Friday, January 29, 2010

At a single drop

of anything a person's world can come crashing down around them. You can prepare for anything, think you have a great foundation, can see the walls coming up, and quicker than you can process it can all be laying in ruins at your feet.

I'm at this point right now. I don't have the time right now to give the whole story of it, I really need to get some sleep. But I *think* I've reached the point today where everything has come crashing down and now I have a whole bunch of pieces of the life I was building laying around me, things are broken, others shattered, some are just barely hanging by threads, but I'm not disheartened about it. My walls and such may of came crashing down today, but my foundation is still decent, in need of only a few minor repairs, but relatively easy fixes.

So from this point I rebuild. I go at this from a different angle, a different floor plan, and stronger building materials. I AM going to rebuild this life and we ARE going to get to the finished project...eventually. I know that all of the overwhelming news brought to our family today could be quite devastating, but I am determined to make sure this family makes it through this patch.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Told ya so.

Yes. I did. Last month I went to EVERY court hearing, while my ex was sitting in our local county jail on failure to pay child support, as well as other charges. There was anywhere from 1-5 a WEEK, no big deal, for me. I told the judge that he was just going to give her false employment information, just like he did last time, back in June, and he's going to give her false information on the place he's supposed to be living at...just like he did in June...he's also a registered sex offender. He's not lived at his "registered" address in over 2 years now...

Well, she released him on the basis he claimed to be working for a siding company, on the 23rd of December. Here we sit on the 26th of January, over a month later, and there has still yet to be a payment made on the child support. There's another court hearing at 10am...I'd almost put money on him not showing for the hearing.

Actually I should of put money up on it last time I said that he wasn't going to pay the child support and that the courts weren't going to be able to confirm his employer...I'd have a child support payment or two worth owed to me...go figure...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Garden Plans 2010

Yes, I'm already starting to plan my garden this year! I had a bit of success last year with the companion & organic gardening, and I'm hoping to repeat my success, then some this year!

January thru mid-February I'm going to get my garden prepared. This involves bringing in more dirt, stirring the dirt that is there to aerate it, bringing in some compost, etc.

Mid-February I'm going to start the leaf lettuce, spinach, snap peas, carrots, and radishes outside - they're quite tolerate to being snowed on, iced on, and frosted. Inside I'm going to start the broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage plants to plant in late-February/early March, they're also cold hardy and didn't seem to mind last year the couple of frosts and freezes we did get.

Late-February I'm going to start my other main plants : tomatoes, oregano, cilantro, parsley, chives, bell peppers, etc inside, in my mini green house.

By the end of March the weather should be such that I can transfer all my plants outdoors and get to start watching them all grow!


When my snap pea plants are done producing I'm going to be pulling them out and replacing them with green beans. Once it gets hot enough that the lettuce, spinach, etc has gone to seed I'll be replacing them with okra & potato plants.

I'm not going to be doing onions or celery this year...last year they just took too long and I was quite disappointed overall. SO I have about another 20 square feet of space to fill in with things I can either can or freeze - most likely freeze, just not quite sure what would go well in that area, unless I build the "walls" up a little higher and get quite a bit more dirt. This is a shallow area (only about 6 inches deep) so I'm not sure yet...

In the fall, after summer has shown signs of cooling I'll be planting my cooler weather plants again: lettuce, radishes, spinach, broccoli, & cauliflower. Well, last year I neglected to remove two of my broccoli plants after they went to seed and the grasshoppers ate them to nubs, but by mid-fall I noticed their leaves had become vibrant again and they were again producing broccoli heads, so I'm going to try to see if that works this year too...maybe...

Dates and such are all dependent on if this Oklahoma weather cooperates!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Cost Cutting that I Use

This is my recipe for laundry detergent. It makes 2 1/2 gallons of detergent, initial cost is maybe $15-20, depending on the prices in your area, however when you break it down the cost is only about $1 per bucket of detergent, and last us - including the detergent I made for my mom, so 6 people - around 9 months. It is also AWESOME if anyone has skin allergies, I can't comfortably use any other detergent, even "free and clear" ones because they all break me out to some degree, I've never had an issue with the stuff I make.

