Friday, December 9, 2011

I've Been Busy

Well...kinda...I am on a semester break from school, so I'm not quite as busy as I could be...

Click to enlarge to see the awesomness....

What you're not able to see is just off to the right is my sewing desk that is covered in more glass cleaner, more presents, more wrapping paper, more boxes, more finished glass pieces, wallpaper samples, the dead desktop tower, window frames, and I'm not quite sure what's in that little storage container.  My knitting stuff though is in the living room in a tote box behind the recliner, next to many books I have on my "want to read while I'm on break between classes" list.  There is also a 6ft tall bookshelf behind me as I took this picture, with 6 shelves of glass stuff, shipping stuff, material, and 'crapola'....last week everything was nice & neat & in it's proper, labeled place.  My head feels like that picture - chaotic - because of the chaos of it all.

I'll be really glad when I get done running around tomorrow!  I'm going to get all my not-my-kids' Christmas presents sorted & boxed...or bagged...and maybe even wrap them.  As I bake & frost sugar cookies, make chicken salad sandwiches, finish my chocolate dipped caramel coconut balls, and keep my lovely charming children from killing each other.  The baking & mini sandwiches are for Mikaila's Mad Hatter Wonderland Tea Party that is going to be held on Saturday...the Party is also for two little girlfriends of hers as well...5 year old born on Dec 4; 3 year old Dec 11; Mikaila will be 4 on Dec 13.  In addition to the three of them we're expecting roughly another 20-30 people.  Yay.  FUCK!  I still need to get Mikeal's card suit made - he's going to be attending the party as a Card Soldier.

Also starting to think that Brian is coming down with the flu...which sucks...and doesn't suck something as delicious as caramel coconut chocolate balls either.

I need a drink.  I like vodka, wine, Guiness, oh forget it, I'll take whatever alcohol you can bring to me.  Please.  I know you love me.  ☺

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