Thursday, April 30, 2009

Add another one as "expecting"

Not me...

The dog.

She's also due this week. I didn't notice the earlier signs & didn't think that the male who was only 4/5 months old was actually old enough to breed her, so thought nothing of it....until I noticed last night that her milk has started coming in....

Just what I really needed...kittens, puppies, & a toddler...plenty of entertainment for the 6 year old over the summer vacation from school.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Butterfly Stretch

April 11
Zoom in (real dimensions: 799 x 599)Image
Tonight April 29
Zoom in (real dimensions: 799 x 599)Image

:wub: Her "butterfly" is quite stretched poor kitty baby..mama to be...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Taking Guesses & Bets

Ok, so Piston is getting ready to have her babies.

A cat's gestation period is between 60-70 days, generally born around the 65th day...

However, I can only guess as to when she got pregnant. But from all physical signs she'll have them within the next 7 days....She has barely started producing what feels like a little bit of milk, but I'm not sure. She does have a couple of fairly sure spots picked out to have them....Behind the TV, the top bunk in the kids' room, or under my bed. Oh, this is also her first litter & she is 15 months old.

So anyone wanna place a guess on which day & how many & where? :biggrin: :giggle:

I say 7 kitten & that they'll be born on Monday, my birthday...cause she's stubborn like that (keep getting false alarms), and that she'll have them behind the TV. :giggle:

Brian says 4 kittens & that they'll be born on Saturday, he also is confident she's going to have them behind the TV....


Picture taken last night :
Zoom in (real dimensions: 599 x 799)Image

Saturday, April 25, 2009

New Test

...does it work?

Just an experiment

That's all this blog post is...

Tonight's Stress.

I can go weeks and weeks with no tangible plans... then BOOM I'm suddenly faced with SEVERAL plans all for one day.

A friend of mine whom I've known since I was 12 is going to be this way, she lives in Little Rock now & is expecting another son...I know she had one about 10 years ago...not sure about any other children in the last 8 years...if she follows her mom's or aunt's lead she probably is on almost #5...anyways she's going to be visiting her dad on Sunday, he, I found out, lives about 15 miles from me & was going to swing by my place sometime on Sunday.

Then this morning I found out that my stepbrother was going to be here all weekend...not sure when he's leaving out likely sometime on Sunday, but they're going to be going to Tulsa on Saturday to see my brother he didn't get to meet last time he was here, even though he didn't get to meet me then either...They'll be in Tulsa all day, so there's almost no chance of me finally getting to meet him unless I pack up to do my laundry early Sunday morning.

But then there's church Sunday morning & I really don't like the idea of missing.

But of course, Brian would have to mention, after work this evening, that dear friends of ours were planning on having a BBQ at their place on Sunday evening and would like for us to come since we haven't been to their place in a while & they feel bad about me feeding them & their crew the last few times they've been out here, but again we've not really hung out for a couple of weeks.

And with my luck half the plans will fall through...the next 6 days of the 7 day forecast is calling for the bbq will likely be modified, but they'll still expect us to come out since there is the invite & we so rarely can really coordinate a good time for all of us to get together. They both work, he's one of the few paid firefighters for the area she's having to do double shifts at her job because they're short handed. Plus she has full custody of her 3 kids & they're gone every couple of weekends to their dad's, he has weekend visits with his 2 kids fairly often. Brian's work schedule is also something to be loathed to work all in this...

I haven't heard anything definite from my friend from long ago, but when we made the plans I told her I'd most likely be home, she knows the area from my description I gave her & would be able to easily find my house, plus has my number. I don't have a cell for her to be able to reach me regardless of where else I might be. But I'd really hate to miss she promised a free make over & such...always fun & I'm WAY over due for some real girlie time.

I could pack up and just do my laundry tomorrow...but getting these kids & laundry loaded in a fair time is almost impossible unless I get it all loaded the night before. And there's still no guarantee that I'll get to hang out with Bradley, they'll end up spending the night at my brothers, then spend most of Sunday being hungover.

So I'm thinking I'm going to hopefully catch my stepbrother at my mom's place tomorrow, do my laundry there less thing to worry about tying me down Sunday. Go to church on Sunday morning. Hope I catch my step brother at my mom's place & hang out a little bit there. Then go over to our friend's place on Sunday evening....unless my friend gives me a call & we solidify plans & she can meet me in the morning or early afternoon, then I'll skip church.

Yes, I'm tired & rambling...but I'm stressed.

I had considered taking the kids to the lake tomorrow, but if it's raining, maybe I shouldn't...not that that's really something that would stop me. Rain with lightning would stop me, but not just rain...watching all these people obviously calling in "sick" to their jobs this week, driving by all day hauling their boats has me itching to go out to the lake.

Then there's my stubborn, pregnant cat. She keeps throwing me "teasers" on if she's actually going to have these babies or not. It's getting more and more difficult for her to nimbly bounce around. I'm just terrified that she's going to go into labor when I'm not home & have some odd problem come up....

