Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Storm Appears to be Calming.

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January 11.

I had not yet gone to bed yet by around 1am when the phone call came.  Elvis was back in Tennessee, outside the house even.  I let him in, we talked, I made coffee, got Brian up, they talked...then went to go to Prissy's house, because she is up super early to go to work...she wasn't home. 

He tried his key.  The locks had already been changed.  They came back to the house to wait for morning.

Elvis wanted to put Brian's name on the title of the Saleen, since he was still convinced that he wasn't able to get it registered in his name.  We finally reviewed the bill of sale, the title, etc and decided he had all the paperwork, except insurance and the title of the Saleen wasn't totally right.  Prissy had double printed her name on the title, as opposed to signing & printing.

It should have clicked around then that this wasn't going to be all that easy...but it didn't...and everyone was operating on exhaustion fumes.

Brian & Elvis left out right before 8am, went to the insurance company, put insurance on the Saleen.  Left from there with all paperwork to go get it registered & tagged.  At the tag agency they said that the title wouldn't work because it wasn't signed, only double printed...they marked a spot on the title & from there went to where Prissy worked to have her sign it.  Headed to the post office to get the needed change of address, so that he could put in that he was living at our place, which was a possibility at the time - we have space here, so it wouldn't have been an issue.

I just know that by around 11am they were both back here, with the Saleen & it's shiny new tag.  All is well that ends well...right?

The rest of the evening progressed fairly peacefully.

Brian went to bed early since he had to be at work early the next morning, I stayed up, talking with Elvis, giving him a shoulder to cry on, etc. back & forth on Twitter & Facebook & all that, hoping he'd go to sleep.

Around 2am he remembered that he knew Prissy's email log-in information & asked me to assist him in getting into it since he isn't totally secure with it.

I logged in.  It was mainly junk crap.  Crap where she'd applied for jobs...and then there were two...

Two that were sent at around 3am the morning of the 9th.

Both from Tim.

Stupid mushy gushy stuff...he even called her a cream puff...who in the world calls a 45 year old woman cream puff...and what 45 year old woman enjoys being called a cream puff?  Of course Tim also mentioned enjoying his weekend with her ...and that he had a plan they needed to get started so that they could be together 24/7.

That was 3am on the 9th.  She works from about 3am until around noon.  The threatening texts started being sent to Elvis at around 1 or 2pm on the 10th.

hmmm...suspicious much?

It is also safe to say that I did not get any sleep that night.  So at this time I had a restless night of sleep on the 4th...between the 5th & now 11th at this time I have had a whole total of almost 8 hours of sleep...the longest stretch of sleep being the morning at my mother's, for about 3 hours.


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