Thursday, May 14, 2009


Ugh. ..

I am so far behind on so many things around here, yes, I've kept up with a number of things and have done a lot this week, especially in regards to my yard, redoing my kitchen, assisting with kittens getting here, thinning out mine & Brian's closet, organizing the dresser, taking care of a few appointments, weeded the garden, planted several trees, flowers, etc...and yet...ugh

I'm feeling terribly burnt out.

I keep doing a number of things to try to change up my routine, etc...and it's just not "working" for me. I stay busy, but it all just feels like busy work instead of productive. Seems everytime I turn around and get one thing done there's 900 other things to get done and as I get started on the next thing the first thing is needing to be done again. :sigh:

And it sure doesn't help that a person who "has a day off from work" gets to relax & spend all that time just resting boohoo because he's so tired and so burnt out and is irritated with the "immature people" at work :blah: . :roll: :mad: Yea, he watched Mikaila all day while I chatted with friends...I started dinner in the slow cooker before I left, had to do dishes when I came home so we could have dinner on clean dishes, picked up the living room, all while hearing about the new crap he unlocked on his video game. :? I still needed to get trees planted, lawn mowed, the trees planted, didn't get the lawn mowed or trimmed... "there's always next time" or he waits for me to REQUEST him to do something. :banghead: I'm NOT YOUR MOTHER!

So back I go to what I do day in day out...repeat

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  1. Grr. That kind of "day off" pisses me off too. It isn't a day off if you have to do the dishes and clean up the mess resulting from your time away!!
    I am sorry. :(