Of course there is also the matter of my FIL & his wife coming up in the next couple of weeks & there is just so much I want to get done to the house before their next visit...mainly projects I've started & haven't been able to completely get finished.

I'm having issues with sleep tonight...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Money Saved

I am constantly on the look out for ways to save money or make our limited income stretch further. I have done very well, in my opinion, and am constantly getting better at it.

So far, since the begining of January, I have saved:
** $180 on laundry detergent, by making my own. I made the equivalency of $180 of laundry detergent by spending less than $10.
** Roughly $200 in cleaning chemicals by switching to baking soda, vinegar, water, & essential oils...I've spent roughly $30 on these products this year
** Not to mention my garden...I have spent roughly $50 in seeds & supplies. So far I have been able to harvest the grocery stores' equivalency of $30 in leaf lettuce, $20 in fresh spinach, $15 in radishes... and the "real" crops haven't even started yet!!!! I've even had enough spinach to start freezing it to use later in the year & during the winter when I don't have a fresh crop to pick from! I still have much to get planted, but so far it's been a GREAT payoff!
** I've also worked very diligently to combine my trips into town & don't do as much running around as I used I have gone from 3-5 tanks of gas a month to just one, sometimes two! Creating a savings of (average $25 per tank) almost $500 just this year!!!

So, since I have saved my family almost $1000 in just the first 4 months of this year, do you think my husband will wake up and realize that the leak finances are not of *my* doing? Oh, and I'm not really one to spend that money on something else, except on new clothes for the kids here and there, but I'm always with at least one kid in tow when I do "go shopping" and 99% of my shopping trips are to buy groceries, so doing much browsing & other shopping just doesn't get done.

It took a little bit of getting used to and took some willpower & a lot of doubt on my part to actually start doing most of this...the garden has really been my only "easy" part...but its been awesome!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Would of been better without the stalling & whining...

So dishes are needing to be done, I'm trying to get dinner put together, Mikeal was playing video games, Mikaila was creating havoc...

I ask Mikeal if he wouldn't mind coming into the kitchen and doing the dishes so that I can focus on getting dinner done.

He promptly paused the game he was playing & came into the kitchen...

Saw that I was throwing out some old oranges and asked if he could have one...of course...

I go back to washing the dishes and preparing dinner.

He starts whining about what's for dinner. I tell him cheeseburgers with soapy water since I have to also get some dishes done...most of my dishes have met their match when they go toe to toe with the floor in here, so dishes have to be done every meal...

He puts the orange down, halfway peeled, and starts whining that I'm in his way to do the dishes...

Nice.... :D

Even sweeter!

The guy that owns the dog that we kept the other night just stopped by...I guess he is my other neighbor, the old man that I met last year is his dad...but anyways he stopped by to ask if I'd like some eggs. :cool: I guess his hens are back to laying and he can't give them away fast enough. I think we go through eggs almost as quickly as we go through milk & bread. He also has quite a bit of cattle over there and I might even be able to build a decent relationship with him to the point of asking him about buying a cow off of him for a decent price & then turning around and filling our freezer with beef. In addition to my garden...

So I have found that little veggie stand the other day where I can veggies & fruits CHEAP and maybe be able to sell some of my surplus if all does well. My other neighbor is going to be giving us eggs. I will be able to get a lot of pork soon, and maybe beef... Now to talk my mom into giving me the bread maker she has sitting at her place collecting dust, and I think I'll be able to do well in DRASTICALLY reducing my grocery bill!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Newest *Fostering*...maybe adoption...

So there was this stray dog that came by our place earlier this evening...

He's started to kinda "grow" on me...

He's just one big baby.

Quiet, unless he's sleeping....then he can vibrate the floors & walls.

Gentle...wouldn't even take a bite of Mikaila's dinner when she offered it to him...she always offers her food to the dogs & cats...

House trained...but did throw a bit of a fit because Mikaila was sitting in the doorway from the kitchen to the laundry room, on the way to the backyard...she was sitting to the side, watching a movie on the TV in the laundry room, but he did not want to disturb her, only passing by after I picked her up.

I'm hoping to be able to find his owners by the end of the weekend, no later than early next week, but around here there is no telling, unfortunately....

Not sure what he is exactly, I'm thinking maybe a Bull Mastiff, I haven't researched yet to figure it out, but he's just a "gentle giant". <3


I nearly forgot...with everything that went on today...everything I didn't get done today...yet... then getting caught up in that Twitter competition between CNN & Ashton Kutcher...Kutcher won, in case you were wondering.

I found an awesome little store today while I was out paying bills. Yea..Today was payday...that day that we pay everyone who requires money from us...

Anyways, I noticed a while back ago that a fruit & veggie stand had been enclosed, etc and turned into this cute little "mock" Farmer's Market type thing...and great thing is it's on the way to the grocery store that I shop at 99% of the time...the lovely Super Wal-Mart...if I had another decent choice for less than 50 miles I might incline myself to go there, but I don't, so it is good enough..

