Saturday, October 30, 2010

Now Taking Orders

Have a Favorite Sports team you'd like to support? What about a particular cause? Or maybe something as simple as your family's birthstones? Custom orders are welcome, or if you see one you like let me know!

Any color combination possible, no order too small & large orders are also welcome (just have to allow me a bit of time - 1 day per 5 bracelets).

Simple, fun beaded flower bracelets, chokers, anklets, & earrings.

Bracelets - $5
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Chokers - $10

Complete matching sets - $20
Matching Earrings with any single item - $0.50 off

Shipping: $1, up to 5 items. For every additional 5 items add $1.

PayPal payments are very welcome!

Email me at for more info, put Beaded Jewelry in the Subject line so I know to not delete the message. :-)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Medical Crap Update

I heard back about my CT scan. The scan showed that I have a cyst in my sinus cavity, so they're going to treat me for a sinus infection.

What irritates me is that I JUST finished taking a load of antibiotics, including the one that she's prescribing for me today.

I explained to the nurse that I have dealt with the sinus irritation for DECADES! I have also explained to her that I have seen an allergy specialist recently, was tested for everything, it was determined that my allergy/sinus issues are due to me having super sensitive nasal cavities, hence the nasal spray that happens to not be covered by my insurance, so they're going to give me a different one.

Yea, I'm just a bit irritated over all these tests to find out the cause of the sporadic loss of use of my hands and the severe pain I deal with on a daily basis only to be given a ridiculous run around.

What I Did Today

Windchimes....The red mini-lamp is my favorite! I made each of these today. It only took about 10 hours to make these 5, that included picking out and matching up the beads...which I think was the most tedious part of the whole ordeal! :)

Crystal Farming pt 3

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Crystal Farming pt 2

Growth seems to be slowing down on the borax string, but there is heavy crystal growth on the jar itself. The baking soda string is still showing slow signs of growth, but definitely still growing. Our sugar, salt, and washing soda have no change at this time.

Crystal Farming pt 1

We start the project off with 5 beautifully colored jars of boiling water, each with a different mineral that should produce crystals at varying times. We have washing soda, sugar, salt, baking soda, and borax.

Within one hour we have seen some growth. The borax has started producing cubical crystals on our yarn.

With the growth doubling again at the 2 hour mark.

Also at the 2 hour mark our baking soda has started forming spike-like crystals. I personally did not expect the baking soda to produce any crystals because it appeared that the food coloring had a chemical reaction with the baking soda before the baking soda all seemed to gather at the bottom of our jar.

But seriously...watching crystals grow is much like watching paint dry...I'm so glad that we have 10 days before his science fair project is due! Plenty of time to have some great growth!!! Now if only we could get the water to evaporate quicker! LOL

Saturday, October 23, 2010

If it's not Love

A few years ago some physicians tried to tell me that my own husband was(is) bi-polar, not just depressed. To top that cake off with some icing they told me that he was bi-polar with homicidal tendencies, that the best treatment for him would be to have him made a permanent ward of the hospital. Now, at this particular time he had JUST started on some new medications, we had just found out I was pregnant, with a child he was told he would never be able to produce, without divine medical intervention, and we had just renewed our on again/off again relationship of 3 years, just prior to my pregnancy surprise. In short - never under-estimate a stubborn, pregnant, intelligent woman, with access to Google, on her 25th birthday. She will make sure that you with all your degrees and experience and certifications come out looking like high school sophomore who just started their first social sciences course.

The degree holding professional neglected to factor in the fact that he'd started this new medication, took it for a couple of weeks, then was advised to stop taking it, cold turkey, from a high dosage, just days before the apparent 'psychotic break'. He was in there for the mandatory 72 hours before the doctor started telling him that he would be better off being in there permanently. He refused to sign the voluntary paperwork, so she moved to get a court order to keep him there. On Thursday (day 6) I was told of the court order.

I did my homework, by the time I showed up at the hospital at 8am on Friday morning I knew everything there was to know about bi-polarism, diagnosis, treatments, and severity. I talked to four lawyers, everyone in the hospital administration building, including the hospital director, and a judge. I was at the hospital for 9 hours that day. But I soon got my point across to every last one of them, I was not backing down. Before I left at 5:30pm that evening Brian's medications had been changed, he actually claimed to have been feeling mentally clearer, for the first time in a while after a few hours. Court hearing was set for the following Monday morning.