Other things I do that cut down on costs is I buy the whole 5 lb processed ham, at WM and take it to the deli and have them slice it for me, then when I get home I separate it into 1lb freeze bags, freeze all but one bag of it at a time - $7(maybe) for 5lbs of sandwich ham, instead of $3 per 1/2lb.

Coupons - when my printer has ink.

I buy the ink refill bottles for the works wonderfully until you screw it up and put the colored ink in the black and black in the colored...

I make my own cleaners using vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda, and rubbing alcohol...there's quite a few different ones listed on here : Maybe about $5 a month as opposed to my "normal" $30-ish.

Of course generic items.

I also try to go to the local butcher and buy most of my meats there, they're fresher and are generally cheaper. In the spring I build up a garden and freeze or can a great portion of it - Spaghetti Sauce & Salsa especially. I also bake a lot of my own bread.

I do have a bit of an advantage out here where I live because I have an awesome neighbor who brings me a flat (2 1/2 dozen) of eggs every week or so that his chickens have laid. He also has some hogs & a cow he's going to be taking to slaughter this spring and will just split the processing cost with him to fill our freezer - roughly $400 (maybe) for half an "organic, free range" cow and one or two full hogs, all cuts of both.

I limit my driving to just what's necessary and do all my running in the same day, planning the trip out so I don't have to back track most of the time. We (as a family, I'm quite sure Brian eats out more often than he admits) don't go out to eat more than *maybe* once a month.

I bake something daily, and cook dinner nightly. I also have a stock pile(that needs to be refreshed) of freezer safe plastic containers that I'll fill with lunch size meals, from any leftovers we have, and put them in the freezer for later. Brian then takes them to work with him - when he thinks about it - for lunch there or we'll have them here for lunch - just something we can pop in the microwave, much like any other TV dinner, but without all the "preservatives and sodium". I don't buy many snacky junk type foods - soda, only if we're having a gathering here at the house; snack cakes - not at all, I make them instead - well cookies, cakes, the like; chips are a rare purchase, maybe one or two bags a month, maybe, instead I do buy crackers for those salt cravings, but most don't go through crackers like they do chips; etc etc.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Neighbor Gripe!

Yea...go figure, right. But it's been a while, thought I'd do a refresher here....

We've had issues with them within hours of moving in here.

They're the only neighbors we really have "close"...yea, not quite as close as if I was living in some sort of suburbia neighborhood, but almost...all my other neighbors are about a city block away, at least, maybe a block and a half.

Problems started right off the bat (April 2008) because it was raining and I'd send Mikeal up to catch the school bus - that at that time stopped in front of their driveway, and the old man over there chewed me out because Mikeal, wearing a poncho and boots, mind you, would walk over there to catch the bus. After about 3 days of this I found out who to talk to at the school to get the "bus stop" moved a whole 15 ft, where it'd stop right at the property line area, that way not only did my 5 year old child have to walk through my often flooded yard, but it also meant that the 15 & 17 year old kids over there would have to walk through their flooded, non-mowed, sorry excuse of a yard....OH MAN! Did they THROW A FIT! Cussed me out two ways to Sunday to our landlord's husband, who'd come over for a social visit, wouldn't say a word to me, just scowled at me.

Around May the 15 year old boy started being over here all.the.time. Decent kid, okay, no biggie...I thought...We'd have bonfires here at the house, birthday parties for the kids, Family dinners, friends over, no biggie, we're out in the RURALS! Nor are we drinkers or the "partying" type, anymore, not in years. They've called the county cops on us...nearly every time...after the first half dozen times the Sheriff's department just started calling us, if it was a "slow" night to let us know they got a call, and inquire about what was going on...I told you SMALL RURAL area, everyone knows us...

