Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dear Rain,

I really wish you would let up.

Yes, you have done a wonderful job of watering my garden for me for the last 13 days, but please, they need some sunshine too!

You just keep going on and on without an end in sight by the 10day forecast, it just gets to be a bit much.

I'd really enjoy the chance to get out and mow my lawn. I know not many people look forward to mowing the lawn, especially one of such size as I have, with a small push mower, but honestly, the couple of hours I'm allowed out there each week really does a lot to help my sanity!

And then there is the matter of my children. I do not mind them playing out in the rain, splashing in the mud puddles, and the like...but I really dread the constant mess I'm having to clean up in the house, the wet kitchen floors really are a horrible danger to all of us, and mud and grass just shows something frightful on my living room carpet.

Even the weeds in the yard are starting to look like they can't take much more rain. Most of my yard is under ankle deep water, yes I realize if I dig down two feet I hit running water, but you have to give it a chance to drain off. I seriously believe that if it didn't rain for a few weeks my yard will not suffer. Yes, I would likely have to haul a bit of water to the raised beds, but the rest of it would be just fine.

Doubly, I know the mosquitoes just love the puddles you have left everywhere, but again, I can honestly do without those disease carrying bloodsuckers. Hell, I might as well as be a rouge Quilete wolf who refuses to be respectful of any treaties & agreements during the Voultri's invasion.

But yes, my dear rain, where you are very beneficial and I do love the power of the storms that are often associated with you, I really do need a break. Preferably one that is short lived, because I do know how you like to take a long leave of absence during the hottest parts of the summer, which are the times I'm begging for you to return. I do not mind two or three days a week...just please give me a break already!



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  1. We certainly know how you feel.. It's like a flood zone here and dummys we are we planned a yard sale this weekend... ONly about a 50% chance of rain though..