Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Facebook Warning

So a few months back I created a fake Facebook account.

I don't really use it for it's original purposes anymore simply because the gal it was created to keep tabs on no longer gets online because she lives with her methhead boyfriend, in the middle of no where - no cell service, no internet service either...yada yada...

However, once in a while I get bored or want some blog fodder, or whatever, nothing malicious as I don't go posting and pretending to actually be an 18/19 year old. Just an observer...a bad one at that. I mainly go on , search the one gal's name, check her page for any new updates, then check her boyfriend's page, then close it back out.

I'm up to around 130 'friends' on this fake account. I only have 119 on my real account.

But today I actually caught sight of a post that drew my attention...I can't even describe it. It's like a train wreck happening - the type of train wreck where the flashing lights & guard posts are in full alert mode & the long train as been going through the intersection for several minutes & the sober driver tries to beat the train anyways. Yea, that kind of stupid.

The originator of this particular post that caught my eyes is a 19/20 year old female. There's roughly 50 some odd comments & counting.

(Grammar & spelling mistakes fixed for ease of reading & understanding; names also changed to *titles* to protect identities; eh, I just went with the Reader's Digest version)

Original status update : "*BabyDaddy* will be happy to know that we are having a girl. He has always wanted a girl. She is due in September."

Now when I first started reading this status I thought nothing of it, it's an innocent enough post, mainly because I don't know any of the persons involved in the post. But as the comments started flying I couldn't help but read.

Innocent except for a few small details I found out while reading the post comments:
1. She tagged the Baby Daddy in the post.
2. She's Facebook friends with the Baby Daddy's WIFE.
3. The Baby Daddy has been married to his wife for 17 years.
4. The Baby Daddy & his wife have 4 boys, ages 21-13.
5. All these boys are also on the original girl's Facebook friends list.

1st Comment : Don't you mean *Baby Daddy JUNIOR* ?
Originator (BabyMama) : No, his dad. *Junior* & I broke up months ago.
Baby Daddy's WIFE : *expletive times 900* Included something along the basic lines of you dirty home wrecking tramp, you're lying.
21 year old son of Baby Daddy) : Now you know why I broke up with her Mom, you wouldn't believe me when I told you she was sleeping around with other guys.

And so the tune of roughly, maybe by now 100 comments of friends of Baby Mama coming to her defense, the wife (rightfully so) going off on the 19/20 year old Baby Mama...various chicks chiming in that the Baby Mama was/is a slut & know of many other guys she's slept with around the time she & Junior had broke up...and of course BabyMama telling folks to mind their own business and to get off her Facebook page....My guess is the poor unborn child is going to have to have numerous swabs taken to confirm the paternity of the actual biological father.

The named Baby Daddy is at work, an hour away, and doesn't get on Facebook while at work.

My conclusion:

Having a fake 19 year old profile on Facebook is ummm...someone help me with the words I'm looking for...

Also? Set your damned Facebook as PRIVATE then be choosy about whom you allow to be on your 'Friends' list...If you're going to have 900 friends on your list and your profile set as public, do understand that anyone can read it and anyone on your friends list can comment on it, and some of your privacy settings even allow what you post to be posted in the News Feed of your friends' friends.... But then again, this is like watching Jerry Springer on mute, with a black screen, and captioning turned on. Entertaining. But not really.

Oh my I am SOOOO EXTREMELY happy to no longer be in the 'underage drinking' category! Also happy I don't have any teenagers yet. And you better believe that when my children become teenagers & start thinking they're too cool for mom to be on their social media list I will be there, even if I'm just a lurker in the shadows. I hope I never have to witness such stupidity on the walls of my children, but if they do happen not to be the brightest crayon in the box or fall to the levels of their peers I WILL be there to thump them on the head.


  1. Yikes!!!! That is some crazy S! I went through and fixed my FB a few months ago with a friend's help. I had it to private, except for friends. But then decided that some "friends" didn't need to see everything on my page, including pics of my daughter. I was very pleased my friend was able to help me with the privacy settings, as the FB help blows a$$!

  2. Yea, I have lists of folks that can only see certain things, updates, etc...some that can't see anything outside of my application posts, etc and I'm TERRIBLY picky about whom I let on there. My own sister isn't even on there's just not worth the bullshit. But I did recently add some of my ex-in-laws with the hopeful, vague expectations of maybe catching wind of where my ex-husband may be so I can let the sex offender registry folks know where he is...and perhaps his child support probation officer. ;-)