Friday, May 29, 2009

Re: LugNut's pregnancy

I think we're FINALLY getting a little bit of definite action in the puppy department...

- She's been clingy most of the day.
- She's barely ate anything for a day or two (common with dogs at what I'm going to assume "this stage")
- Her belly has almost TRIPLED from where it was just a week ago...still not more than a large orange in size, but definitely can see belly
- Her "milk jugs" are HUGE
- She has insisted on being at my side WAY more than normal...I had to leave earlier because Mikeal broke the flip flops he wore to school, at school, and after I'd buckled Mikaila in the car & went back to get her sippy cup I dropped in the floor, LugNut was waiting in the car, curled up in the driver's seat, not wanting to stay home alone. ...She's NEVER gotten in the car on her own

That's all the "not normal" bits I've picked up on lately.

Many prayers that this "false pregnancy" absolves itself by producing puppies....SOON....

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