I went to the visit on Saturday with him, reassured him that he would not be forced to stay in the hospital, I didn't care what it took, I was going to get it corrected. He actually looked better and sounded worlds better in just a short period of time since the medication change.

I showed up for court on Monday. I was absolutely prepared for the battle. The battle ensued. The hearing lasted almost two hours, after we finally got in to see the judge. Most of these hearings only last 20 minutes, at the most. The doctor did her damnest to make sure Brian was forced to stay there. Claimed him to be a threat to me. Claimed that he was going to need consistent monitoring. He wasn't safe in society. She did everything she could to convince the judge that he was a homicidal threat. A threat to me, to Mikeal, to our unborn child, or anyone who may cross him or upset him.

I was able to keep my composure. Something that I struggle with at times. My emotions tend to get the better of me and I generally wind up a sobbing mess. I presented the judge with my three years of experience with Brian. I presented him with my extensive knowledge of bi-polar behaviors, treatments, and what to look out for. In the end I signed over a paper stating that I would take full responsibility if Brian left the hospital, detoured from his treatment plan, or actually committed a homicide. He was back home with me late that evening after discharge papers had all been signed and filed.

Now, I'd been with him for 3 years at this point - twice as long as my previous marriage - yes, I'll admit he'd broken my heart a number of times, he did his best to make the heartbreaks as painless and as kind as possible. There are no painless heartbreaks, just ones that are easier to swallow than others.

He'd never threatened me, even during his psychotic-break. He locked himself in our bedroom, to protect me, as he called his therapist and told her of his thoughts. Thoughts that he was afraid that he was going to hurt me. I'll admit, I was scared out of my gourd that day. Not scared of Brian. Scared that I wasn't going to be able to help him through this. Scared that this would be the moment that I walked away, permanently. Scared that I would be like every other person in his life up to that point - another one to add to his list of people who walked out when things just got rough.

I knew this wasn't MY Brian. The man that I fell in love with over long internet and phone chats we had before I ever looked into his deep chocolate eyes. The man that I fell irrevocably in love with to depths I never knew to be possible when the moment came that I did physically gaze into his eyes. My Brian who would pull away just before he knew he was going to cross the line. The man that I could spend a year not talking to after a break-up, drink a bottle of vodka at the end of that year, delete every piece of contact information I had for him, while 'celebrating' my freedom I had just given myself to finally start moving on. Only to get a simple instant message from him just days later: "Hello, I'm sorry".

The moment I recognized his screen name it was as if not a moment had passed since we had said our last good-byes. The floodgates of a million different emotions opened up. I sat there in shock for what felt like a lifetime. I remember just sitting there. I did not have a clue what to do next.

Eventually I responded. But I think the delay was long enough in my response that I do remember him asking me if I remembered who he was. As if I hadn't, just two years before, started talking to him for up to 10 hours a day, when I wasn't working. Then didn't live with him for 8 months, shortly after meeting him. Of course it was a few months...or even a year or more...before I told him that I'd spent that 15 months of our complete separation comparing every man to him, crying over him, being frustrated with him, and mainly just worried about him and if the woman he was with was treating him well. She wasn't/didn't.

We talked for a little while. I told him about being back in Austin, had in fact just moved back a week or so before. He'd left Killeen and was up in Dallas. We talked about Mikeal starting school that year. He was a big boy now, in pre-Kindergarten. I informed him about my divorce finally being absolutely legally final. Told him that I was working on rebuilding my life. I wasn't dating anyone, but did have some blind dates set up. I kept it as light as I could. It wasn't easy. I reassured him of the promise I had made to him two years before that I wouldn't walk out of his life, he was always a great friend, even if he was a crappy boyfriend. I told him that I hoped we could go back to being friends. And I gave him my new phone number.

Over the next few months we stayed in contact. I started semi-seriously dating someone. I had worked with his adoptive mother, she'd set us up. He was great at first. My friendship with Brian stayed just that. Things went bad first with one roommate - she got rather pissed off when she was overlooked for a promotion with the company she had helped get me hired on at....I was given the promotion. Things went sour with my next roommate, to an extent. Their apartment community would not approve my application as a roommate and there were too many people listed as living there, per their rules. I ended up moving into the new boyfriend's adoptive mother's house with him. He took me for a few hundred dollars, just days before my own apartment was going to be ready for me to move into, and he ran off.

