Saturday, January 8, 2011


So...I'm in English class this time well as Health Info Management Tech...but part of this week's English assignment we have to pick something that concerns us in regards to our local area and post it as a class discussion...write 3 paragraphs over it, and over the next 4 weeks we're to expand on this subject until the assignment resembles a true to form APA style paper...

As part of the discussion we have to:

Respond to at least 2 of your fellow classmates with at least a 1-paragraph reply (at least 40 words) about their Primary Task Response regarding items you found to be compelling and enlightening. To help you with your discussion, please consider the following:

* What questions would you like your colleague to answer so you can better understand the problem?
* What resources do you think your colleague might be able to use to gain a better understanding of the problem?
* Have you experienced a similar problem? How did your community resolve the issue, or did they?
* In addition, go to the Writing Center, located in the Learning Centers in the Virtual Campus, and find one Writing Resource that you can recommend to your colleague to assist him or her to continue to develop the Final Project.

One of my classmates submitted this 'gem' :

Housing in Saint Paul; House in is a big problem, so many people do not have any where to live. They are staying with family are friend, witch some tine do not work out. if they have children. These are family that can not peoples living with them. And they say you are being mean, but that is the way it is.Because I am one of those family member that can not have any living with me.I do not why there are so many homless people here in Minnesota. There are plenty of housing here,then why are people sleeping in the street,at bus stop and on buses?It matter to me because it is so sad that people are being found frozen to death. It is a bad thing to happy to a family member are to anybody.

These are the questions that I would like answer.What are reason these peoples do not have a place to live? Why don county them the county are the government help? Why don they help them self? They can go to a shelter, are ask the church to help them. They have to first help them self before they get help from somebody else. Why can they get public housing? Are there record so bad, that public housing will not take them?

These are the resources that I will get information from in Minnesota. Pioneer, My TCP ads mobile search on the go, The internet,, My TCP home. also the news medic give answer to a lot of people, but homeless peoples do not have ascesses to the news, most of the time. I know there are programs that help people get in to, but there are rules they have to follow Most peoples do not like to follow rules. But there are rules in your own house, if you are buying it are done paying for it.




  1. Oh my, that sounds pretty familiar!

  2. THIS is my response to her:


    I agree that homelessness has been an increasing problem over the last few years across the country. Many people have not stood a chance between being laid off from his or her place of employment combined with extravagant balloon payments that he or she was not prepared for on their mortgages.

    In regards to the questions you brought up as to why homeless persons do not seek help from the government, churches, shelters, etc it is often the case that he or she has sought help and the help available by such is minimal at best. If homelessness is widespread public housing most likely does not have room for them, with waiting lists being 6 months to 6 years long. To qualify for government assistance a person has to be able to show where he or she is paying rent or a mortgage, that he or she are working, going to school, or are looking for work. Then in the instances of churches helping a person out there has been a great increase in the number of people asking for help and a great decrease in the number of donations being made for them to be able to offer help, which creates a double shortage.

    From personal experience a person can help his or herself all he or she wants, but if he or she does not have a permanent address, phone, a place to shower or wash his or her clothes then it is less likely that he or she will be hired for employment. A person is not able to pay for his or her own home without a paying job. It really is a sad catch-22.

    In my personal case I was able to get out of my situation because a complete stranger offered my 18month old son and I a place to live and another person offered me a vehicle, and someone else offered to watch my son for me so that I could work, all at no charge to me, until I was back on my feet. It only took me a week to land a decent job, then six weeks later I was in my own apartment. I became unemployed, homeless, and without a vehicle because I left my very abusive ex-husband. My family and friends did not support my decision or decided that it was not worth the minor inconvenience of having us share living space while I worked to get back on my feet.

    Aside from that, I feel that you would greatly benefit from taking advantage of the Writing Center and Learning Labs offered here in the Virtual Campus in the Writing Support Center. You could also benefit from typing your paper in Microsoft Word and using the Grammar and Spell Check to help direct you in how to fix some of the errors in your paper.

    I look forward to working further with you in class and hearing more about what you have found to help fix this problem in your area.