Friday, August 26, 2011

Emergency Preparedness

Yea, I know you've seen dozens of these, however this one is slightly different.

The only thing I am going to say is this:


You have a MUCH greater chance of dying by staying put and the storm doing exactly as it's forecasted or it getting worse than forecasted!  If you evacuate, yes it may be a bit annoying with having to deal with crawling traffic as everyone works to evacuate, BUT if you do evacuate as ordered you stand a much better chance of staying alive.
It is that simple.  Prepare your totes of water, food, emergency supplies, changes of clothing, important documents and have them ALL IN THE SAME AREA, take the time to clear out a small closet if you have to to put it all in, just make sure it is all off the floor if it's a ground level floor by at least two feet.  Flood waters rise QUICKLY.  What looks like 6 feet from your property one hour could VERY easily be 6 ft high IN your house the next.  If you're told to evacuate immediately you'll have everything gathered for quick and easy load into the car and go.  If nothing happens, well, then nothing happens, but you were at least prepared!  A fool surrounded by their belongings is still a fool!

Don't be stupid people.  If it turns out you spent $50 in gas for "nothing" it's 100 times worth it!  What happens if you don't spend that $50 to get out of town when you were asked or ordered to and then it becomes too late?  Are you going to be the family clinging to what's left of a tree in rapid waters?

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