did enjoy myself.  We talked Elvis into doing a few Karaoke songs and he really seemed to relax & be enjoying himself...until closing time.  Yes, we stayed out until 3am on the strip.  By the time we got Elvis back to his hotel he was in a bad depressed funk & we just left to come back home.  The soles of my feet were totally blistered from it being years since I'd even had a reason to slip on heels and I'd only wore this one pair of heels once before, two years ago, to a court hearing against my ex-husband.  They're comfy, don't get me wrong, but we did park 10 blocks from the Strip and I had to walk that whole distance...and I did a lot of standing & dancing while we were out...almost 7 hours.


The Heavens Opened Up

Continued from here. To start from the beginning go here.

January 12 Afternoon

It was so nice to finally feel like one could breathe again.  Elvis relaxed.  Therefore I relaxed.  And it was back to the normal day to day stuff.  Elvis was done with dealing with Prissy.  Elvis had his Saleen that she'd threatened to cause him problems over by leaving at her place.  He also had his Chevy Truck.  He was past over with her.  He was still heartbroken and reeling from finding out she'd been having an affair and then on top of the problems she was trying to cause for him.  And so it was time to start building a plan on where to move forward from here.

I got Mikaila on the bus at 11:30.

Elvis left out for a few minutes, in his Saleen, was gone maybe a whole 30 minutes.

I settled into cleaning house.  My nerves were worked up, the weather had turned colder, and so the drizzle had turned into freezing rain.

Just before 1pm Mikaila's teacher called to say that the schools would be closing an hour early at 2 and wanted to confirm that Mikaila was to still ride the bus home.  That was fine, she'd be home right after 2, that also meant that Mikeal would be off the bus at around 3.  My doctor's appointment wasn't until 3:30 and I'd just wait until after they were home to leave out & get groceries after my appointment.

I called up a nearby friend to see if she'd mind watching the kids for me while I went to the doctor because I didn't want Mikeal to be at the appointment with me.  Elvis did volunteer to watch the kids, but I'd hoped that a quiet house would mean he'd at least attempt to laydown & get some sleep.  He desperately needed some sleep.

At 1:30 Detective Fill-In showed up.  Wanted to take a statement from Elvis about the Saleen.  He said that Prissy was claiming that her signature had been forged on the title and that Elvis had shown up at her place of employment, harassing her.

Okay...she works on the other side of the next town.  It takes a minimum of 20 minutes to get out there & that's when the weather is clear.  It's slightly icy at this point, so everyone is out raiding Wal-Mart & the grocery stores, etc.  So traffic was not ideal.  So perhaps 30 minutes out there & back.  Elvis wasn't gone but 30/45 minutes tops.  Okay, whatever.  She's being a bitch.

Elvis decided he'd had enough with her and wanted to just be done with her.  He told Detective Fill-In that if she's going to just try to keep causing him issues with all of this then he'd just give her back the Saleen under the condition that she'd knock off her crap.

Detective Fill-In left after a bit.  He also admired my glass work that I have in various stages in my dining/craft room, so I gave him a card on how to find me on Facebook to order his own if he liked and he went on his way.

The kids came home, I had to rush out the door to make it to my doctor's appointment.  I was in desperate need of something to help calm my nerves at this point & help me sleep.  I was up to maybe 12 hours of sleep over the last week with no signs of slowing down.  I didn't even feel tired.  It was just insane.  I also know that when I get to that point if I don't slow it down quickly it gets BAD BAD BAD.

Of course my time on my cell phone wouldn't be refreshing until the 14th so I didn't have a phone on me & I was slightly worried about Elvis being at the house alone with the prospect of Prissy coming back out there to get the Saleen.  I called him from a gal's phone at the doctor's office...Prissy & the cops had already been out there & picked up the Saleen.  He was alright, he said.

I finally finished up at the doctor's office & hurried over to the grocery store to have my script filled & pick up a few things.  We were at bare bones & all the events of the past week had put grocery shopping on the back burner.

Two hours after leaving out I was finally on my way back to get the kids & go home.  From my friend's house I called Elvis to make sure all was well & to let him know I was on my way, only about 5 minutes down the road.

He did not sound well, at all, and asked me to hurry back.  He was scared.

He's a former member of the Queen's Navy, 45 year old man...and he's scared.??

I was sure it was just the lack of sleep combined with the emotional toll that the last week had on him, he was just suffering from exhaustion.  As I mentioned a few posts ago I know that I start hallucinating when I'm exhausted, and they're never pleasant hallucinations.  I just figured the same was going on with him.

I pulled up in the driveway & Elvis was hiding back behind some trees, in the cold, icy weather..and he was ready to leave out NOW!  I took him back to my friend's house for a bit, hoping he'd chill out, because no one was following us & it was a safe place.

Once there he seemed to calm a bit & explained that after I'd called him & Prissy had left with the Saleen more officers showed back up to serve him with a protective order.

Oh, the claims Prissy made in the Protective Order were insane to say the least.  I mean, at this point I'd only known Elvis & Prissy for about 7, maybe 8 weeks, but I'd spent the better part of the last VERY emotional week with Elvis on an almost 24/7 basis.

Not once did he show any anger of any sort.  Complete broken heartedness, definitely.  Sadness, most assuredly.  But Anger?  No.  Even after he'd found out that she'd been having an affair all he did was mutter over & over, in disbelief that she was a bitch.  I added in that she was a cunt.  Especially to make him think that she was in an emotionally unstable state.  Until he found out about the affair he was very worried about her.  Even had officers go out & check on her a few times when he'd not hear back from her for a while via texts.