Anyways I went in there not really expecting much, after all there's a "real" Farmer's Market on the far other side of the lake, and it I wouldn't even feed my dog the crap they sell in there as meat...EW!

So, yes, I'm a bit pessimistic about some things, especially places that I plan on maybe buying food for my family.

I was VERY pleasantly surprised!!!!

For just pennies over $10 I got :
8lbs of Strawberries ($5 for the flat) that were a bit "ripe" the time I got it all cut down and salvaged what I could I still had about 4lbs of good strawberries to freeze & use later....still a decent price as they sell for $2-$5 a pound at WM....other wise for non-"ripe" strawberries it's only $1 a lb.
4lbs of seed red potatoes ($0.33 a lb)
1 Head of cabbage ($0.37)
2lbs of bananas ($0.32 a lb)...$0.75 a lb at WM
Lrg red onion ($0.32 a lb)...$1something a lb at WM
2 med tomatoes ($0.20 a lb) ...$1something a lb at WM

I think that's all I bought, this time...


My luck did not end there! I asked him if he bought from individuals to sell in the store, he said that he has committed to one person, but was not comfortable with committing to too many people, as he doesn't want it to go to waste, etc, since it is a small store that a lot of people are likely to just overlook...BUT as I was "checking out" he did invite me to bring in some of my surplus...after feeding my family...and he'll work out something with me. I might even be able to "sell" him on buying some of the laundry soap I make, as well as fabric softener...woot!

Bad new though...the place I was getting one of the main ingredients for the laundry soap is no longer able to order the stuff, it's not in her book to re-order...but she did direct me to a couple of other stores that are also "Old Fashioned" stores in the general area that might carry it...I'll drive out there tomorrow, maybe to check it out...its across state lines... But I saw on one of her shelves that she had canning lids...12 came in a box... $3...score!

So then I stopped in at a couple of yard sales.... I'm really looking for some jars that I can use for canning...the first one I stop at I ask about canning jars, as it's a lady that owns a flower shop here in town...amazing thing about this town...WM in town closes at 9pm, but there are at least 3 flower & gift shops that do pretty well here, hmmm...So I ask about canning jars.. dude took and GAVE AWAY TWENTY (20) CASES of jars just that morning, to someone who was having a yard sale...60 miles away...lovely... BUT good news, wife pipes up, she still has more at home, she'll bring them up tomorrow for me to come collect. YAY!!! If I don't catch her up there, she knows where I live so might just deliver them...I found a couple of nice looking gasket jars that were cheap and snagged up all 4 that she had...

Then I stopped at a second yard sale...almost same type deal, except this lady has a building that she just seems to have a yard sale out of most of the summer, mainly a bunch of crappy crap... so I just ask her about canning jars... She has some too! Except not there, and she's not sure when she'll be having another sale up there, as the weather is likely to be bad tomorrow, so I'll just "have to catch her sometime"...I got a couple of toys for the kids since they were doing a great job of behaving...well Mikaila was...

We then went to WM to get some of the other stuff I food, dog food, catnip toy for the cat...who ignores it...other crap...should of grabbed some of the eggs the guy had at the "market"...there's always next time....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Organic Gardening

I'm HUGE into gardening. Number one reason is because its so completely rewarding to be able to grow your own fruits & veggies. Reason number two is it is soooooooooooooo much cheaper than buying veggies, even from a cheap roadside stand. For the $5 I spent on 4 packets of tomato seeds I was able to use less than half the seeds, and got 97 plants to I'll never use that many, so have shared a great deal of them with family & friends...I have also killed 30 plants due to being overly anxious to get to planting, so I killed maybe 50 cents worth of crop...and still have many more to replace them with. Last year I spent $10 on three tomato plants and had MORE than enough tomatoes for my family & friends...this year with 10 plants I'm hoping to be able to do a lot of canning & freezing to last me until the next year's crop. I did not spend a dime on fertilizer this year...last year I bought one bag of Mircle Grow Garden Soil & just mixed it in with the ground dirt available in my yard. This year I have two large raised beds...getting dirt & horse manure from a friend's field, at no cost to me. Even the timbers I used to make my raised beds were free as I got them from a friend of mine moving out of her place, with no room for them at her new place.... I'll do further posts about my garden in the coming days, weeks, & months...

This post is about some companion gardening hints that I have been given from another friend of mine, as well as tidbits given to me by experienced persons....

Now, most veggies will do just fine, regardless of where they're placed in the garden, this is merely a list of different companion plants that seem to do best close to each other, as well as a list of other plants that will help repel insects & rodents. I got most of these things from a small book that was published in the late 70s ('78 I think) and it's titled The Best Gardening Ideas I Know written by the Editor of Organic Gardening and Farming Magazine, Robert Rodale.

Some is also from the word of my grandfather who has been gardening since the late 30s and my uncle who has not only been gardening for the last 50 years, but is also the supervisor of the city parks in Tulsa, OK, and has been with the parks department there for at least 20 years.

I'll list the plant & beside it I'll list the companion plants, avoidance plants, if there are any, and the effects of the companionship, if the book lists any, and any deterrent properties of the plants.