I went ahead and moved into my apartment. I made enough money on my own to take care of the bills and it was a stellar apartment. A few weeks later things went way south with Brian and his roommates. He'd been living with a former friend of mine and her boyfriend, in Dallas. A friend that was great, so long as you were doing for her. She and her boyfriend got into a fight. At some point one of them broke her four year old son's arm and pulled a knife out on Brian. Both of them went to jail for a short period of time and Brian was left having to take this poor child to the hospital to have his arm set, then had to hunt down his family members or waited for the mother to get out of jail...I don't remember for sure. I know the little boy's dad was serving over in Iraq.

I opened up my home to Brian again. He left out in the middle of the night with just what clothes he could gather up and throw in his car without the psycho roommate causing him immediate issue.

The moment I laid eyes on him in the parking lot where we'd meet so I could show him where the apartment was I fell hard all over again. It was as if all the drama and bullshit over the last few years no longer existed. It felt like going home after being gone to a war in hostile territory. Just an overwhelming sense of peace and happiness.

I sit here now, four years later. A total of 6 years since I first laid eyes on him. And I'm still irrevocably in love with him. We still have moments where the happiness and peace are not apparent. We wouldn't be human if it was all roses and chocolate all of the time. But at the end of the day there's no other place that I would rather be than lost in his dark chocolate eyes, even if the chocolate does resemble shit once in a while.

We celebrate the anniversary of the day we put our commitment on paper before God, a judge, some dear friends, and Mikeal at the end of this month. October 31st it will be 3 years of marriage and 6.5 years of putting up with each other and all our quirks. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

oh...some other bits worth mentioning here...
Brian has not taken any anti-psychotic meds for the depression or bi-polarness in 3 years. He has lost over 100lbs during this 3 years. Had held a job for the last 3 years. And the only homicidal thoughts he's entertained are the same type that any sane person would mull over...I know I at least have the same thoughts, towards the same person...but then again, I am in therapy. ;-)

opps...just one more, then bed.

I have decided that I will be deleting a blog that I have poorly kept up with. I will be merging it into this blog in the next few days...or weeks...depends on when the mood strikes.

The posts will be back dated to the dates that I originally wrote them in the previously 'private' blog, so they will not be showing as a newest post.

However, if you wish, until I get the posts all moved over...and really there are not that many, maybe 10 total, if may read them here.

I don't remember everything I may have gotten around to writing and I'm not going to take the time tonight to read through the posts, so read at your own risk. The previously 'private' blog is about my marriage and relationship with my ex-husband. Not a pretty time of my life.

I must add a bit of a disclaimer. I tend to blog when I'm exhausted and the thoughts in my head at the moment that my fingers touch the keyboard are the thoughts that wind up published in my blog. I REALLY should take the time to wait to publish my posts until I've had time to proofread them and guarantee that they make an iota of sense, but I don't. One of these days I may, but in the get the 'uncensored' rough drafts.

And again today...

...Well, it would appear that I have diarrhea of the blogging thoughts....

After talking with a few friends...then being talked at by some acquaintances I have made my decision.

My first area of concentration with my therapy sessions is to work on removing annoying 'relationships' from my life.

I'm not talking about those friendships, or rather acquaintanceships, that I enjoy on a surface level. Many of whom I speak with on a daily basis.

I also have some very dear friends that I know that it would not matter if we spoke on a daily basis or years pass before we speak to each other again, we know the other person would be there in a heartbeat. The fortitude of our friendship knows no bounds. I know that there have been times that they may not have been able to stand me for a decision I've made and myself likewise about some of their decisions, but regardless, when the water all boils down we're still there for each other.

But then I have those relationships that make me wonder. If I deleted them from my life would they notice? Sure, I know some of them would notice, but WHY would they notice? Would they notice because someone wanted to know what the newest thread of gossip was about me? Would they notice because they were genuinely concerned? What is their motivation in noticing that I've deleted them?

I still have a few weeks before I see my therapist again, but after having a long conversation with my wonderful husband the other day, a phone call a few days ago with someone, and then an instant messaging conversation with someone else late this evening I think this is the first step that I should take. To rid myself of 'hostile' relationships.