It was very obvious that he cared a great deal for her.  Afterall she'd been his entire world for the last 5 years and it was very obvious to anyone & everyone.  Even my friend that had only just met him & heard him go over her statement of the protective order could see that he was just heartbroken over the ordeal.

This is her statement:

""Meet him March 2007 & two weeks after him moving into my house @ XYZ St, City, State he hit me, threw me up against the wall holding me by the neck stating he will kill me & hurt me if I ever leave him, he broke things in my house, pissed on the floor and made me clean it up Hit me in the head until everything went black & I saw a bright light. Then from that date until the day he would say you better not leave me because you know what I can do. I heard this @ least 4 times a week. In Oct 08 he started hitting me again telling me if I leave I will hurt you. Dec 27, 2011 he said if you leave me I will kill you & I will always live in fear & always look over my shoulder. Jan 3, 2012 he told me if I leave him he will tie me up, cut my tongue out, cut my fingers off, hit me in my knees until I cannot walk again & he would drag me through the woods & leave me there. He said hge would enter the house & I would never know that he was there & he would be covered up from head to tow & I would not be able to know if it was him or someone else. He told me he would have someone from London, England come over & hurt me.""


Uh...yea, I'm not lying.  That's the statement, word for word.

She's former FBI.  We'd also found out, from her first ex-husband, that the reason she'd lost custody & rights to her children was because she'd gone to jail for beating the snot out of the ex-husband & being a violent alcoholic.

Brian met us over at my friend's house after he got off work, I'd gone to get Elvis some food from Subway, he finally ate and I gave him one of my nerve pills..thinking maybe it'd help him chill and be able to think or at least listen.

He'd mentioned that his keys to the Chevy were missing, so was sure that the cops that had been there had picked them up to prevent him from being able to leave & he was afraid they were going to take his truck with all his belongings.  And it was just CHAOS PANIC in his head.

Brian went to the house & was able to find his keys, came back to Friend's house, reassured Elvis that he had the keys & Brian & Elvis left.  The roads were bad out by now, I was drained, and had just gotten into watching "No Strings Attached".  I stayed for the duration of the movie, the kids & I ate there at the Friend's house.  And I REALLY enjoyed the distraction.

By the time I got back home both Brian and Elvis were on our house phones, talking with Brooklyn - a lovely gal we know via Twitter - and Elvis was smiling & having a good time again.  The distraction really helped.

I got the kids to bed, Brian went to bed, I continued talking with Elvis & Brooklyn.  After Brooklyn had to get off the phone to go to sleep Elvis asked me to stay up & talk with him.  He shed some more tears, I attempted to reassure him that the protective order was really not that big of a deal.  Yes, she'd told some grand stories, but whatever, it wasn't the end of the world.

He seemed to be doing better, seemed to be drifting off to sleep, and I did pass out there on the loveseat.


From a Blue Clear Sky

Continued from here. To start from the beginning go here.

January 12 - Early morning.

Actually that's not true.  It was cloudy, overcast, and a drizzly miserable type of day.

Elvis had finally fallen asleep, for the first time in days it seemed and so I was able to also catch a nap.  Of course I slept on the loveseat because Brian & Mikaila were all over my bed, but I seem to sleep better semi-sitting anyways thanks to sinus crap issues...

Around 8am Elvis wanted to take my car to the store to put some gas in it for me & pick up some cigarettes.  A reasonable request since we were near the bottom of the 3rd tank of gas in my car since the 7th and icy/snowy weather was predicted for the evening and I still had to get out later, after I got Mikaila on the bus, to get groceries and I had a doctor's appointment.

At 8:12 Detective Slip knocked on my door.  Elvis had parked his Saleen out front, it's also a quite distinguishable vehicle...only one of 100 or so built with a big sticker across the front windshield that says Saleen.

It's also important to know I live maybe 1.5 miles from the county sheriff's office & the road my house sits on is the main cut-thru for all the cops.  Shift changes occur at 8am, 3pm, and 11pm.  I know this because at those hours there is no shortage, whatsoever, of cops driving by.

Detective Slip asked me if I knew whose vehicle that was sitting in my yard.  Of course I looked at him like he was stupid for asking.  Of course I know who has parked their vehicle in my driveway.  If I didn't they would have already known about it.

I told him yes, it's Elvis's.  He then called over his radio as he explained to me that the Saleen had been reported as stolen.  Then he asked if Elvis was there and I explained he'd left to put gas in my car, etc and should be back in the next 10 minutes or so.  He asked me to call Elvis to come back ASAP.  As I was on the phone with Elvis Detective Slip asked me if I could get into the vehicle & show him the registration paperwork, etc since I'd already mentioned that Brian & Elvis had just gone the morning before to get it insured, registered, etc...

I'm roughly 3 paces behind Detective Slip as Officer Friendly pulls into my drive and I'm on the phone with Elvis, finding out he's just at the bottom of the hill, so will be here in a minute...when it happens.  Detective Slip goes to step down onto the 2nd step of the deck, towards the 2nd level of the deck and lands HARD.  His back hits squarely across the 3 steps that are there..and I slightly cuss.  I know the deck is like a skating rink when it's even slightly wet.  I hadn't had time to tell Detective Slip to be careful before he fell, and of course Officer Friendly had already gotten out of his car & was headed to the house when it happened.

