Friday, April 17, 2009


I nearly forgot...with everything that went on today...everything I didn't get done today...yet... then getting caught up in that Twitter competition between CNN & Ashton Kutcher...Kutcher won, in case you were wondering.

I found an awesome little store today while I was out paying bills. Yea..Today was payday...that day that we pay everyone who requires money from us...

Anyways, I noticed a while back ago that a fruit & veggie stand had been enclosed, etc and turned into this cute little "mock" Farmer's Market type thing...and great thing is it's on the way to the grocery store that I shop at 99% of the time...the lovely Super Wal-Mart...if I had another decent choice for less than 50 miles I might incline myself to go there, but I don't, so it is good enough..

Anyways I went in there not really expecting much, after all there's a "real" Farmer's Market on the far other side of the lake, and it I wouldn't even feed my dog the crap they sell in there as meat...EW!

So, yes, I'm a bit pessimistic about some things, especially places that I plan on maybe buying food for my family.

I was VERY pleasantly surprised!!!!

For just pennies over $10 I got :
8lbs of Strawberries ($5 for the flat) that were a bit "ripe" the time I got it all cut down and salvaged what I could I still had about 4lbs of good strawberries to freeze & use later....still a decent price as they sell for $2-$5 a pound at WM....other wise for non-"ripe" strawberries it's only $1 a lb.
4lbs of seed red potatoes ($0.33 a lb)
1 Head of cabbage ($0.37)
2lbs of bananas ($0.32 a lb)...$0.75 a lb at WM
Lrg red onion ($0.32 a lb)...$1something a lb at WM
2 med tomatoes ($0.20 a lb) ...$1something a lb at WM

I think that's all I bought, this time...


My luck did not end there! I asked him if he bought from individuals to sell in the store, he said that he has committed to one person, but was not comfortable with committing to too many people, as he doesn't want it to go to waste, etc, since it is a small store that a lot of people are likely to just overlook...BUT as I was "checking out" he did invite me to bring in some of my surplus...after feeding my family...and he'll work out something with me. I might even be able to "sell" him on buying some of the laundry soap I make, as well as fabric softener...woot!

Bad new though...the place I was getting one of the main ingredients for the laundry soap is no longer able to order the stuff, it's not in her book to re-order...but she did direct me to a couple of other stores that are also "Old Fashioned" stores in the general area that might carry it...I'll drive out there tomorrow, maybe to check it out...its across state lines... But I saw on one of her shelves that she had canning lids...12 came in a box... $3...score!

So then I stopped in at a couple of yard sales.... I'm really looking for some jars that I can use for canning...the first one I stop at I ask about canning jars, as it's a lady that owns a flower shop here in town...amazing thing about this town...WM in town closes at 9pm, but there are at least 3 flower & gift shops that do pretty well here, hmmm...So I ask about canning jars.. dude took and GAVE AWAY TWENTY (20) CASES of jars just that morning, to someone who was having a yard sale...60 miles away...lovely... BUT good news, wife pipes up, she still has more at home, she'll bring them up tomorrow for me to come collect. YAY!!! If I don't catch her up there, she knows where I live so might just deliver them...I found a couple of nice looking gasket jars that were cheap and snagged up all 4 that she had...

Then I stopped at a second yard sale...almost same type deal, except this lady has a building that she just seems to have a yard sale out of most of the summer, mainly a bunch of crappy crap... so I just ask her about canning jars... She has some too! Except not there, and she's not sure when she'll be having another sale up there, as the weather is likely to be bad tomorrow, so I'll just "have to catch her sometime"...I got a couple of toys for the kids since they were doing a great job of behaving...well Mikaila was...

We then went to WM to get some of the other stuff I food, dog food, catnip toy for the cat...who ignores it...other crap...should of grabbed some of the eggs the guy had at the "market"...there's always next time....

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