Asparagus - good with Tomatoes, Parsley, & Basil
Basil - Good with Tomatoes (improves growth & flavor); said to dislike Rue; repels flies and mosquitoes
Beans - Good with Potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, cauliflower, cabbage, summer savory, most other veggies and herbs; also great to start in house plant pots, then transplant later...improves the nitrogen in the soil
Bush Beans - Sunflowers (beans like partial shade, sunflowers also attract birds & bees which helps with pollenation), good also with Cucumbers (combination of light & heavy feeders) Potatoes, Corn, Celery & Summer Savory
Beets - Good with Onions and Kohlrabi
Borage - Good with Tomatoes (attracts bees, deters tomato worm, improves growth & flavor)also good with Squash & strawberries
Cabbage Family - Good with Potatoes, celery, dill, chamomile, sage, thyme, mint, pennyroyal, rosemary, lavender, beets, onions...aromatic plants deter cabbage worms
Carrots - Good with Peas, lettuce, chives, onions, leeks, rosemary, sage, & tomatoes
Catnip - plant in borders, protects against flea bettles
Celery - Good with Leeks, Tomatoes, Bush Beans, Cauliflower, Cabbage
Chamomile - good with cabbage & onions
Chervil - good with radishes (improves growth & flavor)
Chives - good with Carrots; plant around the base of fruit trees to discourage insects from climbing trunk
Corn - Potatoes, peas, beans, cucumbers, pumpkins, squash
Cucumbers - good with Beans, corn, peas, radishes, sunflowers
Dill - good with Cabbage (improves growth & health), carrots
Eggplants - Beans
Fennel - most plants are said to dislike it, so plant alone & away from other plants
Flax - good with carrots & potatoes
Garlic - Good with Roses & Raspberries (deters Japanese beetles); plant with herbs to enhance their production of essential oils; plant liberally throughout garden to deter pests....although where I planted my garlic bulbs is exactly where my neighbor's cats like to dig for their own personal "litter box"...grrr
Horseradish - Good with potatoes (deters potato beetles); plant around plum trees to discourage curculios
Lamb-quarters - Nutritious edible weed; allow to grow in modest amounts in the corn
Leeks - good with onions, celery, carrots
Lettuce - makes a STRONG companion team with both carrots & radishes; also great with strawberries & cucumbers
Lovage - plant here and there in garden, not bad with anything
Marigolds - keeps soil free of memotodes to discourage many insects, plant freely throughout garden, one of the best pest deterrents.
Marjoram - good throughout the garden
Mint - good with Cabbage family, tomatoes...deters cabbage moths
Mole Plants - deters moles and mice if planted throughout the garden, as well as around property
Nasturtiums - good with Tomatoes, radishes, cabbage, cucumbers, plant under fruit trees; deters aphids & pests of cucurbits
Onions - good with beets, strawberries, tomatoes, lettuce (protects against slugs) beans (protect against ants) summer savory; not good to plant with peppers, known to stunt growth & prevent fruitage of plant.
Parsley - good with Tomatoes & asparagus
Peas - Squash (when squash follow peas up trellis), plus grow well with almost any vegetable, add extra nitrogen to the soil
Petunias - attracts ants away from veggies, plant close to garden, you want some of the root/bulb area to be exposed to attract ants best
Pigweed - Brings nutrients to topsoil; beneficial growing with potatoes, onions & corn; keep well thinned
Potatoes - good wtih Horseradish, beans, corn, cabbage, marigolds, limas, eggplants (as trap crop for potato beetles)
Pot Marigolds - help tomatoes, but plant throughout garden as a deterrent to asparagus beetles, tomato worms, and many other garden pests
Pumpkins - Good with Corn
Radishes - good with peas, nasturtiums, lettuce, cucumbers; a general aid in repelling insects
Rosemary - Good with Carrots, beans, cabbage, sage; deters cabbage moths, bean beetles, and carrot flies
Rue - Good with Roses & Raspberries; deters Japanese beetles, do not plant near Basil
Sage - Good with Rosemary, carrots, cabbage, peas, beans; deters some insects
Southernwood - Good with cabbage; can plant here and there in garden
Soybeans - Good with everything, helps everything
Spinach - Good with Strawberries
Squash - good with Nasturtiums, corn
Strawberries - good with Bush beans, spinach, borage, lettuce (as a border)
Summer Savory - Good with Beans, onions; deters bean beetles
Sunflowers - good with cucumbers
Tansy - Plant under fruit trees; deters pests of roses and raspberries, flying insects, Japanese beetles, striped cucumber beetles, squash bugs, & ants
Tarragon - good throughout garden
Thyme - throughout garden, deters cabbage worms
Tomatoes - Good with chives, onions, prsley, asparagus, marigolds, nasturtiums, carrots, limas...also as they're growing if you pinch off the "suckers" you'll get better growth & production, the suckers are the parts of the plant that grow between a branch & the stalk, where they "Y" together, pick the middle "new branch"; also every once in a while purposely break a few leaves on the plant, tomatoes produce a hormone when they're bruised that causes fatal indigestion in some beetles & their hatchlings
Turnips - good with peas
Valerian - good anywhere in garden
Wormwood - As a border, keeps animals from the garden
Yarrow - Plant along borders, near paths, near aromatic herbs (enhances essential oil production of herbs)

If you set out a shallow dish, or even an old jar lid, & fill it with stale beer it will attract slugs away from your plants & they'll either drown in the beer, or become too drunk to escape the dish & end up drowning.