Officer Friendly does the GENIUS thing and calls in over his radio "Officer Down, We need an ambulance".

Remember...we live about 1.5 miles from the Sheriff's department?

Elvis pulls into the driveway.  Officer Friendly has made it to Detective Slip.  And then 6 more officers show up....just as my mail lady delivers the mail.

Of course I also live in a SMALL community and nothing happens that everyone doesn't know about...and I was on overload at that moment.

I went back inside as Elvis grabbed his paperwork on the Saleen & dealt with the officers outside.  Afterall Mikaila was still home and there was really nothing I could do about any of it.

I posted to my Facebook wall for my landlady, etc that would hear about it to not worry about all the cops & ambulance at my house.  It was just a simple case of an officer slipping down the steps & a 2nd officer calling it in as "Officer Down".  Nothing to worry about.

Within another 20 minutes Detective Slip was hauled off in the ambulance & all but Officer Friendly left.  Since it was raining I invited him in to talk with Elvis & to take Elvis's statement.  All of Elvis's paperwork checked out on the Saleen.  Officer Friendly left with a handshake off to save the day elsewhere.

And all was calm....


The Storm Appears to be Calming.

Continued from here.  To start from the beginning go here.

January 11.

I had not yet gone to bed yet by around 1am when the phone call came.  Elvis was back in Tennessee, outside the house even.  I let him in, we talked, I made coffee, got Brian up, they talked...then went to go to Prissy's house, because she is up super early to go to work...she wasn't home. 

He tried his key.  The locks had already been changed.  They came back to the house to wait for morning.

Elvis wanted to put Brian's name on the title of the Saleen, since he was still convinced that he wasn't able to get it registered in his name.  We finally reviewed the bill of sale, the title, etc and decided he had all the paperwork, except insurance and the title of the Saleen wasn't totally right.  Prissy had double printed her name on the title, as opposed to signing & printing.

It should have clicked around then that this wasn't going to be all that easy...but it didn't...and everyone was operating on exhaustion fumes.

Brian & Elvis left out right before 8am, went to the insurance company, put insurance on the Saleen.  Left from there with all paperwork to go get it registered & tagged.  At the tag agency they said that the title wouldn't work because it wasn't signed, only double printed...they marked a spot on the title & from there went to where Prissy worked to have her sign it.  Headed to the post office to get the needed change of address, so that he could put in that he was living at our place, which was a possibility at the time - we have space here, so it wouldn't have been an issue.

I just know that by around 11am they were both back here, with the Saleen & it's shiny new tag.  All is well that ends well...right?

The rest of the evening progressed fairly peacefully.

Brian went to bed early since he had to be at work early the next morning, I stayed up, talking with Elvis, giving him a shoulder to cry on, etc. back & forth on Twitter & Facebook & all that, hoping he'd go to sleep.

Around 2am he remembered that he knew Prissy's email log-in information & asked me to assist him in getting into it since he isn't totally secure with it.

I logged in.  It was mainly junk crap.  Crap where she'd applied for jobs...and then there were two...

Two that were sent at around 3am the morning of the 9th.

Both from Tim.

Stupid mushy gushy stuff...he even called her a cream puff...who in the world calls a 45 year old woman cream puff...and what 45 year old woman enjoys being called a cream puff?  Of course Tim also mentioned enjoying his weekend with her ...and that he had a plan they needed to get started so that they could be together 24/7.

That was 3am on the 9th.  She works from about 3am until around noon.  The threatening texts started being sent to Elvis at around 1 or 2pm on the 10th.

hmmm...suspicious much?

It is also safe to say that I did not get any sleep that night.  So at this time I had a restless night of sleep on the 4th...between the 5th & now 11th at this time I have had a whole total of almost 8 hours of sleep...the longest stretch of sleep being the morning at my mother's, for about 3 hours.


Shit Gets a Bit Deeper

Continued from here.  To start from the beginning go here.

January 7

Both kids are home, it's Saturday, the weather was gorgeous, so I left the door open & let them run amuck as I talked with Elvis, tried to comfort him, & kept myself busy.  I'd had no sleep by this point in a day or two and should have been running on fumes..Elvis also hadn't had sleep for a day or two more...Brian was at work.

Brian was able to get off work early due to sheer exhaustion and was home not long after noon.

Elvis had just left out in my car to go visit Brian at work, so Brian called him to come back to the house.  Elvis seemed quite jittery and upset and confused and didn't really know what to think.

Elvis & Brian developed a plan that Brian would take Elvis out to Missouri to Lady Gold's place to hang out for a bit so he could get a bit of breathing room.  I do have to admit my house isn't the most peaceful of places - two kids, three dogs, a cat...yea, there's only peace here late at night.

The only problem was that Brian would be driving Elvis, leaving no solid way for Brian to get back home, since they were going to be taking Elvis's truck of belongings.  So I volunteered to follow them out there - 10 hours one way - and that as Brian got him settled in, since he had the weekend off, I would drive another 3hrs out to go see my momma since we've not seen her since we moved to Tennessee two years ago & the kids have GROWN.