In March of last year we went to a Memorial service, when we got back home, just a little over an hour and a half, many things were missing from our house - XBox, controllers, games, guitar from our bedroom, things from the kids' bedroom, almost 200 DVDs...but the computer, TV, etc were all still here, kinda we live WAY out here, ON the highway, it's fairly slim chances that someone would drive up and steal from our home, unless they took everything, not some piddly little things. I mean, I'm talking about they left the 42" flat screen TV, brand new revamped computer set up, all the DVDs that were on the shelf in their cases, except for my copy of Twilight...Yea, I'm not stupid. We did call the cops, filed a report, but the cop didn't do anything about it that night really, and by 7am I had everything back - I walked back to the house the 15 (now 16) year old kid lives in, he had his curtain WIDE open watching for me to walk back there, he started beckoning to me so that I wouldn't knock on the door. So I went to his window and talked to him. After about 20 minutes, and subtle threats of fingerprinting, the fact that he'd have to also be fingerprinted because he's been in the house quite often, we'd just have to do elimination prints, the works...he broke down and admitted to it & returned everything he could that morning, before the bus came, the rest of it, including my camera, FULL of pictures he'd taken - I thought I'd misplaced the camera a few weeks before, and just hadn't found it - of course the pictures I'd personally taken of the kids were no longer there, but he had the balls to insist I take copies of his pictures and put them on his flash drive. played nice, afterall I had a good opinion of him prior to this. We made a "civil" agreement that he'd work over the summer on things in our yard, would do the mowing, etc etc etc...yea, that barely happened. He was supposed to do $3000 worth of work at I think $10 an hour rate, and I'm GENEROUS on the time...yea, he almost did 5 hours worth of work before we quit seeing him all together, at least trying to hang out over here.

Of course we can hear the "mother" screaming and cussing out all the girls over there, including the 4 year old, you'd think she was drunk and in a fight with some hoochie in the top it off I can hear the cussing going on when they're in their house, with the doors closed, while I'm sitting inside my house, doors & windows closed with the TV going 5 feet from me...its BAD! CPS doesn't seem too concerned about it, I've gotten the whole "well, they have mental issues and we won't do much about it" blah blah blah Same basic story when I've called the sheriff's department when I heard a lot of fighting and gun shots - "they have mental issues, a family member just died, if someone winds up hurt or dead we'll hear about it and figure it out then" - HONEST TO GOODNESS, that is what the operator or a detective told me, I can't remember who I was patched to...

Well, just this past November one of my other neighbors, that lives a bit down the road from me, who often brings me a flat of fresh eggs, also had some chickens that he'd give me to butcher, otherwise he was just going to kill them and throw them off in the woods at the back of his property for the coyotes. About a week or two later the GAME COMMISSIONER showed up at my door. Apparently I'd been illegally killing and butchering wild turkeys....My saving grace was the obvious feathers still littering the fence line AND the pictures I actually took of the process...yes, there are more "graphic" pictures than the ones I have posted here.

Of course who else would be calling the commissioner about such things, one neighbor that gave the chickens to me, another neighbor that is related to the first guy, and he'd already offered the chickens to them, the other neighbor, who happens to be our landlord and the LAST people to really do anything with the law where petty illegal type things are concerned, or the ones who call the sheriff every time I spit their guessed it.

So tonight we had a pair of friends over, grandparents other words, an older couple that we love dearly. They came for dinner, hung out for a bit, left to go home around 8pm. During the course of this visit I found out that Brian had talked to the Game Commissioner that was out here back in November, after all he works where everyone knows him and the guy is a regular customer there....Apparently in the last couple of months there has been almost a DOZEN calls pertaining to us and our illegal poaching....LMAO Yea, the only killing we've done here is the chickens I butchered....and a few house plants....Not to fail to mention that the county offices here get almost a dozen calls a month on us. I'm hoping that it's true that they (the county offices) are going to file some federal charges against them for false accusations against us if it keeps going on.

The real KICKER was as Nana Pennye & Grampa David were leaving the old man next door hurried out of his house and watched to see which way they were going. The way it looked was he was half expecting them to turn into the landlord's drive - as if (no offense Pennye) my vintage Jag or Pantera driving landlord would be driving a Chrysler. Then when they didn't pull into that driveway he walked further around the edge of his house watching them until he couldn't see them anymore. He didn't even try to play it off by calling his cat or smoking a cigarette today...I was standing outside, to see them off, when he came racing out of the house...