Its late...I'm sure that when I read this post at a better time, when my thoughts aren't constantly interrupting themselves, it won't make a lick of clear sense. I may clean it up then...make it sound like a sane person wrote it, maybe. Or at least a person who has her thoughts lined up clearly.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Different Medical Related update

I neglected to mention that as part of my new treatment avenue my doc suggested I see a therapist.

I've so far gone twice. The first time I think I was there for almost two hours as the bases were touched upon.

The second time it was just a 30 minute session.

She wants me to find one subject to work on at a time.

Yes, to say I have a minor issue with that is another understatement in itself.

Do I just focus on the medical stuff?

Or the crap from my past? Lord knows I have just a few lingering issues from my past.

Do I focus on my marriage? Although, I do have to say that Brian and I did make great strides with seeing closer to eye to eye...or he meeting me eye to eye...the night before my latest session.

Or do I dive into other things that I haven't even mentioned to her yet?

She did touch a small bit of a nerve the other day as she was highlighting on the different things I have brought up....something that I can't let rest and keeps playing like a broken record, over and over in my head and to others who have been so patient as to listen as I turn it over out loud with them.

See, I feel obligated to keep up with some persons even though I feel like they really don't care to hear from me, about me. They're great if I call them up to hear how they're doing, but the moment I mention my stuff or the kids' stuff or Brian's stuff it's like they can't be off the phone quick enough. My therapist asked me if these persons weren't someone I felt obligated to spend my time on, would I? My quick, non-thought out answer was simply 'no'. I can't think of too many 'good' times I've had when either of them were involved. I can't think of any hobbies or activities that I enjoy that they enjoy. I don't share secrets with them. Bad things happen to me and they brush me aside or under the rug, but expect me to drop everything for them.

Its a constant fight of imbalances. I don't know if I'm looking for their approval or a way to close the book on the relationship altogether. In some ways I wish I could do both.

For now I'm not on any medications. I don't see the actual psychiatrist until December. I just get the therapy sessions in the meantime. I'm hoping to be able to work out the issues without medications but I'm fairly sure that won't be the case. It becomes a matter of do I need an anti-depressant? Maybe. An anti-anxiety med? I really don't think so. Maybe they'll skip all the way up to an anti-psychotic? I feel like it some days.

I really don't feel like I'm depressed. I do enjoy a great deal of my life and I do get a bit upset or irritated with not having answers, who wouldn't? But to go as far as to say that I need something to function through my day to day? I don't think so, maybe.

Medical Update

I know I've been slacking, but I have my list of excuses...

Excuse list:
1-tons of doctor appointments
2-school and homework, for both myself and Mikeal
3-Mikeal being on Fall Break when my classes started back up
4-I've started posts only to get distracted mid-way
5-house rearrangements
6-eh, think of an excuse I've used or can use, be creative, share the excuse with me...I really do need some new ones...

Anyways, onto the update.

This is the last update I made, back in mid-September...since then everything was twisted upside down. I didn't blog about the canoe being flipped because I was fairly depressed, pissed off, and no, not just pissed off.... REALLY pissed the fuck off!

So now I must play catch up with you...

In July I had the blasted Mirena removed. Brian and I both decided that we're okay with it if I wind up pregnant again, the effects of pregnancy on my body are nothing compared to the continuing to get worse effects of the Mirena, or so we thought. You'll soon understand the importance of this Mirena removal mention...

Then of course I had, yes, HAD, been seeing the Nurse Practitioner down the road here about the arthritis and other issues I've had for ages.

At my last update that I linked above I mentioned him putting me on some new medications...I went later that day to pick up the medications. Upon getting home with my new month's supply of new medications, complete with multiple refills this time, I read the inserts. I've picked up this life saving habit ever since I found out the death of my oldest child was most likely a result of prescription medications that I blindly took at the advice of my physician. So I read the first insert...used for arthritis inflammation, blah blah blah, this is an NSAID, do not take if you have ulcers, etc blah blah blah... Ok, fine and dandy. I only have ulcers, but whatever, nurse practitioner gave me a medication to offset the effects of the NSAID on my stomach. A heavy duty ulcer medication to go with my new heavy duty NSAID. I go to read the insert for the ulcer medication. There's a black box label warning from the FDA. This lovely medication for my ulcers is not only used for controlling stomach acid, but is also used for early abortions and starting labor. Only 800mcg of this medication is needed to induce labor, used alone in the first 8 weeks of pregnancy for abortions, used in the last week of pregnancy to induce labor. Here I was only 9 days past ovulation. Meaning I was far enough in my cycle to have gotten pregnant, seeing as Brian and I do have a healthy sex life for a married couple, but not quite far enough along in my cycle to check for pregnancy and the test results be completely reliable.