January 8
Surprisingly the kids did great on the drive.  A few instances of fighting, but not bad...they eventually fell asleep since we didn't leave out until 4pm.  We made it to my momma's at 5:30am, I went to take a nap, finally, at around 6:30...awakened at 10am so that I could get ready to head back to get Brian & then head home.  If all went perfectly then we'd be home no later than midnight and with the kids sleeping in the car & Brian having at least 6 hours more sleep than I had the kids & Brian would be good to go to school & work on Monday & I'd spend the day slumbering.

So much for well laid plans.  I got back to the town where I had to pick Brian up, but for the life of me could not remember exactly where I needed to turn - I'd only ever been there once, less than 12 hours before, at about 2am.  So I tried calling...and calling...and calling Brian.  I did not have anyone else's phone numbers there, so I was SOL until Brian answered the phone.  His phone is a bit wonky ever since I threw a pair of pants of his across the room while gathering laundry & the phone was in the pocket...and I hit the wall directly with the phone...

Anyways, one would think a normal person would be like "hey my wife said she'd be here at 3pm, it's 4pm, there had been some car trouble along the way, lets try calling her or seeing if she's tried to call"...but no.  Not my husband.  Of course I also just have a super cheapy phone that gets 250 minutes a month of talk time...no texting, no email, no tweeting...just 250 minutes of talk time, of which in a normal month I might use 20 minutes.  During this trip I used all 250 minutes.  My phone cut out within the first minute of Brian actually answering his phone, finally.  I'd already tried to see if I could recognize the road for the last hour in this town, calling him constantly...each call taking a minute of my time...

So I was a bit peeved after I finally convinced my phone carrier people to just give me 10 minutes..and they gave me 50....and then Brian STILL didn't answer his phone for a reallllly long time.  To say I was pissed is an understatement.  The kids were hungry, bored, and I was unable to recognize the road.

Eventually it was figured out & the reason I was unable to recognize the road is because I was on the opposite side of town as we had originally came in on....but for the last almost 2hrs I was within 5 blocks of where I needed to be.  This caused us to have to add an extra 2hours to our trip...

January 9
Then add in a detour across the Mississippi River on the way home, through Kentucky through "The Hills Have Eyes" type of Kentucky...and given my extreme lack of sleep...and my tendency to hallucinate when I'm totally exhausted the trip home was HORRID for me.  The trees were extremely creepy.  The ghost towns along the detour were REALLLLLLY creepy.  And overpasses looked like barns in the middle of the road.  Maybe I watch too many horror flicks, but I love them...

Anyways...I also didn't have the return home directions, just the get to this town in Missouri directions...so after we FINALLY got into Tennessee and got to a town that we've both been to, granted only once each, but we were in the final home stretch...and only about two total hours behind original schedule.

Then we took a wrong turn.

We ended up in some part of Tennessee that I have no clue what/where it is...except knew it wasn't along the way home...and once we found a highway that went thru our hometown we took it...and by 4:30am...4.5hrs later than schedule we were all home & my nerves were shot.

Brian called into work, thus prompting the need for him to get a doctor's note - there went the money we'd pocketed from this trip.  That sucked.

Mikeal was a complete crap cake so I let him skip school.

Thankfully Mikaila didn't have to be at school until just before noon, so she went & I attempted to nap...and that didn't happen, so still no sleep.

January 10
Most of the day proceeded as normal.  Elvis had called early that morning & sounded human.  He'd slept & had started eating again.  He seemed to be on the mend from the break-up.

At around 8pm he calls Brian again in a panic.  Prissy had started texting him again, angry with him about leaving, and was threatening to press abandonment charges against him for the Saleen still being in her yard and she'd be keeping it.

To be Continued....

Friday, January 20, 2012

The House of the Rising Shit


January 5

Brian had been at work all day, I was home, stressed with the kids, when Brian called.  Said that Elvis sounded very upset & wanted him to come over...I wasn't thrilled, but upset friends sometimes come before a stressed out momma - No, I mean that, no sarcasm - mommas are normally stressed out by the time dinner has rolled around & it's getting close to bedtime, especially when the weather is crappy.

Several hours after bedtime Brian gets back home.  Apparently Elvis was very worried about Prissy, she'd been acting quite odd lately & a conversation he'd had with her to try to find out what was wrong only left him upset & she'd left out.  After 5 years their first fight, of sorts...

I have listened to the voice recording her did of the conversation.  She jumps around talking about how she was dying and how she'd felt like she's been in jail since her kids were taken from her...and now that one is in Afghanistan for the next year she'd decided that she's going to sit at home & not leave until both her kids came back.  They're both grown, in their 20s, & she's not had a relationship with them since before they were teenagers.  The way she kept going on & on in the recording sounded like she needed some serious medications & perhaps some counseling....ok and definitely some intense counseling.

Elvis was quite concerned about her & it showed in his opening statement to the recording, as well as during his whole conversation with her.  She sounded like a complete nut case and he was recording the conversation so that he could perhaps take it to her family to listen to the next day or so & convince her to seek some help.

She left that evening & didn't return.

January 6
She had decided she wanted nothing more to do with going on the road with him or doing anything with him, whatsoever.  During their 5 years together, as mentioned in the Introduction, they'd accumulated a number of vehicles.  Each of which were registered in her name, because during this whole time she had lied to him & told him that because he wasn't a full US citizen he wasn't able to register a vehicle in his name.  Because he'd believed these lies he'd made arrangements with Brian to put each of these vehicles in Brian's name.  Brian was okay with that, but wasn't aware of the premise behind the request at the time, it was whatever.