I'm just so stinking SICK of it! GAAHH!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pink Guitar

Ok, not quite, but she does have her mic and dance moves...almost...down.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Dear Katie aka Anonymous Commentor

I realize you like to pretend to others that I don't exist - liar. Its really sad the lengths you go to on a regular basis to pretend I don't exist. I block your MySpace account, you create another one...that you have already deleted yet again, just two days after my posting this blog entry. I block your Facebook account, you have your husband create one and friend my husband, they're brothers, yes, and I realize you have access and control over everything your husband does, so I know it's just as well as you. I create a blog and you send stupid anonymous comments, so I block anonymous comments. Seriously, please, get over me! You are quite the stalker and if you can't GROW UP and tend to your OWN LIFE then have fun getting pissed off at me over living my life.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Attitude!

I have decided that I've got to change my attitude about things, if I stay in this funk any longer I'm going to just get deeper into it and that goes against everything I've worked hard for with my New Years Resolutions!

My New Years Resolutions, simply summed up, are to be the best me I can be! I might of been born "poor, white, and country" and that may never change, THAT doesn't concern me. Truth me told I'm HAPPY with being "poor, white, country". I have awesome, well behaved, healthy children. I have a husband that, despite any of our petty problems, I love DEARLY, DEEPLY, and HONESTLY. I can make a dime stretch further than a dollar in most persons pockets, and if push comes to shove I know I can live off the land, with or without the luxury of things like electricity, plumbing, and heaven forbid - television & internet! I'm PROUD to be me!

My New Years Resolutions involve me owning WHO *I* am and being the best me I know to be. Whether that's Wal-Mart rags or 5th Avenue silks, it makes no difference, down deep I'm a happy chipper person that knows how to take care of business. This is the year I buckle down to find that happy chipper person and get business taken care of. This is the year that I show the world (or at least the world that matters most to me) just exactly what kind of balls of steel I'm made of. I'm not the scared abused woman I was in my first marriage. I'm not the rebellious, vindictive ex-wife I was after leaving him. I'm not the drunken & stoned work-a-holic partying 22 year old I once was. I'm not the depressed soul I've found myself in as of late.

I AM Stephanie. I was born monetarily poor, still am, if it changes then that's left to be seen. I still don't know what this means for me, but first and foremost I am a MOTHER. I have two children who have needs that can only be met by their parents, that is my first responsibility. The things I own do NOT define WHO *I* am...rather it's the attitude I have towards the things I DO have and the things I cherish in this world.

So my mantra of the day is this : When life acts up throw on some music, turn UP the volume, and DANCE! ~ courtesy of myself, Stephanie Bonds.

I've said it before

suppose I'll say it again...last time was here.

I'm not a country music listener. I started detesting it while I was married to my ex-husband. He's a cousin of Garth Brooks, sounds like him, looks a lot like him, and had an addiction to doing karaoke at the bars at every chance he made for himself. He wasn't bad at it, I'll give him that, but after about the 15th shot of alcohol it was just too much for anyone to finish listening to him...including myself.

I grew up listening to country music though. I really have nothing against the artists themselves...I don't care for Garth, but that's with prejudice reasoning, before my ex-husband was in, then out of my life I had a thing for him...I'll admit to it.

But today someone had said something about country music songs, was wanting a list of them for whatever reason, so I pulled up the Billboard Top 40...And now I understand again why I don't listen to country even now. I bawl. Especially because of the top two songs on this week's list, they fit my frame of mind exactly, perfectly. One of how I'm almost feeling at this point, the other of how I wish he'd feel, so that the other one wasn't an issue.

I can't seem to wrap my mind around it all at this point. I thought things were going pretty good, guess that's what I get for thinking.