Add in the fact that the black label warning put in BIG BOLD LETTERS to NOT take this medication if you are not using a contraceptive and to not stop using the contraceptive for AT LEAST a month after stopping the medication. Brian and I of course were not using any contraceptives....kinda defeats the purpose of 'leaving the option open'... The nurse practitioner was well aware of this, seeing as just MINUTES prior to him giving me these prescriptions we had discussed where I was in my cycle and if I was pregnant or not. My answer of course being that I was at the point that I'm too far to rule it out and its still too soon to know for sure without a blood test.

I immediately get on the phone with the NP's office and question the reasoning. I also let him know that I flat out refuse to take this medication until after my uterus is completely removed. There is NO WAY in any sort of imagination to think that I will take an abortion medication while the possibility of me getting pregnant is there. It will not matter if I am 80 years old, so long as I have a uterus it is completely possible, albeit slim possibility, for me to become pregnant. Me knowingly taking an abortion medication is absolutely out of the question!!! Especially a medication that it only takes 800mcg in one day to cause an abortion and I was to take 200mcg, 4 times a day, everyday, with either 3 or 6 refills on the label. His answer was just simply: "I think this is the best medication for your condition, I will not be changing it." Disregarding the fact that not maybe 2 months before he had me on a medication cocktail that I felt really GREAT on. Not that the medications weren't without their own risks to pregnancy, seeing as most of them were class B & C medications...I'll take class B & C medications over a class X medication any day of the month.

I promptly changed doctors.

I took some time to write out all of my 'issues'. The numbness of my hands, the frequent dizziness, the pain, the migraines, etc. I also wrote her out a list of all the medication combinations I have been given for my issues, the benefits I felt with each one, my refusal to take others, etc. I also had a page of all the specialists I had seen and the results of the tests. Neurologist ruled out carpel tunnel and pinched nerves in my neck. Allergist ruled out any and all allergies. I listed what medications I knew caused bad adverse reactions with me. I listed everything I could think of that I knew she was bound to ask me. Then I brought my lists with me. Four pages of information.

The new actual doctor this time...made a copy of my list, talked with me for a bit, then ordered a series of tests. Blood tests were first on the list. She also ordered a sleep study.

I went and had about 5 viles of blood drawn for about 15 different tests. I know the tests included checks for everything from my blood sugars to hormone levels to cholesterol, as well as tests for some bacterias and general blood cell counts.

Everything came back within perfect range, except for one of the bacterium tests. It came back to say that I have an abundance of h. pylori bacteria. A bacteria that causes ulcers. OH MY GOSH! There was actually a reason behind me having ulcers! I was given two antibiotics and Prilosec to treat this bacterium that lives in the lining of your stomach. The side effects of the antibiotics were anything but fun, but I endured. I've since been able to actually ENJOY things like a chocolate chip cookie or a cup of coffee...even Tabasco sauce on my beans and cornbread, with regret or having to take a pill before or after the fact.

During the two weeks of taking this antibiotic regimen I had my sleep studies. My first study showed that I never really entered REM sleep and that I had sleep apnea, albeit a mild case of apnea, but anything that causes you to stop breathing is enough to cause concern. I was fitted for a CPAP machine during my second sleep study. Sleeping with a whole plethora of wires attached to me the first time was enough of a hassle in itself, this second time I not only got all the lovely wires but I also was given a very sexy mask that blows air into my face, constantly. When I was awakened at 5am after 'sleeping' with the mask on my face I actually didn't feel like I was caught in the Twilight zone of I should be awake, but I'm really not and you expect me to drive 10 miles home groggy like this?! I actually felt like I had slept or at least had rested my body and mind. It actually took me about an hour to go back to sleep after I got home, where as after my first study I was nearly asleep before I even pulled in the driveway. I'm actually looking forward to using the machine on a regular basis... I'm currently awaiting approval from the insurance company, which could take another week, before I can go pick up my very own CPAP machine.

