Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Terribly Overdue QUICK Update

I'm not even sure if people still keep up here, I sure as hell obviously don't.  I've been quite busy, between moving, then getting the house in order, then the holidays, then hubs getting into a wreck 3 days before the baby was born, then having the baby, and school fulltime for me, plus the older two kids being in school, plus I picked up quilting in addition to glass work, and then the baby, Mikaila, and myself were in a different wreck last week...and well, you get the idea, updates just don't happen often here.

BUT, I suppose I should at least update that I did have the baby.  A GORGEOUSLY adorable boy, born February 7, 2014.  We named him Jasper Lee.  And he is an ABSOLUTE delight. I can't get over how wonderful of a baby he is.  If every baby was always like him no one would fear having newborns.

So you probably want some pictures: 

 1 Month

2 Months:

3 Months:


As you can see we all love this little GummyBear to absolute pieces. ♥

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