Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just Sucks

I don't know what or why, but that's just my current frame of mind. And I can't think of a single reason why I'm feeling this way.

A lot of things have gone very well today, or at least not wrong. :huh: We signed the new lease (that we should of signed back around the first of April :giggle: ) And she reduced our rent we have to pay, and instead of having to come up with the whole chunk she's going to leave it up to our choice to split it into two payments or make a whole payment each month, so long as we make the payments. We also discussed redoing some of the plumbing & electrical that is in need of being done and filing for a weatherization grant that will pay for new windows, doors, insulation, & maybe even a new roof. ...the roof leaks in two spots and to look at it from outside it sags in a few places, I just noticed a few days ago. :? Maybe something to do with the 23 consecutive days of rain we had with a few day break before starting back up again ...but anyways good news there

I also got a brand new Swiffer Vac for FREE's my new love!!!

I stopped at a yard sale type thing (the people running it own a consignment shop)...and they were having their dollar dayz sale. I picked up three nice skirts, a few nice dress pants, and a few nice shirts for myself & a 3 piece suit for Brian (turns out the jacket is a smidge too small) but ALL of it plus some canning jars, for $4.72. I think I got three shirts, four skirts, and two or three pants for me.

The interior of my car was detailed out for me today...not sure if he did the windows, but I just asked him to take it down to be vacuumed out, I was tired of nasty french fries in the back seat.

I just hate having this feeling like something is wrong or is getting ready to be wrong or not right or something.

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