But I'll leave this off with posting this week's #5 song : I Need You Now - Lady Antebellum

Another one to add to this list is #9 : Why Don't We Just Dance - Josh Turner

Edited again to say that I'm really enjoying the new Reba Album - Keep on Loving You....

Monday, January 11, 2010

Zen Sarcasms

1. Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead. Do not walk ahead of me, for I may not follow. Do not walk beside me either. Just pretty much leave me alone.

2. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a broken fan belt or a leaky tire.

3. It’s always darkest before dawn, so if you’re going to steal your neighbor’s newspaper, that’s the time to do it.

4. Don’t be irreplaceable. If you can’t be replaced, you can’t be promoted.

5. Always remember that you’re unique. Just like everyone else.

6. Never test the depth of the water with both feet.

7. If you think nobody cares if you’re alive, try missing a couple of car payments.

8. Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you’re a mile away and you have their shoes.

9. If at first you don’t succeed...... Skydiving is not for you.

10. Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish, and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day.

11. If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.

12. Some days you’re the bug, some days you’re the windshield.

13. Everyone seems normal until you get to know them.

14. The quickest way to double your money is to fold it in half and put back in your pocket.

15. A closed mouth gathers no foot.

16. Duct tape is like ’The Force’. It has a light side and a dark side, and it holds the universe together.

17. There are two theories to arguing with a women - Neither one works.

18. Generally speaking, you aren’t learning much when your lips are moving.

19. Experience is something you don’t get until just after you need it.

20. Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

So it Seems

Mikaila does NOT like shrimp. The girl has no idea what she's missing out on!

I made a special dinner last night for the family that consisted of peppercorn steaks, garlic buttered shrimp, baked potatoes with all the trimmings, corn on the cob, and garlic toast.

This is the second time this week she has examined the shrimp, flipping it back and forth to look it over thoroughly, before tossing it to the dog or cat that is always sitting under her chair, laying in wait.

Loving Life!

I love my wonderful, often hectic, mind boggling life!

I have a wonderful husband and two absolutely charming children. Life just can't get any better!

The material things in life, of course could always be better, but the core of my life is as good as it gets, at this point!

Friday, January 8, 2010


I have issues with someone. I'm not going to sugar coat it, much. I think she's a vile sorry excuse for an adult. She does not seem to be happy with her own life so lives to make herself think she's making the lives of others miserable. In the process all she does is reinforce her vile image. Posting pictures of herself with persons of other nationalities doesn't change the fact that she uses vulgar slang to refer to such persons. Over compensating by wishing some women well on their pregnancies and births of their children does not mean she still doesn't wish miscarriages on others.

Calling someone a liar doesn't mean that they are, especially if the one being called a liar can back her things up with a funny thing called screen shots.

Claiming that someone's credit is screwed up because someone "stole" identity is an easy fix, it does cost roughly $500, depending on the lawyer, unless you know enough about FCCPA laws and do it yourself, then it just costs a few stamps and trips to a courthouse. I'm sure credit doesn't withstand multiple divorces very well in an extremely short period of time, nor does it hold up well against unemployment, especially "revolving" unemployment.

Calling someone "trailor" trash, when your version of spelling trailer is incorrect - it's TRAILER not trailor - doesn't help your cause either. Neither does saying someone is "rediculous" - it's RIDICULOUS! When trying to pass yourself off as smarter, better than, and the like; it really helps you look like less the fool when you use proper spelling, at least, "truely" - it's TRULY.

If living in a manufactured home constitutes trailer trash then you must not get out much. I didn't think that living in a rich man's funded revamped projects area really is all that great of a place to be when trying to pretend to have a better social status. It's not much different than HUD housing, only difference is its mandated by an individual instead of the government, looks better to be buying your own place, even if it does need some work, at least I can say this is going to be ours.

