Friday, August 26, 2011

Yes, I know.

I was doing really well with updating here on at least a mostly regular basis, but once again life takes hold and sucks me in.

Mikeal is turning 9 years old today.  I may cry.  I'm Mom, that's what I do.  It's really hard for it to sink in that I have a FOURTH grader!

I've also been quite busy with school and really need a semester off or something, but alas, without screwing up my degree program and my financial aid that's not happening.

I have been working more on my glass painting. :)  I have a few in finished stages, others in drawn stages, some are somewhere in between....but here's a sampling. :)  I'll create a blog post when I get my shop opened up to sell them, but I am taking custom orders at this time if you have a specific request.  Anything smaller than the 18"x24" windows can be custom sized, but will only come in a metal frame with a chain hanger.  The window options are 3 panel 18"x24", solid 18"x24" (measurements are of the glass itself, not the window frame), and a 3 panel 24"x 24".  Prices all are dependent upon size & detail.  And the bigger the piece the more the shipping is.  Stupid shipping costs.  If I ever quote you on a shipping price and the actual shipping turns out to be less than my quote I will refund the difference back to you by your preferred method immediately (Money order or PayPal).  If the shipping price is more than what I quote you, I cover the additional cost.  Prices will never be more than what I quote!  Custom orders take a MINIMUM of one week to complete, up to four weeks for large pieces.  I reserve the right to decline any custom requests.  Some things are just out of my skill level.  Payments are not expected until after we have agreed upon a design, with full payment not being due until I am ready to ship the piece to you.  At this time I only am doing decorative pieces, none that are intended for use with food items or beverages!  I reserve the right to modify any of this as I see fit.

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