Friday, July 29, 2011

What a lovely day.

The Good:
* LugNut is starting to eat actual dog food instead of just holding out for the goodies I give her with her medicine. She also barked to go outside today, instead of fighting me when I'd carry her out.
* The kitten Mikaila found in the yard turned out to be the new neighbor's baby kitty.
* We went to the grocery store, Mikeal noticed an older lady left her purse in the shopping cart, so ran it to her across the parking lot. She thanked him and tipped him $1 for being such an awesome kid. Upon returning back to me in the store, Mikeal gave me the $1 (still confused over that, but whatever).
* I grilled some yummy burgers on the charcoal grill because it's been a fairly mild day of rain on and off.
* I still have some burn cream from a few years ago when I forgot to use a pot holder to take a rack out of the hot oven....
* Brian brought home some Guiness and as soon as the kids are in bed we will be indulging while watching some Boondock Saints.

The Bad:
* The kids have driven me up a wall.
* While trying to take the crate that LugNUt has been using for the last few days out to the car to take back to the landlady I slipped, landing on the crate, bending the wire across the bottom, maybe possibly fracturing one of my fingers...I'll let you know the whole assessment when I get feeling back in it - it doesn't hurt, so that's a plus, right? I also bruised my hip, back, and upper arm.
* Mikaila is in full blown tantrum mode.
* LugNut started barking, loudly, after hearing the knock on the door. I told the kids not to let her out of the bedroom (she's not stranger friendly)...LugNut bolts out the door, chasing after the new neighbor lady, and she now likely has a small bruise where LugNut "warned" her.
* The kids have VERY selective hearing and I'm at the end of my rope with it.
* My whole left side is REALLY starting to throb from my fall...and the fingers on my right hand are starting to tingle in pain.
* I had planned on grilling some burgers on the charcoal grill tonight for dinner. I had to get some charcoal, but while at the store I couldn't remember if we had any lighter fluid & the grocery store I went to only had MatchLight charcoal.
* Got home, started the grill, closed the lid like I normally do...15 minutes later I came back to put the potatoes on the grill, lifted the lid and WHOOOOOSH...HUGE fireball sprung out, singed the hair on my right arm & left a few burn blisters in it's wake.
* I then had to finish grilling - heat on burns - HURTS!
* The potatoes were also gross.

The Somewhere In Between:
* While we were outside Mikaila picked up on the sound of a crying kitten. Found the crying kitten. Now the kitten is somewhere in my house.
* Mikaila also insisted on being the one who directed the shopping cart while we were at the grocery store...we brought home soda, bananas, and cookies in addition to the charcoal and potatoes.
* This is the last Friday before the kids start school.


  1. First, get some arnica for all that bruising. That stuff works great. Second and more importantly, Stephi needs a break. No, not the kind you get from falling over.

  2. Should I add in that I had decided I'd be grilling burgers & potatoes on the charcoal grill for dinner & ended up burning my whole forearm when I opened the lid?

    Yea, fun times indeed! Can't wait for Brian to get home, the kids to get into bed, then it's Guiness & some Boondock Saints!

  3. I'm just going to have to edit the post again here in a little bit to add the rest of the good & bad....