Monday, May 18, 2009

Mother's Day Morning

Yes, I know I'm a bit late with this news, but it's been hectic here, and I actually have time, at this time....

Saturday, May 9th, I spent the day at my mom's place, doing laundry, nothing new there, it's the story of 99% of my Saturdays. We returned home around 10/11 pm, brought the laundry inside, got the kids into their beds, and Brian and I settled down to watch a little bit of TV and shortly go to bed...such was not to be the case, at least for me.

Piston went into labor. I noticed a small twinge of "thick" blood on her vulva area, and knew that the time was upon us. I pulled out the TV shelf so that in case she had any issues I could get to her easily, good thing I did.

She started trying to push the first one out not long after I laid down in the floor close to her. After a little while it was quite apparent that she wasn't able to push it out on her own, his face had been showing for a little while, but there was no progress for about 30 minutes. I did a mini mental panic, collected myself, and then started "massaging" the baby out. He was born around 1 am, a pretty orange & white tiger stripe, Piston worked to get him cleaned up and cut the umbilical cord, like maybe she'd done it a hundred times before...this is her first/last litter! Not but moments later a second baby was born, a dark gray tiger stripe, who has tiny patches of orange on her face, almost like blush...given the fact she had them so close together gives me reason to suspect that maybe they were fighting to be the first one out.

About 1:45am a third baby was born, a patchy calico.

Then again a fourth was born at roughly 2:30am. She had a few problems getting him all the way out again, so again, I helped her out by massaging out the baby...Another orange & white tiger stripe baby.

The four of them :

And the four of them today, eight days later, the little piglets!

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