Earlier this week I had my follow-up appointment with the doctor. I told her about weaning myself off of the neurontin and stopping taking the ibuprofen and any other medication I had been on. I did express to her that I have had no issue with heartburn or ulcer flare-ups since about a week into my two weeks of antibiotics, but I also was completely off the NSAIDs by then, so I didn't know if I was to start NSAIDs again if the ulcers would return. I've been dealing, marginally, with the pain and inflammation as best I can without pain medications because I don't want the medications to interfere with test results...and if you were to step in my house you can see how that's going...

She further questioned me about what medications I was still using. I told her I was still using the nasal sprays I was given from the allergist when he determined my sinus & nasal allergy type issues weren't allergies but just an overly-sensitive nose, but that I was quickly running out. I do notice a HUGE difference between using it and not using it. Anyone that has ever had the displeasure of seeing me first thing of a morning, or really any time during the day, can tell you that I'm always sneezing, my face is always swollen and stuffy, etc. With the nasal spray I'm right as gold! 'Allergies' is no longer my catch-phrase when someone looks at me like I've lost my mind for going out in public while having to blow my nose. There for a few years I would have never left the house if I let a runny nose or sneezing stop me.

I also told her that I had a few migraine pills left, but I restrict myself on taking them for only the migraines that really knock me down. This lead into more detailed questioning from her. What triggers the migraines? (
Nothing I can pinpoint, it can be anything from watching TV to driving down the road, to having a fight, to just sleeping even) When was the last time I had my eyes checked? (Last February, same script that I've worn since I was 14 years old, no worse, no better) Where do they start? (aligned with my ears, towards the center of my head, radiating from there) This answer stopped her in her tracks of questioning...She double checked my answers, asked if I was sure that they didn't start closer to the base of my skull or closer to the front of my skull. Then she started mumbling as she looked back over my was almost as if a light bulb turned on in her head. She then asked about dizziness...I answered her just as she saw that note in my chart...yes, I did have dizziness. Then she read more of my chart...walked out of the room for a minute, came back and told me she was going to order me to have a CT scan done of my head. Asked if I had ever had one. I have...about 6 years ago, at a military base hospital. The CT scan they did was rudimentary at best, just a small machine set up in a truck trailer...a mobile CT scan machine. Best I could remember they found nothing noteworthy. I'd had the CT scan because earlier that evening I was complaining about extreme dizziness and a migraine, told my roommate at the time that I felt that it was significant to go to the ER about...started getting Mikeal ready to head out and the next thing I knew my bedroom was flooded with EMTs. I had lingering dizziness and disorientation for a few days, one point bad enough that I guess I passed out in the bathroom at work and they sent me home, but only if Brian came and picked me up. But nothing was found out to be a cause...but of course I only had the one rudimentary scan done.

I had the CT scan today. The technician told me that she had to send the film off to the radiologist in Nashville and he should have the results on Monday. My doctor's office should call me when they get the results back. I have an appointment set up for the 9th of November as a follow-up. The tech also mentioned that it's likely that the next step will be an MRI. Then the poor gal nearly had to catch me as I sat up and nearly toppled over from sitting up too quickly and the room swam around me. I know better than to stand or sit up too quickly. I just wasn't thinking, again.

To say I have a bit of anxiety over all of this is an understatement. I am so used to hearing that nothing is wrong with me or I'm just looking for attention or that my tests all come back within normal. Now I have a doctor who sends me for tests and every time I've gone for a series of tests or even just one test I've come back with 'something'. First the h. pylori in my stomach. Then the sleep apnea. I'm worried about what they may find with the CT scan all while I'm worried that they won't find anything. Ten plus years of dealing with these symptoms and having different doctors treat the different symptoms takes a toll on a girl...especially a mom who has access to Dr. Google.

I have done well with staying away from Dr. Google while the testing is going on. I've been waiting until I hear a diagnosis before I consult Dr. Google...that's the great thing about Dr. Google. It doesn't get annoyed with multiple questions and it doesn't downplay anything. If there's a worst case scenario you can bet Dr. Google will give it to you and you'll walk away convinced you're ailing to the worst.

So that's the (long) nutshell. I'm stuck waiting on yet another test result to come back....

Monday, October 18, 2010

Beautiful Fall

Fall has graced us with her presence again. In true fashion to myself I have again updated the formatting of my blog to reflect the season.

We went out to the state park this evening to grill some burgers and take a short hike. Great fun!