Friday, July 15, 2011

The Boy Bakes a Cake

I have to share.

I've been meaning to make a cake for the last few days. No real reason except for when Mikaila went grocery shopping with me she wanted a pink cake with sprinkles.

So because I've been pukey & such I've really not felt up to it.

Tonight Mikeal asked if he could make the cake. Sure, no biggie.

As I'm sitting here, in the living room, he's in the kitchen measuring & mixing. He's fairly decent in the kitchen, responsible, the like. No worries. Besides I was younger than he is when I went solo in the kitchen for complete meals, he can handle a step-by-step cake mix ...three steps, no big deal.

I'll take it out of the oven when it's done. ;-)

He brings the measuring cup to me so I can verify the measurements, seeing as all but the lines are gone from the side...

He informs me that the eggs are frozen, but I assure him that they'll be fine as he mixes it all up.

A bit later he pours it into the pan & asks me if it's too late to mix up the batter now that it's in the pan.

I go in there to check & see what's up.

The cake batter looks a little funny.

It looks QUITE watery...

Then I notice It's more than just a bit watery.

Perplexed I look at Mikeal...

And I ask him....

Did you put the cake mix in the bowl?

Because, you know, this is a pink cake...and it looks a bit clear/eggy to me.

Sure cake mix in the 'cake'.

SOOOOOOOO glad we figured that out though before he baked it...cause those were the last of my eggs.

I can't stop laughing.

Do you have any baking blunder stories you wanna share?

oh...and the cake turned out beautiful. A little floury tasting and flat, but with enough icing & sprinkles it wasn't greatly noticed. That or I'm used to making my cakes not from a box and box cakes just taste floury when compared to butter cakes.

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