Saturday, August 6, 2011

You know you grew up in ____ if:

((Fill in the blank))

You had a swimming place called Blue Hole and at the bottom of the hole there was always some sort of legend about someone's cousin's friend's somebody that was rumored to have died there by being ate by a gigantic catfish, snapping turtle, or similar creature because they never recovered his body.

An old bridge called "Cry Baby Bridge" (or Hollar) where the reason they had closed down the bridge was because some lady had thrown her crying infant off of it and after a few months everyone was scared to drive across it because they could hear the baby crying still at night.

Halloween nights were filled with toilet paper, eggs, and other condiments or paper goods until the local businesses quit selling those products to minors.

There was always that one gas station that would sell cigarettes to underage kids.

Or that one store/restaurant that EVERYONE seemed to have worked at, at least once.

Can't forget the teacher who always had a suspicious thermos of stuff to drink all day or the one that would always leave for lunch (or when the drug dogs came around).

There was always that arcade or putt putt center that everyone always hung out at.

The crazy old lady/man with the fruit & veggie stand.

That one particular land mark you always still give directions by, but it's no longer there and only a newbie to the area would get lost.

That one awesome desert served at the school - whether it be a chocolate something or a peanut butter something else.

The building of the school that's always referred to as the "new ___" and has actually been there for 30+ years.

There was that one creepy male teacher whom you know would be sitting in jail for harassment or assault now.

That one teacher everyone feared to get a paddling from and only a few ever actually succeeded in not getting the paddling.

That time your football team finally defeated the rival team and it was by more than 20 points.

When the grocery store used to be...

One must not also forget the high school secretary that seemed to be ready to keel over when you were in school...and you find out she's still there, decades later you could write your own excused notes or a friend would call for you to be let out of class and she never questioned it.

Or the driver's education teachers who also doubled as a sports coach and was either high while teaching or scared out of their shorts if they weren't.

There was always that one lady who seemed to take on the role of Grandma to everyone, was always there in support of anything going on with the school and cheered for you like she was your grandma too.

When everyone was on the town 'party' lines.

No one cared a lick for the Algebra teacher.

The English teachers were always harsher than you thought necessary...and you noticed the former classmate that thought so obviously didn't learn a damned thing.

Or how there never used to be a stop light in the town...just less than 10 years ago even.

There was always that super cool party place that you thought you were the only ones that knew about it...until years down the road you realize your parents used to also hang out there and if you're old enough your kids go down there....but you can't remember how to get there anymore.

Everyone 'dragged main'.

The cops just made a show of getting onto you but you went back to what you were doing when they were gone.


You get the idea.

It'd not mattered how many different towns have popped up on my Facebook News Feed they all have the same stories...slightly different locations, different people, but all the same stories.

It's kinda sad when you think about it.

In 10 years instead of 'remember when the drug dog would make it's rounds at the school' it will read 'remember when the drug dog lived at the school'.

Or remember when they installed the metal detectors at the school.

Or remember that time so and so's mom went to prison for not turning the kids in who were drinking in the field.

Or remember when the English teacher just gave you an A for being able to use they're, there, & their properly...forget having to recite Romeo & Juliet.

Oh how the times have changed...or not.

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