Monday, January 17, 2011

Today: Closure

I have a lot to say about this, however I've been a bit busy with everything going on in life, so I've neglected to share the whole story. I still don't currently have the time to go into all of the details just yet, but I did want to let you know that I am not pregnant, or not pregnant anymore, if I was pregnant at some point over the last two months. I do have an appointment with my doctor on the 20th and maybe she'll help shed a bit more light on the matter. More on that later, when I have the time and it's not after 2am.


  1. Hey, Stephi. If you did lose a baby, I'm so very sorry. Most of us can be there, and we know there is very little we can say. Sending prayers and positive thoughts, regardless.


  2. Sorry...that should have read "most of us have been there". Sadly most people don't talk about it, and suffer the loss alone. *hugs*

  3. Thanks, Michael. I've been down this road before, just not in this particular manner. Generally, in the past, when I've miscarried I'd already had blood work that confirmed the pregnancy prior to the miscarriage...this time, since I didn't get blood work until well after the fact it just doesn't seem as 'real' as the only other early miscarriage I've had....

    Anyways, I'm working on getting the whole bit typed up, just have to get 'blogging' time.

  4. We had a sort of similar situation... lost our first baby further along in the pregnancy. The second we lost relatively soon after confirming. Anyway, I'm very sorry for your loss.