Thursday, July 14, 2011

Whatcha Think?

I changed it up a bit, huh?!

I like it! I especially love that I was able to find a template with columns on BOTH sides of the entries!

OH! And check it out over there ------>>>>>> I KNOW! RIGHT!

I made some buttons that ACTUALLY WORK! You can even grab the ones specific to me and flaunt them on your page! If you leave me a link/comment/thingy bobber I'll return the favor!

How freaking awesome am I?!!!

Yea, I know, it's not up to my normal par of perfection, but eh, I have a house of floors to get swept & mopped then an assignment to get finished up, so I'll get back around to tweeking my blog look!

I love it already, so far!

I'm going to definitely be tweeking my header...the off-centeredness of it ANNOYS THE CRAP OUT OF ME! And the awesome Steve of @dadgineer offered to help out after he gets home from it'll be done right without annoying me further!


  1. Love it! Looks great. I may have to blow my blog up now ROFL. Where did you find the template w/columns on both sides???? :0 LOVE that.

  2. It's one of the Travel templates with blogger...then in the Layout settings I think it was...then just deleted the ugly background pic that came with it. :)

  3. cool, I am gonna go looking for it now hahahahahaha! thanks hun