Monday, May 4, 2009


So my MIL moved out by us last year, she had it in her mind that she was going to be moving IN with us...complained that we moved from a nasty falling apart trailer house into the house we're currently buying a few days before she showed up. Went ON and ON about how WE ruined HER plans for living here by moving into this house. Ok, either way we only had a 2 bedroom place, either out at the old trailer or this house, except the move was like going from a shack to a HOUSE. She had me completely PISSED off within 20 minutes of walking in my door at 3am that day. Later that evening I talked to our old landlord, the one that owns the trailer and he agreed to let her move in there, didn't even make her pay the first month's rent...and the rent was CHEAP...$150 or so a month... She whined, bitched, complained, you name it about that house...rats bigger than her dog lived there, the coyotes came onto her front steps, the deer let her pet them, oh and some 15 ft rattlesnake. I spent the next month taxi-ing her EVERYWHERE to find her a place she could move into that was affordable...the trailer owner was in the process of building a real house in place of the trailer, etc, and it was just temporary, something to house her until we were able to find her some suitable housing... She sabotaged all the housing opportunities presented to her, she'd call them after I'd spend all day driving her around and filling out applications for places and cancel her "reserved" spot.

Anyways, In July she moved down to the Houston area to live with her sister & all that...she did the same thing to AIL that she did to us..we all lied about everything we'd do for her yada yada.... Anyways, she called ONCE in July after moving down there to get the name of her doctors, etc here, and hung up. Never heard another word from her.

UNTIL a couple of weeks ago. She sent a letter telling us all about how horrible her sister treated her, did nothing for her, etc I've emailed and talked on the phone with me AIL a few times just to check up on how Brian's mom was doing, etc, as well as about how the kids are doing, etc. So I have a good idea of what's been going on.

I didn't write her a letter, I'm going to leave that to Brian...and he's not interested in her manipulative ways...

Today I get a Mother's Day/birthday card from her.

Now. We haven't heard anything from her in 10 months. During this 10 months her "grandson", Mikeal has had a birthday. Her son, Brian, has had a birthday. As well as her granddaughter, Mikaila, had her first birthday. No card, no phone call, nothing from her any of these times...

Makes me think that she's trying to "make good" with the hopes of being invited back up here. I'm sorry but I worked my ASS off trying to bend over backwards to make her life easier here, etc...all while trying to take care of my two nephews, a newborn, and my postpartum depression. Not to fail to mention my baby brother was leaving to join the Marines and there was just a lot of things going on in my life. I am NOT going to deal with her BULLSHIT again.

She tried to convince us that she was dying, that her heart was only working at 13% ability, that she was needing open heart surgery, all this other bullshit that was necessary NOW. She also takes WAY too many addictive prescription meds that she thinks she just HAS to have, etc... Amazing. A year ago she was in desperate need of having open heart surgery immediately...and still hasn't had one...her heart miraculously started getting better and stronger after moving down with someone that had the resources to take her to the mental health clinic if she didn't straighten her shit up and talked to her doctors about her "problems"... Her docs here never had the time of day to talk to me, but I also didn't push it much because of all my own shit going on at that time.

I just really don't want to deal with anymore of her bullshit. But the other side of me says this is his mother, he shouldn't ignore her, etc...but I can't trust that she's not just doing this to try to play more games with Brian by playing the poor pity me, on my deathbed card with him again.


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