Having multiple children, with multiple men, while "using protection" each time - that's got to be the biggest joke out there! Keep telling yourself that honey. It's a fairly rare thing for it to happen once, but to happen over and over again, you'd think that after the first time you would of figured it out, being you're so smart and all. All it does it make you look more desperate when paired with statements like "I'm too scared to be on my own" "I hate my husband" "If a woman continues being with someone who's abusing her she deserves it" - Here's a news flash for you, if your husband is anywhere near as horrible as you proclaim, over and over and over, and you're scared to leave him, then it's abuse, plain and simple, now whether you're the self-abuser or not, that's another thing, but you're pretty pathetic, so you "deserve" your pathetic life - you created it.

So grow-up, get over yourself, you're the only one that is making out on the short bus. Lying to yourself is still lying.

...Just sayin'. OH! And stalking my blog, which is the reason I even post this, while proclaiming to the world how you "pretend I don't even exist" ranks high in my giggle list.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Update on the "Crisises"

I was able to get the well pipes thawed, at least enough to get water back into the house. Propane should be delivered either late this evening or tomorrow.

Grilled ginger garlic tilapia and garlic buttered grilled shrimp for dinner.

And now I can make some coffee...5 hours into my day and I'm finally getting a nice hot cup of coffee - YAY!

Another Snow Day

The temp hasn't even reached the 20s yet today. Most likely going to be another snow day tomorrow. Tomorrow night another super cold Arctic blast is supposed to get here, bringing more snow and more blizzard like conditions...there goes the possibility of school being held on Thursday & Friday...To think, I was complaining about Mikeal not getting a full two weeks for Winter Vacation, now he's had his full two weeks, and then some...

Other just lovely news - either the water deep in the well is frozen or the pump is frozen or something went screwy with the electrical in it overnight, regardless we currently don't have water in the house and the pump house is taking forever to thaw out. I'd wrapped the pipes with an electrical heating tape, plus had a heating lamp in there, obviously days on end of below freezing temps just finally got the better of it. I put a small electric space heater out there and Brian should be bringing in a tarp that I'll use to seal up around the door better, maybe help keep in more of the heat. I'm praying anyways.

Then the propane is critically low. I budgeted it out, based on last year's use...well this year has been MUCH colder, so the heat has ran more, thus going through the propane much quicker. Basing it on last year we would of had enough to get us through until we got our tax refund, then would of filled it up, that would of gotten us through the rest of the winter and then some. Such is not the case, so we get to do some creative re-budgeting.

I'm just completely over winter already. It could go back to "normal" winter and I wouldn't complain, it'd be at least 20* warmer!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Didn't Quite Go As Planned

I did get most of the cupboards cleaned out - at least the ones I use for food or dishes.

But my desk & filing cabinet still need some work.

I also didn't get any baking, etc done today.

I did however get the laundry room redone a bit, moved the kids' TV, etc into their room, cleaned up their room, swept the laundry room, rearranged it...maybe it won't always feel so cluttered in there, afterall, in the next month or so my washer will be back in there! Then I won't have to worry about baskets and baskets of dirty laundry lying around, waiting on me to haul it off and get it washed. YAY!

Today's Planned Activities

I've only been up and out of bed for 5 hours, so I figure it's time for me to get started on getting things done. Mikeal is out of school, so his added help in keeping Mikaila occupied, might work in my favor.

I plan on:

finish detailing out the kitchen - cupboards, etc cleaned out, wiped down
making a few batches of toaster waffles - cinnamon, blueberry, strawberry, and plain
crescent rolls made and baked, with the hopes of putting them in the freezer to pull out, as needed
within the next day or two I need to get my desk completely organized, my filing cabinet done up for 2010, etc etc...

Not necessarily a long list, but a very time consuming one.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I'm not terribly happy...

:( School has been canceled for tomorrow.

That is all.

Mikeal has been whining to go back to school for the last few days...

This snow, it's not "normal" for us. We get roughly 3-6 snow falls a year....most of them happening in February & March...We've had 4 so far this year, one was even considered a blizzard (because of the winds, not because we ended up with 3 feet of snow) :roll:

There has been snow on the ground here since a few days before Christmas. Snow does NOT stay on the ground here, period. Two days, MAX! But NOOOOOOOO this snow just stays around. Only once has the temp been above freezing...and that day I actually thought it felt "nice" was 36*F :doh: I didn't even fuss over wearing a coat that day.

