Thursday, January 19, 2012

Do Unto Others

"All things, therefore, that you want men to do to you, you also must likewise do to them; this, in fact, is what the Law and the Prophets mean" - Matthew 7:12

Even when it makes me "crazy" that is the law that governs MY life.  It doesn't say "If it's convenient for you do unto others".  It just says "do".  I don't do things for others because I'm making a profit from it or otherwise improving MY life.  I do for others because it helps improve THEIR lives...and in my almost 30 years of life I have learned that whether my 'rewards' are immediate or left to be given at a future date I have not been disappointed. 

Yes, sometimes it's been quite taxing on my own well being.  There have been instances where I've had to just wash my hands of a situation because there is nothing more I can do to help with the situation, but even then I have been rewarded.  My reward often comes in the peace of mind that comes from knowing I did all that I could and I trust that it'll be looked on in favor.  MY conscious is satisfied and I've been blessed with another day to do it again.

The events I blogged recently about reconfirmed my resolve to live this way.  My family has been blessed by having the opportunity to help this gentleman out.  My family wasn't blessed so we helped this gentleman out.  The same goes for every similar situation we've found ourselves in.  
Over the last two weeks I have spent most of my normal sleeping hours awake.  My poor car has clocked almost 6,000 miles over these two weeks.  And our bank account became VERY well DRAINED.  It's a big possibility that we'll never physically see our friend again and it's possible that there are still some legalities ahead of us left to get sorted out.

In return for our troubles over the last few weeks Brian and I have learned to better trust & rely upon one another.  We have reconnected on a few levels and have shown our children what it means to be a friend to someone in need of a friend.  We have built awesome connections with some very lovely people.  We now have a vacation spot to go to whenever we like in Branson, with connections to do a number of things at no or minimum cost to us.  We have the same sort of invite if we ever decide to go to England.  Additionally we've been rewarded for our assumed all is well that ends well.

Without all those 'pay-offs' though we still would have done it.  He was a friend in need.  It just saddens me that so many would turn their backs on people, even friends, in need simply because they didn't feel it would be 'worth' it to them.

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