Aluminum "mulch" in strips placed along plant rows confuses aphids, they see the sky reflected & fly out of the garden.

Good bugs to have around, as they will both pollinate & eat bad bugs are : Lady bugs, praying mantis, lacewing larva, and Trichogramma wasps, but for a small home garden bringing in these bugs isn't necessary with some of the companion growing.

I'll be adding more tidbits as I come across them & have time to type them up. And don't hesitate to add your own findings, tips, etc.

Sticky Fingers


SO, I have this child...well technically two...
she's not quite two....16 months old in fact...
but she's darn flippin smart...too smart for her own good...she's cute too...
grabbed the peach jelly out of the fridge...there are only a dozen jars in there...
sat it under the dining room table...very carefully, very quietly...
grabbed the was sitting on the table...
pulled out a slice of bread...just one, but there wasn't much left in the bag anyways...
opened the lid of the jelly jar...channeling her mother from an earlier time from when her mother used to crawl into the cupboards and open new pickle jars...
used one of her brother's matchbox cars to pull the jelly out of the jar ... that car will be finding jelly for days, even after his "bath"....
made a MESS jelly on the bread though....

Oh how I love my dear, youngest child...the one we call "Boo"

My Job Description...

Its simple. I'm a stay at home mom (SAHM). Nothing too complicated about that, right? Easiest job in the world. Hell, who wouldn't want to sit at home, watching soaps, while eating bonbons all day, while someone else is financially responsible for all the bills, groceries, needs, & wants....afterall, that's what everyone should want to dream of. I've been doing it for almost two years. I have moments that I absolutely LOATHE it and moments where I can't imagine ever having done anything differently in my life.

But what does being a SAHM really entail?

It does vary from household to household, but in the general realm its basically the same. However, to put it on a resumé doesn't always bode well when looking for a job that you'd like....its highly vauge as far as what all is entailed, and honestly being a SAHP actually qualifies a person for a great deal of posititions, from the most menial to the highest of Administrations.

Housekeeper - A SAHP is expected to have the house in great order at all times. After all they're home all day long, there is no reason for the house not to be clean. No amount of pets, children, sickness, etc should be in the way of keeping the house both visually attractive, but also sanitary so as to keep as many sicknesses at bay as possible.

Chef/cook - Dinner should not only be edible, but should also be pleasing to everyone, from the smallest, to the pickiest, to the more advanced culinary tastes of the adults. It should be balanced & nutritious, with as little going to waste as is possible, and able to be served at a later date for lunches or snacks in the event that there is some left over, or even added into another dish for another meal. It must also be visually appealing, because if it looks like pig slop, chances are, no matter how delicious it actually is, it won't be eaten.

Daycare Provider - This not only entails being physically in the house with children, but also keeping them entertained, while also building their little minds so that they can be ready for all that life might throw at them. Also feeding them, getting them to take a nap, and not destroying all that is in their wake.

Teacher/Tutor - Constantly teaching them, about everything. From ABCs, to how to feed themselves, dress themselves, go to the bathroom on their own, how to write, about sex, life, birth, death, how to grow into capable adults. Be responsible, friendly, compassionate, firm, not a stepping stone for someone else, and how to take pride in themselves.

Police Officer/Detective/Lawyer/Judge/Executioner - A parent must set & know the laws of the household, tailoring each aspect to fit each individual, so that all things are fair. And it's not law that one size fits all, because what is fitting for the 30 year old is way different for the 6 year old, and even that is different from the 1 year old. But the 6 year old knows that if the 30 year old doesn't have to do something, then he doesn't have to do it either, and he FOR SURE isn't going to help the 1 year old do it too. But if there is a verdict given that doesn't seem quite fair, I must re-negotiate on behalf of the person being charged.

Accountant - I make sure that all bills get paid, that money gets sent where it needs to go, for what it needs to go for, keep everything in check.

Personal Assistant/Secretary - I keep up with all appointments, make appointments, keep track of who needs to be where at what time, make sure they get there. I also keep records of all that is to be done, who needs what done, for school, work, side work, personal things, etc.

Mentor/Counselor - Not just to those in my household, but friends, family, persons I run across on a daily basis. I am expected to have the right answers for all situations and if I don't have them I at least am expected to know where they can go to get the answers they need, or at least know what to say to them to make them feel better, because if I don't, then I'm the bad guy, even if it's something that they need to hear or be told.

