Monday, April 4, 2011

The Aftermath

See, just this morning I blogged about a Twitter discussion in regards to the severe weather & designating different folks of the Twitterverse to play parts in the Twitter of Oz.

The tornado made its appearance, although it really wasn't nominated to play a ALL!

Here are some stunning pics of said tornado's aftermath of not being nominated to play a role in our Twitterverse rendition of the Wizard of Oz.

I suppose tornadoes aren't fond of traffic lights, this is only one of MANY around town that were completely rendered SOL....
Not terribly sure what to say about the steeple being ripped off this church, but the bell is still there and the rest of the building appeared to be basically in tact.

I went with our landlady to pick up her youngest son from the Elementary school...this was blocking half the one was hurt, only a few dings and dents in the truck itself.

The road TO the landlady's house, this is two or three trees and a power pole.
This is the stunning view of the front of the landlady's house. The tree missed the actual house by almost 6 inches, but it did make the final decision for them as to when they were going to be replacing the carport itself. (Prior to today's storm they were actually trying to decide WHEN they'd be replacing the support poles that were starting to show signs of their 20+years of age...
Tree in the landlady's backyard with Mikeal standing near it, he's 4'8"...this tree not only took out the back fence but also took out the neighbor's BRAND new $30,000 boat that did not yet have insurance on it...

The landlady's heavy duty steel gas grill that was on loan from her father-in-law.

Other stunning pictures around town....

Guess they can now retire the trampoline...actually several around town are in similar was even found wrapped around some power lines not far from our house.

Trees at the Country Club golf course.

I don't believe anyone was harmed, but it does appear some were rocked in their graves...


  1. This is not very cool at all. I won't take responsibility for any of this even though I did say I was going to see the wizard today and I did say the wizard was hot, and that was a reference to a movie that contained a tornado and now I sit in the deep south in storm in the dark under a tornado warning with twisters popping up all around us, I still wont take the blame for this. I blame Liza because her mom was so cute in the original. Honestly I hope your town is ok, as all of my local folks here will be when this mess passes. xo PEACH OUT.