~ Tell me later this shit wasn't planned ~

During the day Elvis met with Prissy so that she could sign the titles to some of the vehicles over to him....mainly a Chevy truck, the Saleen, the Coyote, and another one that escapes my mind, it's not important...The vehicle that escapes my mind he gave to her, told her not to worry about it, he also let her keep the Corvette & the Cadillac...he'd bought them for her, so in his mind's eye they were hers.

She signed off on all of the vehicles, did not fill out the 'buyer name' portion though...

Elvis had a buyer already lined up for the Coyote, so took the title to him, no issues.

That left Elvis with the Saleen Explorer & a Chevy pick-up.

Something happened later that afternoon that caused Elvis's alert to be raised.  He went & talked with Officer Trusted about his concerns about Prissy & Officer Trusted, having know Prissy for a number of years, advised him to leave the house, to take all the guns out of the house, & to go to a safe place.

Elvis called Brian up, very upset, & Brian agreed to go back out there after work to help him pack all his sound equipment, clothes, and personal effects.  Afterall sound equipment is EXPENSIVE & it's his livelihood...and well, with her mental state at the time & the warning from Officer Trusted it's best to not leave anything to chance.  They loaded everything up into the Chevy & came over here to the house....they got here about 4am.

I was worried about them & totally lost on what all was going on, so had a really hard time falling asleep, so was up when they got in.  Brian had to be at work at 7:30am, so I stayed up, drank coffee with them, & was filled in on the bits of the details & the recording from the 5th was played for me...and I agreed that something seemed to be a bit 'weird' about her.

Elvis was quite upset over it all & was having a hard time processing it.  He never did go to sleep, so neither did I, and it was Saturday, the 7th so both kids were home all day....



I know this is going to be a bit out of order in the way of blog posts goes, I should have taken the time to squeeze out a minute to blog each day - yea right, I don't even do that when it's quiet & boring here - but I didn't, so now you get the "after" story...

What makes this story even more fun is it's not even done yet.  I'd say at this point we are at the intermission.

But I'm going to start with the introduction, then each post that follows will detail another day.

*Due to the sensitive nature of all details & to protect the privacy of persons involved in this story names have been changed (outside of my family) and places have been generalized.  Also, all opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.  I will present all facts as I know them to be.  My posts here and here will serve as the Epilogue for this series, even though they were written first.

Elvis - Friend of ours, from England, mainly works as an Elvis impersonator - LOVELY man & great talent.
Prissy - ex-girlfriend of Elvis. Former FBI agent. Current gas station attendant.  They were together 5 years.
Officer Trusted - Local officer of the law.  Friend of Elvis.
Tim - new boyfriend of Prissy.
Lady Gold - Influential Missouri Friend
Brooklyn  - Fun Twitter friend who helped give Elvis some distractions.
Mr. Orlando - Orlando lawyer
Detective Slip - Detective that first showed up & slipped down my steps
Officer NiceGuy - Officer that verified things were legit, originally, also friendly with Elvis.
Detective Fill-In - Detective that filled in while Detective Slip was being x-rayed at the hospital
Ex-Prissy #1 - First husband of Prissy; father of her two adult children
Ex-Prissy #2 - Second husband of Prissy - really huge dude that warned Elvis about Prissy early in their relationship
Sissy - Sister to Prissy
Sam - Ex-husband to Sissy
Brian, Mikeal, Mikaila - My husband & children, normally mentioned in this blog.

*Character list will be added to as needed.


Brian first met Elvis around the beginning of November when he brought his Saleen Explorer into the shop for an oil change.  While there they bonded over fancy cars, music, and over a few days Brian was able to show & help Elvis with vehicle repairs from where a local mechanic had charged him out the ass for a half-assed job.  I met Elvis this day, kinda, as well.  I'd gone up to the shop to see if Brian wanted anything for lunch & offered his co-workers some lunch.  Elvis was there, occupying a bay, while Brian's co-workers worked to fix a problem with the Saleen that was caused by a licensed, shady, money grubbing mechanic.  When I returned from getting the guys their lunch Elvis asked me about where his was & I just shrugged my shoulders at him, saying he should have spoke up when I'd asked 30 minutes before.  He was friendly enough then, he gave smack, I gave it right back, then went back on my way to go home & get Mikaila off the bus.

Over the next few days Brian spent quite a bit of time going over to Elvis's house fixing the Saleen, for roughly $100 where the previous mechanic had charged him over $1200 for a shitty job.  They further bonded over cars & music.  Elvis was on a seasonal break from touring & just enjoying the domestic life in the rural Nashville area.

I do have to admit fancy talk of knowing famous people & owning super fancy cars & yada yada related stuff had me quite skeptical about this dude.  I mean, come-on, we live just outside of Nashville, TN - everyone here is trying to be a big star & think they're hot stuff if they have fancy rims on their Prius.

Mid-December I met Elvis & hung out with him for quite a while, in his kitchen.  It's a modest house, smaller than the one I rent even, with a small OLD garage....inside the garage was a 2007 Ford Mustang Coyote - fire engine red.  OMG OMG OMG...so one of the stories Brian had told me about the dude was true...not only did he own a Saleen Explorer, but he also owned a Mustang Coyote.  In the backyard was a lovely Corvette.  And Prissy showed up later in a fancy Cadillac.  Brian's beater Chevy that's half primer & my 04 Taurus that's been "well loved" by the children looked like junk in this yard.