Gardener/Lawn Maintenance - Because Brian works full time & pulls odd side jobs I have made it my responsibility to make sure these things are taken care of. I have 3/4 of an acre that I mow, weed eat, & maintain on a regular basis. Also, as part of the money saving plan I have a small veggie garden that I am keeping up with that requires a lot of work, on a regular basis.

Business Entrepreneur - I have several skills that I have put to use to come up with a couple of spare bucks here and there. I have to keep in mind manufacturing costs, material costs, comparable prices, and keeping up the supply to meet the demand, when there is a demand. This also includes advertising and networking.

Seamstress - part of making sure things are not wasted, but that my family still looks their greatest is to tailor their clothes myself, repair small tears, replace buttons, whatever that may need done. This has also included customizing clothes, making patches look like they're intentionally done, as opposed to just a patch...then repeating that fr various friends that think it's "cool". There is also laundry to be washed, dried, folded, pressed, hung, put away. careful thought put into the types of clothing, what clothing can or can't be washed in what detyergent, chemical, etc...all while taking care not to use anything that would irritate delicate skin.

Nurse - bandage, medicate, diagnose, reassure etc. This also involves dealing with puke, blood, other less than plesant bodily fluids, cleaning up any & all messes, making all better, and doing it all with calmness, reassurance, keeping it altogether while in the pressence of all others.

Sexual Goddess - must try to be in the mood on at least a fairly regular basis...not hard for me most of the time, but once in a while...ugh... but just being in the mood is not enough, I must also work on ways to constantly keep it interesting...just the same ol' same ol' on a regular basis doesn't keep the mustard cut...

Social Planner - must plan outings, or for company, have entertainment ready or lined up at a moment's notice, as well as refreshments, snacks, complete meals, etc...all while socializing with adult guests, keeping younger guests occupied & out of things they shouldn't be in, while also keeping my children in line, because they feel like when there is company at the house it gives them more freedom to act up....

Interior Decorator - Things in the home must match & flow for the most peacefully functional enviroment possible.

Personal Shopper - I not only am responsible for all the necessary shopping, but I also must be in tune with what everyone may need, want, and what their preference is....regardless of how many times that may change in a day even...

But in addition to being these things for the persons in my household...I'm also expected to know how my siblings, mother, various other family members are all doing. What they all like. What's going on in their lives. How the weather is affecting them. Remember birthdays, anniversaries, special occassions, not forget to include everyone to everything..regardless of how they may respond to the invitation...because either way someone is going to be upset over the guest list, occassion, etc etc...and HEAVEN FORBID if I should happen to overlook one person's preference and invite them, or even neglect to invite them because I was considering their personal preference. I'm expected to be happy go-lucky, responsible, have everything together at the seams...all the while on the inside 9million things are going on to make sure that everything falls into place just so, so that all goes smoothly, not only in my life, but my children's lives, my husband's life, my friends' lives, my families' lives, and in the community, as I also do a lot of volunteer work aroudn town.

This list just touches the basic surface.

But, despite all the job descriptions I can list that describes my everyday life I wouldn't trade it off for anything else. This is the most rewarding job I have ever had, and the pay out is more than I could of ever hoped for otherwise.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Furbabies

We have just the darnedest luck with furbabies...aka pets...

We got Mikeal his first puppy when he was about 9 months old. It was a mini rottweiler... he was run over less than a month after we got him...but he was also CONSTANTLY getting out of the house we were living in, digging holes under the fence, was bound to happen.

After that I got a big pit/chow mix. Biggest baby that'd ever kill someone who stepped in my apartment without my consent...he disappeared a few weeks after I brought him to my new apartment...I think my XH's friend had something to do with that...

So I went a while without having any sort of pet. Mikeal was around 2.5 when a friend of mine insisted on giving him a teddy bear hamster...absolutely best pet I've had... LOL...very friendly, lazy, and happy just being in his small...modified to larger cage. Very docile too. She later gave us two more, the older momma one and another young one. The momma ended up dying about 6 months later...she was 4 years old, so WAY well past her time. The youngest one ended up running away, and the original one was killed on Mikeal's 4th birthday by some of his "friends" who'd climbed to the top of the counter & got him out of his cage to play with him, while I was taking care of somethings and their mother was off getting stoned, I found out later... I got him a new hamster, that did very well until last year...he fell to the hands of my then 3 yr old nephew, Brandon...

We adopted a dog from the shelter in Austin just prior to moving up here almost two years ago. She was a Finnish Spitz...unfortunately she *disappeared* a few months after moving here, right before Thanksgiving...

Then we got LugNut. LugNut is a Mini Schnauzer mixed with some sort of terrier/schnauzer...goofiest looking dog, she's a nut. Loves sleeping in the bed, under the covers, head on the pillows, right smack dab in the middle of Brian & long as we're both in bed at the same time...otherwise she's on the bottom bunk with which ever child happens to be sleeping there...until I go to bed...if there is no child in the bottom bunk she's sleeping on the couch directly behind me or her blanket on the floor right behind me...

Shortly after moving into this house a year ago I was shopping at WM and stumbled across this pretty calico kitten in the parking lot...She's our currently expecting, any day now, kitty named Piston.

