All Summed Up

Hello Folks.

I'm Stephi - matriarch of this blog.  Ok, I'm the only one that actually does any blogging on this site, but whatever...maybe at some time I'll let the kidlings add pieces to it.  I never know what I'll be doing until I do it, but that's your warning.

Further warnings:

1- 98% of the posts on this blog are rough drafts.  This means I type it, often at really odd hours of the day and night, then post it.  Sometimes a few days, weeks, months later I'll read over it again and catch a few mistakes that I'll take the time to edit.  Then there are other days I'll read something I wrote and think WTF.  Trust me, I know you think that as well...this is my admission that I know my writing style isn't Hemingway.  I'm not Hemingway.  I'm a Bonds.  Stephi Bonds.  No relation to James BOND.

2- On average, at least once a day, I get an unsolicited, or even solicited phone call in which I hear a variation of the phrase "Are you related to James Bond?"  Yes, people, I am related to a fictional character.  That is your warning.  The most spectacular, coolest spy ever is family.

3- I'm sarcastic.  If you're unable to read the tone of the voice in my head that sucks for you.  But you can also ask me, I'll explain myself.☺

4- My wedding anniversary is Halloween.  Brian, my wonderful husband, and I have been married since 2007.  We've dated on and off since Labor Day weekend of 2004.  We're like any other married couple.  He has issues, I have issues, we love each other deeply, we get highly annoyed with each other, but after we get past all that we're dear friends.

5- We have two children.  Mikeal is my son from a previous, disastrous marriage, but in every way that counts & matters Brian is his Daddy.  A MUCH more powerful title than simply 'father' or 'sperm donor' as I like to refer to my ex as.  He's charming, intelligent, and all around awesome...although he does take things QUITE seriously.  Mikaila is our daughter.  She's deviously charming, too intelligent for my sanity, and uniquely awesome.  There's a 5 year age difference between the two of them but they're like oil and vinegar when you shake the bottle up.  Together they're spectacular, but separately they're still pretty awesome.  They get along beautifully, when they're not fighting.  Neither one are teenagers yet, so we'll see how long this lasts. 

6- I post recipes from time to time.  I think they're awesome recipes, hence the reason I share them with you.

7- I'm not crazy...I just haven't yet gotten on the right meds yet.

8- I'm a published poet.  I didn't say I was a great poet...refer to #1...I just said I've been published.

9- Folks have told me I needed to write a book.  I started this blog instead.

10- I'm still kinda working on importing posts from other blogs into this blog.  I'm trying to simplify, but quite frankly I suck at this whole blogging thing.  Sometimes I blog a lot.  Other times I don't.  It's a work in progress.  A very slow progress, but it's just something I do as the mood strikes me.  You'll get used to it.

11- Sometimes I use foul language.  A lot.  Yes, I know it portrays me as having a limited vocabulary.  I don't write this to impress you with my superior intellect.  Refer back to #1.  If I went through and edited & proofed & all that jazz I wouldn't actually publish most of my posts.  Maybe at some point in the future I'll pretty it all up, but until then.  No.  Deal with it.  I believe in being free.  I'm free to write what I feel, you're free to read it or not.  It really won't hurt my feelings if you choose to not read. 

12- Yes, I do fully expect that at some point my children will likely read my blog.  So?  I want to teach them that sometimes shit happens but life does go on and despite all the shit one can still be blissfully happy.  I don't need rose colored glasses to see the roses - those things have thorns for a reason!  By the time my son was four years old he knew every...and I do mean EVERY...curse word I could think of at the time.  Not just because I have a foul mouth that I use around them, but because I felt it was important to teach him what words were not appropriate for him to say and what they mean and thereby, in my world lessened his desire to want to say them.  He's almost 9 and doesn't use foul language, despite his 'potty mouthed' mother.  I must be doing something right.

13- I believe in disciple, manners, compassion, and respect.  A child or adult can have an IQ of 300, be able to speak every language dialect found in the planet, and be able to play every musical instrument found, perfectly, but if they lack manners and respect for fellow human beings then they're not that impressive.

Ok...I've bored you enough already.  I hope you'll stick around, but if you don't, that's okay too.