During the course of the afternoon I sat there with Brian & Elvis, waiting for it to be time to get the kids for school, I really warmed up to Elvis.  A very lovely & likeable guy, even if the singing stuff turned out to be a far fetched thing, I was at ease in his presence.  His cockney accent was hard to fake, so I believed him being from England as he claimed, the works.  I left to get the kids & on my way back to Elvis & Prissy's place I stopped by the house to look him up on the internet.  Sure enough I found different videos & announcements about him - now he's not quite Garth Brooks recognizable, but if you've seen his shows you know who he is & he'll likely know you, even years later, if you introduced yourself to him.  Up to that point there was no evidence to doubt anything he'd said, I'd seen & touched the fancy vehicles for myself, I saw his videos that'd been posted months before, saw different tidbits about where he'd played locally even at both the high school & the middle school for fundraiser events, as well as at the fairgrounds a few times.  So the dude was legit enough in my book.

Okay...so at that point the dude panned out to be legit.  Prissy on the otherhand...well, her story was just strange, to put it mildly.  Supposedly a former FBI agent...had lost her kids to Ex #1 because he'd bribed them away from her...had supposedly been beaten by both her ex husbands, & a former alcoholic.  She was quite quiet, stand-offish, totally opposite of Elvis in the personality department.

Both of them took to the kids almost instantly.  It did help that my children are not annoying brats around new people.  Elvis was quite amused by them both because he'd never been around children in any sort of personable realm.  He thought they were awesome.  It also may have helped that he's like a big kid himself.

We ate dinner with them, helped cleaned up, went home to put the kids to bed & all that.  I left there thinking he was awesome, she was a bit odd, but they seemed quite great together.  Both would go on about how they'd been together for 5 years & never even had an argument or fight - WTF how does THAT happen!?

Time went on, Brian & Elvis got closer...I made them some candies for Christmas, invited them over for our Christmas dinner, but last minute she ended up with a headache and didn't want to come out & he stayed home with her.  Her son was also getting ready to leave for Afghanistan the next day, so I didn't blame her, if my son was leaving I'd want to stay in bed & worry about it as well.

Things started getting weird after that.

Now, this is a couple that, according to the two of them never have company, never go over to friends' houses, just stay home & up each other's butts when not working. - Mostly weird, but okay, whatever, it's their life.  They're both in their mid-40s, so okay.  It didn't seem to suit his personality & I never could really get a good read on hers, but whatever, right?  Not my life, they both seemed happy with it.  So be it.

New Years Eve evening, about 4:30pm Elvis called up & asked if we were going anywhere, had any plans, the like - he wanted to come hang out for New Years.  Sure great! We had no plans...and because we had no plans I'd done ZILCH in the cleaning department for a few days, so in less than 20 minutes my house was new guest ready.  Floors mopped, toilet scrubbed, shitton of toys cleaned up, dishwasher filled, and Brian ran to the store to get some charcoal for the grill to grill chicken breasts for dinner since we were having guests.  Hey - the weather was GORGEOUS for grilling & sitting around the grill fire...

Elvis learned to ride a 4 wheeler ATV for the first time...he did run over the brick fire pit in the backyard...thank goodness we'd burned off the brush, etc the day before & there were no hot coals left!  He also promptly decided he was never doing that again.  I commenced cooking the potatoes & veggies for dinner, Brian grilled the chicken & hung out with them...and mentioned that they seemed to be having a few troubles that they needed to talk out as we ate dinner inside & they sat outside, claiming to have already ate on their way over.

They left by 8pm, she complaining of a headache again, he just concerned about her & saying he felt she was just still upset over her son that she's not had a relationship, being overseas and made plans to see Brian the next day or so.

This closes the introduction.  We knew them 6 or 7 weeks before the shit hit the fan...and splattered.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Do Unto Others

"All things, therefore, that you want men to do to you, you also must likewise do to them; this, in fact, is what the Law and the Prophets mean" - Matthew 7:12

Even when it makes me "crazy" that is the law that governs MY life.  It doesn't say "If it's convenient for you do unto others".  It just says "do".  I don't do things for others because I'm making a profit from it or otherwise improving MY life.  I do for others because it helps improve THEIR lives...and in my almost 30 years of life I have learned that whether my 'rewards' are immediate or left to be given at a future date I have not been disappointed. 

Yes, sometimes it's been quite taxing on my own well being.  There have been instances where I've had to just wash my hands of a situation because there is nothing more I can do to help with the situation, but even then I have been rewarded.  My reward often comes in the peace of mind that comes from knowing I did all that I could and I trust that it'll be looked on in favor.  MY conscious is satisfied and I've been blessed with another day to do it again.

The events I blogged recently about reconfirmed my resolve to live this way.  My family has been blessed by having the opportunity to help this gentleman out.  My family wasn't blessed so we helped this gentleman out.  The same goes for every similar situation we've found ourselves in.  
Over the last two weeks I have spent most of my normal sleeping hours awake.  My poor car has clocked almost 6,000 miles over these two weeks.  And our bank account became VERY well DRAINED.  It's a big possibility that we'll never physically see our friend again and it's possible that there are still some legalities ahead of us left to get sorted out.

