Saturday, May 30, 2009

Long...LONG Day

Got up this morning...8am...same routine every morning...head to the bathroom.

Go to flush the toilet and then the routine changes...

There is no water. Ugh.

Go out to the pump, it's been running all night, as I'd taken a shower before bed, obviously not long enough after watering my garden. The pump ended up with an air pocket in it. UGH! So I have to turn off the power to it, pour water down in it to help "pop" the air pocket & re-prime the pump. Three hours later I have water running in the house.

During this time I was in DESPERATE need of wanting to drink some coffee. I pour out the last few grains of coffee I have, pour in some water from my back-up supply, start the coffee. That was at around 9 this's 11pm and I still haven't gotten to drink a drop of that coffee.

Today was also laundry day. Fought with Mikeal for 3 hours to help me with getting the laundry gathered, as I have to take it over to my mom's due to well pump issues.... FINALLY get the car loaded, the kids loaded, and head out to my mom' just past noon...

Get to my mom's and find out that my 10 month old mower that I loan to them, roughly every weekend, no longer works. SOB! I unload my laundry, get it started, mess with the mower for a bit. Yeap, the carburetor on it isn't staying open to keep gas up in the engine. It's under warranty so no big deal, I'll just take it back and get a new new one....Also, the new inner tube I got for Mikeal's bike is the wrong size...okay, again, no big deal, I have the receipt still, JIC, I can exchange it....

Get the mower loaded, by now the kids are soaked from playing in the sprinkler almost as soon as we got to my mom's, so they're going to stay with Grandma...she's also going to switch out my laundry for me while I'm gone.

I run out to the house, pick up the warranty receipt on the mower, see that my weeping cherry tress have finally came in! WOOT! Deliver Grandma Pennye's tree that came with mine to her place, make a deal that if I run into problems returning the mower at Lowes that I can borrow one of their spare mowers.

FINALLY get headed towards Lowes, roughly a 30 minute drive (by this time I've already been gone over an hour, and I get a bit antsy when I leave my kids with my mom when I should be back quickly).

My front passenger side tire starts going thump thump thump. FREAKIN FLAT! I pull into the first mechanic place I come across, hoping they can fix my tire. Sure, not a problem. $15 is what he asks to put a plug & patch in it, there's a screw in it. Lovely. I have $14 on me. So I ask the dude if he wouldn't mind if I go down the road to OReilly's, where my husband works, and get the rest of the cash, as I was a bit short. He asks me who my husband is...I tell him, Brian, he waves his hand at me and tells me not to worry about it, he won't charge me for it. Yay!

I get to Lowes. My mower is approved to be warrantied out, so they give me my cash back on it that I'd paid for it...I go back to the mower section. Wouldn't ya know, the new mower, exact same model, is now $10 more this year than it was last I'd have to buy a new warranty if I want the new mower covered... Bringing my new total $25 more than what I'd gotten back, plus tax. Remember, I have a whole $14 on me..which is what I keep on me, JIC I have to get diapers before payday.

I go over to O'Reilly's and talk to Brian about it (he's practically across the street & down a few blocks)... its decided that we're going to wait for another paycheck or two and go with an "upgrade" model, since I have access to one I can borrow.

Ok, fine. I now have $160+ in my pocket...WOOT!...

Get headed back to town. Grab a bite to eat, as it's 4pm, and I still have yet to eat today.

Get over to Grandma Pennye's, borrow the mower, head to Wal-Mart, exchange the inner tube, get headed back to my mom's...

Its 5pm....I have been gone over 3 hours just to exchange the mower, and did not have a new mower.

There are a ton of guys over at my mom's place, friends & family of my step-dad's, all hanging out, drinking, the big deal, except they get LOUD. OH well, at least they're all outside.

The kids are back out in the sprinkler, Mikeal's riding his bike everywhere; Mikaila is constantly having to be brought back down off the hill & driveway that, but they had a blast.

Then Mikaila started playing in the mud, no big deal, God created my kids washable, so mud isn't a big deal. She then decided that I also needed to be muddy with her, so she kept grabbing handfuls of it to smear on my legs. LOL Silly Girl. She was so proud of herself too! ...A few YouTube videos of it are in the sidebar --->>>>

After dark things settled down, the "extra" guys all went home, I finished laundry, fed dinner to the kids, Brian got there, we loaded up the car, and I came home... Only to have both kids catch their second wind about the time we hit the highway on the way 10:30 pm...Mikeal went to bed finally just before 11. It's almost 1am and Mikaila had been doing nothing but screaming while in her crib instead of going to sleep. Since getting her back up, again, she's brought me her sandals and a change of her clothes...I'm taking it that she's wanting to go somewhere... OY!

The real kicker is that Brian then informs me that he could of "simply" fixed the mower...grrr...

Wait...Mikaila just sat down on the couch, with her blanket...

Ahhhh...peace...two minutes later she is now snoring. I knew that if she'd only stop for 30 seconds she'd be out, and she was.

Now I'm off to bed....G'Night, I'm hoping tomorrow goes better than today.... My plans include going through a lot of totes, closets, & dressers to get rid of stuff, long day planned, but at least the kids have a small shallow pool here now so they *should* be more inclined to spend time outside.

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