I'm very VERY much so over winter at this point.

What makes it all so much better is that 36* a few days ago is the highest temp of the forecast, since before Christmas... Tomorrow it's just supposed to be cold. By Tuesday/Wednesday another snow storm is going to be moving in. And with that our HIGH temps might be in the teens.

:bag: Yes, I'm WHINING. I realize that most of you are Yanks or Canucks....but there's a solid reason I don't live any further north than I am now...actually the only thing solid I can think of is ice, and ice is cold, and that's good enough solid reason for me to stay south. :giggle:

TO put it in perspective - this time last year I was working the dirt in my garden, adding fresh dirt to it, etc so that it'd be ready when it got closer to Spring. Yes, I was out there, in my GARDEN, building it and working the dirt in JANUARY! I'd started my seedlings the 2nd of January. Right now...I can't even SEE my garden, much less try to be working the dirt. :doh: And it's just too windy & COLD to let the kids out to play, the wind just stings like a SOB!

But it makes for some pretty pictures. :biggrin:

Three trees that make for interesting photos...they're across the street in the landlady's field. :D
Zoom in (real dimensions: 800 x 600)Image
Up one of the trees...I think I'd attempted to take a pic of a cardinal, but they don't sit still long enough for me to get a picture. :doh:
Zoom in (real dimensions: 600 x 800)Image
My backyard
Zoom in (real dimensions: 600 x 800)Image
The "cool" neighbor's in a few months one of these will be sitting in my freezer. :yum: ;)
Zoom in (real dimensions: 800 x 547)Image


This year holds a lot of promise for our family!

Mikaila will be starting into a pre-Head Start type program, not exactly sure when as the building has not been built yet, but she is on the waiting list.

Mikeal will be continuing with his wrestling. There has been a lot of snow lately, so wrestling practices have not been held this entire Winter Vacation, maybe things will clear up enough that the kids & coaches will be able to get back into the swing of things.

Brian just got his ASE certification and will be starting his assistant manager's training, so we're holding out hope that an assistant manager position will be opened up in the area so he can slide on into that vacancy.

I'm hanging in here. I had considered going back to school this spring, but believe I'll wait until we know for sure where everything else is headed, this way instead of trying to budget and plan around 4 different schedules we can work with the three...leaving one of the drivers open for this shuttling.

As far family plans we have a few in the works. Our water well is going to be "tanked" so that I'll be able to do my laundry at home, without the hassle of having to wait 3-8 hours between the wash & rinse cycles, and then have to wait another 8 hours or so until we're able to use water period in the house. So that will be completely fixed! YAY!

We're also planning on putting up a privacy fence down the entire length of the one side of our yard. We're just completely tired of chasing off their pregnant/nursing dog, who's constantly tearing through everything, looking for a bite to eat. The building of the privacy fence will also DRASTICALLY reduce the creepy feeling I get just stepping out onto my front porch, feeling like my every move is being watched like a hawk. Hopefully some of the harassment from the local law enforcement & subsidiaries will slow down as well. The biggest bonus of all - being able to walk out my front door and not have to see any of their garbage & junk piled up almost staring in my face. I could maybe go even as far as to say that the garbage that blows around in their yard will not be landing in my yard, for me to have to pick up; am hoping the fence stops it and it all just piles up on their side, instead of making it's way to the fence line between my place and the neighbor's pasture. I'm quite sure the old man will throw a fit over the fence, but that just sucks to be him! He can either get over it or have a heart attack freaking out over it, oh well.

I'm also hoping to be able to climb around in my attic at some point. Maybe put up some more insulation, some plywood, or even some sheet rock in there to finish it off. I know at the one end the clearance is only barely big enough to be used as a storage area, but that would save us shed space and closet space, especially since the water tank unit that's going to be going in is going to take up most of the shed space as it is.

After all is said and done in these areas of home improvement, then we should be right on track to start the add-ons! I can't wait to nearly double our house space!!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010