In return for our troubles over the last few weeks Brian and I have learned to better trust & rely upon one another.  We have reconnected on a few levels and have shown our children what it means to be a friend to someone in need of a friend.  We have built awesome connections with some very lovely people.  We now have a vacation spot to go to whenever we like in Branson, with connections to do a number of things at no or minimum cost to us.  We have the same sort of invite if we ever decide to go to England.  Additionally we've been rewarded for our assumed troubles..so all is well that ends well.

Without all those 'pay-offs' though we still would have done it.  He was a friend in need.  It just saddens me that so many would turn their backs on people, even friends, in need simply because they didn't feel it would be 'worth' it to them.

It sucks.

Not sure exactly what sucks though.

Over the last two weeks of an ordeal my husband & I have been called a number of things...
Too Nice
Too Trusting
Bloodless Family

But really?  Why?

We had a friend in need, in an extreme sort of situation, and we stepped up to help him out.  Unfortunately along the way we learned that he also suffers from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).  Not terribly sure when/where his stress started, but after doing some intense research & asking the right questions, or sharing the right info we've learned the signs have always been there, or at least have been for a number of years, but everyone has blown them off as "just the way he is".

I know Brian and I haven't known him long, but the things some folks that he's loved & trusted for years have said about him just don't make the least bit of sense. 

One person said that he was violent - like BADLY violent.  We've seen him upset, HIGHLY upset, held him as he's broke down into tears & all during a very bad week where if he went off & punched a tree until he broke his hands it'd be completely understandable.  But no.  He didn't even swear until after I found out his (now) ex girlfriend had been having an affair behind his back...and even then it was just a very sad "oh my god, she's a bitch" Over and over.  Like he couldn't believe that the woman he loved & idolized for 5 years was actually having an affair.  He'd simply thought she was having a hard time over her son leaving to go overseas with the Army and was just having a mental breakdown when she kicked him out.

She turned around a few days after he'd left & tagged a vehicle that she'd signed over to him and called the vehicle in as stolen.  Even then, after the cops stopped by to question him about it (with all the paperwork in his hand showing that it was legally his) he gave the vehicle back to her, just so she'd leave him be.  Not once did he cuss her.  He did say she needed some mental help, but he didn't cuss her or get angry...just sad.

Later that same evening she filed a temporary restraining order against him.  The statement she gave for wanting the order didn't make the least bit of sense, especially since he'd already been gone for over a week at the time and had not once even shown the first sign of wanting to cause her harm, as her statement claimed.  He did send cops to her place a few days after he left to have them check in on her & make sure she was okay....he was a 10 hour drive away at the time.

But after the day of dealing with the cops & detectives coming in & out of my house it was like something snapped in him.  Continually flighty, scared, worried, and deeply heartbroken.

By that time he'd barely had any sleep whatsoever.  Of course neither had I since he was back to staying at my place.  It was almost like he was afraid to go to sleep, completely amped up on everything that had happened just days before.

His mental health only continued to deteriorate.  One bit of vital-ish info - he's not from the US.  He's from England.  He's not totally wise to the way all the laws work, has never had an encounter with the law, not even a freaking speeding ticket in the 8yrs or so he's been here on & off.  The girlfriend he'd had for the last 5 years kept him secluded from people - I'm quite sure she's been feeding his paranoia/PTSD tendencies all this time and knew exactly which buttons she'd be able to push to get the right break.

The whole ordeal over the last two weeks has done a number on my family.  On our finances, our mental well being, physical well being, & definitely has played havoc on our emotions.

It'd be fair to say we care for the guy, he's a VERY lovely & likeable guy & since he has no family here in the US we basically adopted him quickly into ours.  He does have trust issues and I really don't blame him given the mental abuse he's been through over the last several years he's been in the US at the hands of people he'd care about & trust.  We did all we could to help him through all this.

I kept a very select few in the loop with what was going on, because, even though he seemed like an awesome terrific guy...there's also no telling if a person is actually how they seem to be and it's always a good idea to let others outside of the immediate circle know what's going on, as it goes on.

Of course that had me having to hear about how I was stupid, I was being used, being taken advantage of, etc. and that they would never do even an ounce of what we'd done for him for someone, much less a 'stranger'.

Yes, it's true.  Brian met him in early November.  They bonded over music & cars almost instantly.  Then right after New Year's all the crap started with the girlfriend, from out of the blue.  They'd both boasted about having been in their relationship for almost 5 years and never once having a fight, rarely even had disagreements, etc and he was convincing.  I never really trusted her.  She seemed too sly...and really didn't like when I'd question things or talk about my past with an abusive/secluding husband.  Here they'd lived in the area she grew up in, together for 5 years, and until Brian started coming around never once had visitors over, not even her grown kids...They never went out to friends' houses or family's houses..ever.  New Year's Eve was the first time they'd been to ANYONE's house.  He's a LOUD outgoing, person.  EVERYONE that knows him loves him & adores him.  There's absolutely no reason for him to not be surrounded by tons of friends...I really don't think he's ever really met a stranger.  Yes, he's leery of people, and doesn't give everyone his life story, but his job is a stage entertainer - and he's AWESOME at it.  And yet not a single friend to turn to in a crisis?  I only voiced my skepticism about it all to Brian - and I was just concerned that many of the things the guy would say about himself were far fetched...of course as I got to know him & such  I no longer had a reason to doubt him...everything he'd say panned out.