Noticing the naming trend.... lol

Anyways, we picked up a couple of puppies here and there...always finding a new home for them shortly afterward....

Then my mail lady shows up with a kitten she found at the dumpsters down the road, and since I was standing outside at that time she talked me into taking him. He was such a scrawny little thing & Piston HATED him, with a PASSION...the dogs were just fine with him. We named him Spark Plug. He's the daddy to the babies Piston is going to be having before too long...but he came up missing right at 4 weeks ago. No clue what happened to him, I've scoured the highway looking for evidence of him, there has been none. But we do live at the edge of the woods & there is a fox, some oppossums, armadillos, stray dogs around here, so there really is no telling. And sometimes cats just do these things...

We did have a Jack Russell, named Lucky. He's just too much for this small house & small kids.

But all in all we're looking forward to the new influx of the next generation of our furbabies...and hopefully the last spawning from these two as I will be finding a vet that can get them in immediately when I call for an appointment to have them fixed!


Long story short... (part of the reason it seems rushed, etc...trying to keep it "short") LOL

I was born the eldest daughter of Donald Linn Pierson & Shelia Frances Elder. Conceived after the closing of the last party of the summer before my mother started her senior year of high school, months before my dad officially entered into the Navy. I was born days before my mother's high school graduation, in what used to be a fairly small town, now known as the Wal-Mart capital of the world, Bentonville, Arkansas. I'm very proud of my mother for sticking through her senior year to graduate with her class.

I have three younger siblings-Daniel, Samantha, & Duke- whom I grew up with. My parents did not divorce until I was nearly 20 years old, and from what I saw of their relationship, it had it's ups and downs and the only reason for the divorce really was because of extreme circumstances, that I will not go into detail on at this time. Since the divorce my mom has remarried, to Doug who has two sons of his own, whom I have yet to personally meet. The four of us bio-siblings only have 5 years between myself and the "baby". I also admire my mother for the challenges and tribulations we brought her growing up, especially so close together.

I grew up rather quickly, taking on child care & home responsibilities way too early in life, but it was the best my parents thought they were able to do with what they had, so what doesn't kill us makes us stronger...or at least more resilient to other trials...right?

I moved out of my parents house shortly after my 18th birthday, went and rented the attic room at my cousin's grandma's house..."Grandma Wanda"... a number of things happened all at once in my life then, both directly & indirectly affecting me. I turned to drinking for comfort, eventually meeting a guy, "falling in love", getting married, and gave birth to my son, Mikeal, in August of 2002.

Expecting Mikeal saved my life, I'm sure of it. I started waking up and realizing that there is more to life than all the bullshit I'd already endured. When he was 13 months old I finally had enough courage to leave his father.

Then I learned a hell of a lot about just what kind of hell can be thrown at a person.

I sank into drinking & drugs this time, many times not really caring if I lived or died through the night. I reached what felt like rock bottom, before I came to terms with myself and put my foo down that regardless of what others' opinions were I was going to go live MY life.

I moved in with some people I knew through the restuarant that I worked at. And started to live my social life from a kept me out of bars & clubs and definitely saved my life.

In no time I'd met a caring group through a chat room. One offered to me the chance to completely start my life over. He'd give me 6 weeks of room & board, free of charge... During that 6 weeks I'd have to find a car, job, & place to live. Oh, it was also 600+ miles from absolutely everyone I knew. My grandmother gave me $400...that bought a bus ticket for Mikeal & myself & just enough left over to work with...

Threw that same chatroom other persons "stepped-up" to help me out. A few would drive at least an hour one direction to take me to look for a job, daycare, etc... The second day on my search I landed a job, only about a mile from the house I was staying at, day care only another two miles down the road... The day after my initial interview someone gave me a decently reliable car...granted I could drive off in was a 5-speed and I'd only ever once driven a standard transmission vehicle, through the field at the house I grew up in, and not even once all the way around, before my dad "gave up"... I tested it out around his block...a block that was located on the side of the hill, in one of the more posh neighborhoods of almost downtown Austin, TX... I made it back to his driveway, he signed over the papers, I drove the 30 miles from the south side of ATX, to the far northside...being forced to drive through downtown on my way... I made it. I loved that car. 1996 Mitsubishi Galant, silver.

About 4 weeks into this "arrangement", right after Mikeal's 2nd birthday I was invited to a Labor Day BBQ that was being hosted & attended by the "local" chat group. I drove an hour one way out of my way to make sure that my "e-crush" would be able to make it... I fell hard in love with him that weekend.

It was a love & longing for his company like I'd never known was possible before. I moved into his place a few weeks later, most out of convience than anything, I needed a place to live, he needed a new roommate as his was getting ready to leave for Iraq & he was out of work due to a workman's comp case that was pending at that time.

It was a really rocky start. I still wasn't legally divorced and he was a depressed man who was used to being used, abused, and thrown away. I don't blame him for a lot of the early "scuffles" & break-ups we had back and forth, he refused to let me get too close because he didn't want to "care" enough for me to hurt him.

