Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Taking Guesses & Bets

Ok, so Piston is getting ready to have her babies.

A cat's gestation period is between 60-70 days, generally born around the 65th day...

However, I can only guess as to when she got pregnant. But from all physical signs she'll have them within the next 7 days....She has barely started producing what feels like a little bit of milk, but I'm not sure. She does have a couple of fairly sure spots picked out to have them....Behind the TV, the top bunk in the kids' room, or under my bed. Oh, this is also her first litter & she is 15 months old.

So anyone wanna place a guess on which day & how many & where? :biggrin: :giggle:

I say 7 kitten & that they'll be born on Monday, my birthday...cause she's stubborn like that (keep getting false alarms), and that she'll have them behind the TV. :giggle:

Brian says 4 kittens & that they'll be born on Saturday, he also is confident she's going to have them behind the TV....


Picture taken last night :
Zoom in (real dimensions: 599 x 799)Image

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