Thursday, December 29, 2011

Augmented Autism App Development Assistance

I have a cousin who designs various programs...and instead of making this into a long post of explanations I'm going to post one of his current Facebook statuses:
"Researching ways to contribute to Augmented Autism apps. There is potential to help those with ASD, Down's Syndrome, Parkinson's, and others. Target areas would include speech impairment, limited motor control, and other ways to better enable human interaction and communication by those challenged by it. If you know of anyone who would like to contribute as well, through programming, awareness or beta testing, please let me know. Targeting iPad and Android tablets."

I've offered to assist him in this because I know a great number of intelligent folks who know folks and the like who can offer suggestions, testing, info, etc to help him in his endeavors.  Please feel free to share this post with others who also may be able to offer their suggestions, thoughts, ideas, and experiences.  I will share your comments with him, or your contact info if you so desire, etc with the hopes of more and better applications being developed to assist those who would benefit.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

OMG! YAY! I'm so excited!!!


Years & years ago I learned that my best friend was unable to have children.  While she was pregnant with her first child her very abusive ex-husband, to put it mildly, stomped her into labor when she was 7 months pregnant, end result being a hysterectomy when she was only about 19 years old and the loss of her son.  I learned about this about 7 years ago.

At the time that I'd learned about it I was a single mom to Mikeal with no plans of settling down anytime soon & no plans of having any more children as a result, for quite some time.  She & I tentatively made a deal that I would be a surrogate mother for her, after her now, wonderful, fianceé was ready.  He drug his feet, was overseas for a while (Army related), I moved away, moved back, then ended up getting engaged to Brian & pregnant with married, yada yada... Which threw a new curve in the mix because we not only had to get her fianceé to go along/agree/be ready for it, but Brian had to also be on board.

Finally everything fell into place.  Last October (in 2010) Brian approached the subject with me...I'd not even mentioned it in months, if not a year or two...and said he was on board with me being a surrogate for them.  Surprisingly within days the fianceé was also on board with it.  We started researching, I worked to get my stupid hormone crap under control (it's still not there), but our real hang-up was money.  They live in Texas.  We live in Tennessee.  He has a strict work schedule & I just don't have the money to make the trip out there to be impregnated, especially if it didn't take the first time around.

Anyways...skip along to a couple of weeks ago...

They have a baby in the baking process that they are planning on adopting.  The parents are quite young, she's only 20, the daddy is only maybe 22, if that...and they already have a 3 year old & 5 month old.  She lost her job not too terribly long ago, thus resulting in losing their health insurance, that was paying for the birth control, thus resulting in this new baby.  He just works as a dishwasher at this time.  I don't know all the details of how my friend & this couple ran across each other, but this young couple is intent on putting the new baby up for adoption since they are unable to afford him/her....and unable to afford to get an abortion even. 

Medical law states that a woman is unable to get her tubes tied until after she has either had 3 children or is over the age of 21.  Insurance 80% of the time doesn't even pay for birth control...and without insurance birth control is nearly equal to a light bill on a monthly basis.  Also, when you live in a Republican ran state services like Planned Parenthood - where birth control is often provided for free or at a very low cost - are unavailable...but you can still get an abortion under the right circumstances, aka with enough money...

Anyways...the baby is due June 18th and I'm absolutely over the moon for them!  I know they're going to be awesome parents and are two of the most deserving folks I know.  I'd still happily be a surrogate/egg donor for them if the road ever leads to that direction in the future.  For now though I'm just as happy with being Aunty Stephi!  ♥  ♥

Friday, December 9, 2011

I've Been Busy

Well...kinda...I am on a semester break from school, so I'm not quite as busy as I could be...

Click to enlarge to see the awesomness....

What you're not able to see is just off to the right is my sewing desk that is covered in more glass cleaner, more presents, more wrapping paper, more boxes, more finished glass pieces, wallpaper samples, the dead desktop tower, window frames, and I'm not quite sure what's in that little storage container.  My knitting stuff though is in the living room in a tote box behind the recliner, next to many books I have on my "want to read while I'm on break between classes" list.  There is also a 6ft tall bookshelf behind me as I took this picture, with 6 shelves of glass stuff, shipping stuff, material, and 'crapola'....last week everything was nice & neat & in it's proper, labeled place.  My head feels like that picture - chaotic - because of the chaos of it all.

I'll be really glad when I get done running around tomorrow!  I'm going to get all my not-my-kids' Christmas presents sorted & boxed...or bagged...and maybe even wrap them.  As I bake & frost sugar cookies, make chicken salad sandwiches, finish my chocolate dipped caramel coconut balls, and keep my lovely charming children from killing each other.  The baking & mini sandwiches are for Mikaila's Mad Hatter Wonderland Tea Party that is going to be held on Saturday...the Party is also for two little girlfriends of hers as well...5 year old born on Dec 4; 3 year old Dec 11; Mikaila will be 4 on Dec 13.  In addition to the three of them we're expecting roughly another 20-30 people.  Yay.  FUCK!  I still need to get Mikeal's card suit made - he's going to be attending the party as a Card Soldier.

Also starting to think that Brian is coming down with the flu...which sucks...and doesn't suck something as delicious as caramel coconut chocolate balls either.

I need a drink.  I like vodka, wine, Guiness, oh forget it, I'll take whatever alcohol you can bring to me.  Please.  I know you love me.  ☺