Of course over the duration of the last two weeks I learned even more about him and her.  She'd been divorced twice - the first time she was with her husband for 14 years, had two kids.  The marriage ended after she was thrown in jail for beating her husband at the time & it ended in her losing all rights & custody of her children.  The second marriage only lasted about 5 years.  That second husband went as far as to seek out our friend after he'd started dating this psycho woman & warn him to get out as soon as possible & to buy him a beer when it was all said & done.

Our poor friend was so completely enthralled by her that he didn't see the signs.  As I said previously he also likely showed signs of having a weak streak to him that she easily preyed upon.  His previous relationship he had to leave the state completely because he'd awakened with a gun being pointed to his head & then the chick stalked him for months before he left.  I understand his fear.

I worked to get him help, but there's only so much one can do in a short amount of time, especially when one has a family to also consider.

I'm saddened that during this whole ordeal that the persons I'd confide in would call me crazy, would warn me, and state things like they'd never do half what we did to attempt to help him...because they "don't do crazies".  To me that was even more incentive to try to get him some help.  He's not processing things mentally like a normal person would be, making him in need of more help.  I don't believe it to be enabling someone to "be crazy" if you do what you're able to do to help them feel safe, especially if you're trying to make them feel safe enough to accept help.

Maybe I'm overly sensitive to persons in similar situations because I've heard the same things about me when I was going through my divorce...at one point I asked a family member to pray for me, to help me get back into going to church, and to just help me care for my toddler; my request was returned with the statement: "you don't need help from us, you need to get some serious psychological help".  I cracked that day completely.  Of course I needed some psychological help!  I also needed help restoring some sort of peace & order to my life as well!  That's all our friend was needing - some peace, stability, and order - so that he may be able to get the mental help he desperately needs.

Both the psycho girlfriend's actions and the actions of persons I'd confide in about the situation make me sad.  It's very disheartening to know that so many believe that it's perfectly acceptable to take advantage of someone's mental shortcomings or acute illnesses.  Doubly disheartening that persons would rather turn their back on someone in need of obvious help than do anything to even attempt to help.

Our friend is now on his way back to the British Consulate so that he can get back to England.  My prayer is that he stays in contact and that being back home does him some good and he's able to get the help that he needs to be well again. 

To our dear friend, if you happen to read this in the future, do know that we love you & hope to see you around again soon after you've had time to get well!  Oh...and I'm keeping your CD!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

BooMonkey Creations

Happy New Year Everyone!

I am pleased to announce my official hardcore launch of Boo Monkey Creations!!
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What is a BooMonkey Creation, you ask?  Quite simply - it's whatever you're willing to imagine it being.  My focus is on creating stunning painted glass pieces using re-purposed sheets of glass that would otherwise find their way into a landfill.  I use any glass materials I am able to acquire - windows, picture frames, jars, vases, plates - if it's glass I can create beauty to last with it!

Each piece is 100% hand painted using various types of paints & methods of painting.  Most of the work is done with a toothpick to ensure beautiful detail and design!  I'm also always looking for new ways to challenge myself, so please do not hesitate to approach me with an idea you have that may not be similarly showcased.  I do offer a significant discount on your first piece when the piece falls into this experiment category!  An existing piece with a different painted design does not fall into this experiment category. 

Pieces start as low as $5 and increase from there.

Shipping Prices are as follows:
$7 for small single pieces, up to 5"x7" *
$13 for 7"x7" - 10"x12" size pieces *
Larger pieces start at $35 shipping and most often will be shipped via UPS Ground**

I DO combine shipping on multiple orders going to the same address.  Do keep in mind shipping charges include the cost of delivery confirmation and any box, peanuts, bubble wrap, etc that I may have to purchase to ensure safe delivery.   I take the time keep costs as cheap as possible by researching my shipping options!  Rush delivery charges MAY apply, but only on pieces I have in stock.  

Custom orders can take up to 2 weeks to complete with an additional week for shipping.  Larger custom orders can take longer to complete, but I will keep you updated at all steps along the way and work studiously to ensure that each piece is shipped out by the payment due date on the invoice I send to you.  Absolutely no piece will be shipped out without the invoice being paid in full!

Replacements are always 100% free in the event the piece breaks while in transit, but only if a photo is emailed to me of the broken piece within 48hours of delivery confirmation. Also, in the event of a piece being broken in transit, if you return the empty frame to me I will either reimburse you the shipping cost of the frame OR give you credit towards a future order.  Also, if you, for whatever reason, are unable to email me a picture, but you return the empty frame I will recreate a new piece for you.  You are not required to send the frame back to me, that is purely optional and at your discretion.  BUT if you do NOT email me a picture of the piece broken or do NOT return the empty frame to me I will NOT replace the piece without a minimum of a $25 replacement fee, plus new shipping costs.

*Insurance coverage is available on packages totaling more than $50
**Insurance coverage is included

I take great care to ensure that you will be satisfied with the piece as I am creating it from start to finish.  I take photos from start to finish and email them to the email address you provide to me. 

So, what are you waiting for!  Check me out here.

Look Out 2012!

I totally plan to rawk this joint! 

In the coming weeks I'll be:
A - Getting a new laptop
B - Starting a new school where I'll be majoring in Criminal Justice, with a concentration in Social Services
C - Adding a new tab at the top to showcase my BooMonkey Creations so that I can better serve you with your painted glass desires
D - Getting more tools & equipment - YAY ME! - to attempt to expand on my abilities.

And that's just the tip of my iceberg. 

I can't wait to get it all rolling!