Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Potty Training Boot Camp pt 1 Day 1

We started at 10:30am Today.

Successful potty on the toilet was at 11:16

It is accident!

Mikaila is 17 months old...and according to *everyone* who's gone the potty training route, she's too young for me to start. I highly disagree. Supposedly girls are easier than boys. My son was very well potty trained by around this time in his childhood, there was a period of severe regression, but after being able to work with him again he was back to completely potty trained in two weeks, he was two years old. So Mikaila being 17 months old is not a factor in my decision to or not to potty train. Secondly, my mother never had more than one child in diapers at a time...the first three of us are only 15 months apart, so we were between 14 & 16 months old when we were potty trained.

I look for clues as to their "readiness"...pulling their diaper off after they've gone, shows to me that they do not like sitting in the mess, also shows that they are learning to undress so that they can go outside the diaper. Other signs could be more subtle. Mikaila will "hold" herself and cry a minute occasionally when she has to pee, before going in her diaper, she also pulls at the back of her diaper when she is getting ready to go poop. So she is aware of what her body is doing or is getting ready to do. She has also started "helping" with getting herself both undressed & dressed, so another indicator that she's able to grasp the concept of taking them off to go to the bathroom.

I also don't personally believe in "bribing" a child to use the potty...with candies, toys, or anything really. But I do get SUPER excited, clapping, cheering, and the like when they do go on the potty, that way they associate going potty with something positive, not just as a means to get some candy or toy, but again, I can see where this incentive can work better for an older child who has a concept of wanting these things, just not something I have done for any child I've either potty trained myself or assisted in potty training. I just can't see it being any more successful than having an attentive parent or care provider there to keep after them about going potty. Also, accidents, no big deal, clean-up & move on. Trying to reinforce the positive means making a bigger deal out of the positive than the negative.!

Well, it's now 12:45 and still no accident!!! We've also made a few trips to sit on the toilet....nothing yet...

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