Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer is Over

Ok..technically summer still has another month or two and the excessive heat warnings tell that summer is still in full force, but my children have started back to school.

But it's only the first of August! What do you mean they're back in school? Are you one of those deranged homeschooling moms who believes her children have to go to school all the time? Are they in private school? When you say school you mean a summer school program, right? <~~ All questions I have endured rolling my eyes at over the last week.

Short answer: Nope. My children are both in the traditional public school setting. Mikeal in the fourth grade and Mikaila in the 3 year old preschool program. Ok, Mikaila does get extra speech therapy due to her lack of being able to hear for the first half of her life, but she's making great strides!

They're in a school district that has conformed to a year round schooling schedule. It's really not as cruel (or pleasant) as some believe it to be. Here, in the US, children are expected to go to school 180 days of the year - of 365 calendar days. It doesn't matter if it's labeled as year round school or a traditional school year, children in a public school setting are only in school for 180 days.

What does this mean for my children in comparison to most kids in a traditional school schedule? It means they start school an average of two weeks earlier than most kids, but instead of not getting a Fall Break or only getting a 2-3 day Fall Break, they get 2 whole weeks. Instead of just one week of Spring break they get 1.5 weeks. And instead of getting 10 weeks of summer vacation they get only 8 weeks. That's the difference.

They start the beginning of August and the school year ends just before Memorial Day at the end of May.

They have four nine week quarters just like everyone else, except instead of ending a quarter on a Friday and starting the next one on the following Monday they get 1.5-2 weeks off in between.

So that's kidlings are back in school. Mikeal is in fourth grade, where they start switching all the classes around to other teachers for each different subject *mama sob*. Mikaila is in the 3year old program until after the Winter Break, where she'll switch into the 4 year old program when they start back. In the 3 year old program she is in school 3 days a week for 3 hours in the afternoon; the 4 year old program she'll be in school for 4 days a week, for three hours in the afternoon. She'll stay in the 4 year old program through all of next year, then will move into Kindergarten the year after that.

It is kinda weird not having them both home all day everyday fighting with each other every other 20 minute interval.

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