I'm a bit more stubborn though. I "played along" going my separate way when he insisted on it, put on a strong face, etc.

Things happened and finally I had to move back "home" to Oklahoma, so that I could actually get my divorce completely done & over with, and other things cleared up.

I went over 18 months before I saw his face again, a year of that without hearing a single utterance from him, not even an email.

I did finally start to try to "get over him" and the day before my first date with another guy, 14 months since I'd last heard anything from him he sent me an email. I'd moved back to Texas at this time & was living with a girlfriend of mine. We started talking back and forth..and then the guy I had started seeing & I just went our separate ways...once in a while I'll remember what his name was...he still owes me money even, oh well.

Brian came back into mine & Mikeal's life right before Christmas, right after I'd moved into my own place, finally, no roommates, no drama, etc. My place, I was the one that did all the deciding on who can or cannot come over, what drama I'd allow in my home, etc...oh I was a cocky bitch about it. All these people who'd told me I wasn't ever going to be anything more than a mooch were proven wrong...I just had to find that head on my shoulders that I'd put away for a while, to "get by".

In March 2007 my father passed away, he'd had a pretty severe heart condition for a number of years, but was also diagnosed with full blown cancer from his throat to his colon, encasing every digestive organ of his body...he wasn't yet 45 when he died of a heart attack. Brian accompanied me on the trip back up here for the funeral.

During dinner, that we'd arrived late for, because we were talking at a friend's place, he asked me to marry him. I honestly, hand on the Bible, never really saw that day ever coming. I made him ask me twice. I'd started working in my mind that we were doomed to be nothing more than friends, that my heart was doomed to forever be broken by him, that I'd always have that ache for him. Even during the extended time that we were apart it wasn't the fact that we weren't together that kept my heart broken, but the fact that I never thought I'd ever know if he was alright, if he was being taken care of, if he was taking care of himself, etc...not knowing anything was a thousand times worse than if he'd passed away.


Later in April we found out I was expecting. The very LAST thing we ever expected was to be expecting. Brian has had multiple hernia surgeries, the last one being a very badly botched was determined that he would be forever sterile. The one thing he always said he wanted in life was a child of his own, but since that last surgery...some 6 years before I met him...when he was told he wouldn't be able to have children he only sought out single mothers. And yes, he and Mikeal were FAST buddies from day one, he even played a huge part in getting Mikeal completely potty trained back then...showing him the "boy ropes" that mommy wasn't able to teach him.

In July Brian & I decided to move back to the area that my family lives in, so that they could be around to help out and what not...that was a joke for the most part, but there was slight intent there.

October 31st 2007 we got married.

December 13th we welcomed Miss Mikaila Jade. She's something else.

I honestly could of never imagined myself having two such wonderful, smart, cooperative kids. Mikeal is an awesome big brother. Absolutely has all the qualities of a big brother that I would of wanted for myself....the one thing I ALWAYS wanted in life was a big brother..instead I got two younger ones and two younger step brothers... and of course my younger sister.... And Mikaila..OY! That girl has everyone wrapped around her little toe....well everyone but the "Mean ol' Mommy". lol I have never seen such love for a child or even from a child. Her little blue eyes just light up at the sight of anyone, her little blondish curls bounce when she gets excited, and her little crinkle nose, she can melt anyone. Mikeal isn't much flash of those big blue eyes, with those long dark eyelashes...enough to make any woman jealous. Then when he opens his mouth to speak...things way beyond his years and what one would expect to be within his realm of understanding, he just takes it all in.

That fairly well sums up the short story version of it all. I'll add more as I'm able to talk about it.

Tonight my thoughts and prayers are with some families that are being touched by impeeding loss. One, a father & his family who are facing the end of his battle with brain cancer. Another for a friend of mine's girlfriend & her ongoing struggle with the same type of cancer, latest news is hers has also taken a sudden turn for the worse, I don't know much about her, except that my friend cares a great deal about her, I can't even say for sure if she has children...but my prayers are with you all, and your families.


This is my blog.

In saying that I must let you know that these are my thoughts, opinions, ramblings, & life. I have a high tendency to speak my mind, you may or may not agree with me, I am not posting this to "start" anything or try to please anyone. If you want to take offense to anything I post, that is on you, I am not going to "bite my tongue" just because it might offend someone...if I spent my time doing that I'd never have anything to write, as anything anyone can post can offend someone on some level somewhere, it is my freedom to post what I feel, just as it is your freedom to read what I post, if you don't like it, don't come back.

I am a writer. (I never said I am a good or even great writer, I just love to write, this being my blog I don't proof read or make it grammatically correct, it just spews forth from my head to my fingers.) I used to keep a handwritten journal for myself, but because of physical limitations I am no longer able to hold a pen long enough to get it all out I can type almost as quickly as I can think and rarely does my hand & arm cramp so badly as to leave me in tears by the time I'm done.

There will be days that it seems like I have 500 posts, and whole months where I may say nothing.

This is me...raw, uncensored, honest, and a little crazy at times.