Friday, July 15, 2011


She's a very tolerant dog. Miss Mikaila thinks she needs goggles because they were getting ready to give her a bath. LugNut didn't mind the goggles. The mess I had to clean up in the bathroom reassured me she still doesn't like baths. Oh well.
In other LugNut News. She's pregnant. Due just ANY DAY NOW. Not totally sure if the daddy is another mini schnauzer or if he's a pug...guess we'll eventually find out, if she ever gets around to going into labor and showing us her puppies. ♥

So...what would you call a Mini-Schnuazer & Brindle Pug Mix?

Do you think she's having pug/schnauzer mixes? Or If the babies will be Mini Schnauzers all the way?

Other questions you're welcome to guess on:
How many do you think she'll have?
What time/day do you think she'll have them?


  1. Oh please post pics of the pups, lots of them! Want to def see if they are a pug mix, ha!

  2. Will do! I think we've decided that if they are pug/schnauzer mixes that we'll call them schnugs.

  3. pug/schnauzer mix
    4 puppies
    July 18th around noon

    Can't wait to see pics!