Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Bit Nervous

I know I shouldn't be nervous, folks do it all the time, but I've never done one. Hold a yard sale that is.

I have no idea what to expect, what kind of change I should have on hand, etc.

And of course this is one of my spur of the moment, no thought or real planning put into it type of deal, so I'm not sure what I expect.

So, if you have any good yard sale tips, I'm open to them. Leave me a comment with your experiences - good and bad - and hopefully by this time next week I'll have a great story to tell about it.


  1. Wife and I are garage sale / yard sale lovers. So... If you are having a yard sale to make lots money, forget it, just do it to get rid of stuff and make some money. Price your stuff reasonable, and by reasonable I mean dirt cheap. Let people think they are getting a good deal and they will buy more. You are not a store, don't charge like you are. Accept people bargaining for stuff, again, they will buy more. See if other families want to get involved, "Multi-Family" sales are so much more enticing. Pricing really is the most important, I will stay at a sale for 1 minute and if the prices are not cheap, I walk.

  2. I'm much the same way when going to yard sales - I could see items I'd love to have, but if they're either not clearly marked or are outrageously marked I won't even bother.

    I should have added I am considering trying to sell a fairly new gas stove and some other large furniture items that are in good/like new shape..but also not sure if I shouldn't attempt to just do them on Craigslist again instead.

  3. do it both. List your large furniture on Craigslist and say it will be at the Yard Sale for anyone who wants to see it.