Monday, April 4, 2011

The Twitter of Oz....

I left out for an appointment early this morning and came back home to find out that I'd been dubbed the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz, but on Twitter...I don't have a fancy enough cell phone to be able to keep up with Twitter while I'm out and about, so I was late to the party to lay claim on something/anyone else. Of course I did participate in a musical rendition of the Wizard of Oz when I was in elementary school....and I played the Wicked Witch in the final enactment, but I've never told anyone before. So now you know.

Of course that tidbit has nothing to do with why I was nominated to be the Wicked Witch of the Twitter version. That would be @BigBadBooDaddy's doing. See, @BigBadBooDaddy is also my lovely husband, Brian. He's going to be the bald Cowardly Lion of our Twitter rendition.

But of course there are more characters and a back story to how it all got started in the first place. See, today most of the mid & eastern portions of the country are under severe weather watches & warnings - hide out in your basement, tie down everything else, place your head between your knees and pray...or puke if you're not into praying.

After scrolling through my timeline to see where the story started it ironically started with, none other, than @BigBadBooDaddy. He asked the Twitterverse if it was bad that the weather report included the directions: "Follow the yellow brick road" ? To which @Superdaddykw replied back that his weather report just simply said "good luck". Of course then @eeyorehrl had just awakened and joined the Twitterverse at this particular time and announced being under a tornado watch & may just stay in bed today...I really don't blame her, it's a great day for sleeping!

Therein the character assignments began. @BigBadBooDaddy assigned @eeyorehrl to the role of Dorthy, so long as he can play the Cowardly Lion, especially if the storms got bad. She accepted the role assignment. Then he offered the roles of either the TinMan or the Scarecrow to @Superdaddykw. He took the role of the TinMan because he's actually looking forward to a good storm! WOOT! (I personally love an awesome storm.)

Immediately following that line of discourse and role assignment @BigBadBooDaddy mentioned that all that was needed was someone to play the Scarecrow & someone else to play Glinda, the Good Witch, because he'd assigned me the role of the Wicked Witch of the West. It was at this point that I returned home from my appointment and joined the Twitterverse, after getting a few things taken care of first.

Of course I accepted my role and then @BigBadBooDaddy caught me up to speed on the role assignments. We also decided that the kidlings would play the munchkins and monkeys, based upon their individual personalities. My own Monkey, Mikeal, would play the role of my head Evil Flying Monkey. We then needed Glinda, which I volunteered @LittleAnimation to play, because she's incredibly awesome and well, awesome, and she accepted. And of course we still needed a Wizard, again, I nominated @WhyIsDaddyCryin ..the whole big man out front, so long as the little man stays behind the curtain and pretends to be all big and bad just seems to 'fit' him. (hehe). Of course neither @LittleAnimation or @WhyIsDaddyCryin are in the Kentucky & Tennessee areas, as the rest of us are, but they fit the roles. We're still left with needing someone to play the Scarecrow, but I am hoping that @WordMistressKiz accepts my nomination for the far I've had a hard time convincing her.

But seriously...if you don't already these are all awesome folks to follow and you DEFINITELY MUST follow them on Twitter. It's hard to see the whole show otherwise. Oh, and if you weren't already I'm another must follow @gypsy_momma .

Oh, and I'll also let you know if we ever make it to Oz or through Oz or back home again if we do make it to Oz.

I failed to consider the most important character in the Wizard of Oz, because without this particular character there would have been no witches, no talking scarecrow, no walking Tin Man, no Cowardly bald Lion, no Flying Monkeys, no Wizard, and for sure no adventures down the Yellow Brick Road...Maybe you've guessed it, I seriously doubt it...the most significant character of the whole movie happened to be the....


The charming tornado of today's rendition of the Twitter of Oz is the reason it has taken me a bit of time to get around to telling everyone mentioned in this post about their appearance here...I barely had it posted before we made a mad dash to the basement, then a dash out to get Mikeal from school, then ended up in lockdown at the school until we were clear from the 'warning' zone, then we ran out to the landlady's house that sustained a bit of, with no further have been tweeted.


  1. Oh, great, so I'm the first one to comment??? goes. *ahem*

    "Come out, come out, wherever you are! And meet the young lady....who fell from the stars!"

  2. OK OK. I accept. How can I turn down such a brilliant cast?

  3. The worst of the weather stayed out of Lexington. We got lucky. But, I'll be glad to continue my role as the Tinman.

  4. Ok, thanks for sending the weather this way last night. It was so boring. The general rule is if you send a tornado you must send the red shoes also.

  5. Absolutely not! There is NO WAY I'm parting with my Ruby Slippers! Unless you were threatening to take away my stripper pirate boots if I didn' that case, take the Ruby ones!

  6. On a different note though, I'm glad the weather was boring out your ways, Kevin & Peachy. I'm having a blast today thinking about cleaning up the 4 or 5 branches in my yard...but also thinking I'll wait until the day I mow. LOL

  7. WAY late edit...but @BigBadBooDaddy now goes by @IamIRONDAD on Twitter.