Saturday, September 21, 2013

An Update & Rant

Pregnancy is going well.  I'm 19 weeks now.  We go on Monday for the big ultrasound. I'm still convinced the baby is a boy.  Mikaila still wants twins (1 boy; 1 girl) & Mikeal now wants triplets (1 girl; 2 boys).  Rest assured - there is only one baby.

Mikaila started Kindergarten this year and is loving it.  Mikeal is in 6th grade...and his progress report reflects that the curriculum here is WAY too easy for him.  He has a 100% in 3 of his classes; 98% in the other two classes.

Brian is working on a promotion at work - YAY.  And I'm just continuing on with my glass painting, bow making, & trying to teach myself how to make some adorable sewn teddy bears & rabbits.  Mikaila loves what I've done so far, but I've not been that impressed.

Now onto my rant.

WHAT THE HELL is up with women in this area not knowing who the fuck their baby daddies are?  Or having MANY multiple baby daddies?  One gal I know is on her 8th pregnancy.  She's had 6 baby daddies.  SIX!  Of course she aborted 3 of the babies because she didn't want to be such a piranha on the welfare system & thought it would look bad on her to be a single mom with all these baby daddies....because apparently not utilizing birth control is beneath her.  Sadly one of the ones she aborted would have been a niece or nephew.

Also - WHAT THE HELL is up with keeping baby daddies in the dark about them even having a child?  ESPECIALLY when their reasoning is just that they didn't like the baby daddy, or had already broken up with him, or something else equally lame.  My kids have cousins they're not allowed to be told are cousins because the baby mommas don't want the baby daddy to know he is the daddy.  But yet they'll tell near strangers (such as myself) "Oh, that's so & so's kid(s)".  Judging by the number of kids that I do know about and the additional number of other women who may potentially have kids by this guy I'm going to have to make sure anyone my children potentially dates has a DNA test done to make sure they're not actually first cousins!  They're all over the place on this 'mountain'...and that's just the potentially known ones.  That doesn't include the ones that may have just been a result of a one night stand.  It leaves little to wonder how some women around here end up with herpes induced cervical cancer, between their own 15 choice baby daddies and their baby daddies' 27 choice baby mommas...YIKES. 

Yea, I've had 3 baby daddies.  I was married or engaged to each of the baby daddies at the time of conception - Mikaila being the only one I conceived while not married, but I'd been in a relationship with Brian for 3 years already and had just gotten engaged, so take that as one will.  BUT I've had no question about whom my baby daddies may have been and outside of the one that was killed in a wreck before we found out we were pregnant, they've each known about their children...even the asshole currently sitting in prison who has had 3 paternity tests done that have each confirmed him to be the sperm donor.  I don't like that his alcoholic, meth snorting, child molesting ass is the sperm donor, but it is what it is and it can't be biologically changed.  Psychologically Brian is his daddy & that is all that matters.

Man! Are there a lot of whores around here, of both the male & female gender!

Anyways, I had to get that out of my head and now that I have I feel a bit better.

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