Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tonight's Stress.

I can go weeks and weeks with no tangible plans... then BOOM I'm suddenly faced with SEVERAL plans all for one day.

A friend of mine whom I've known since I was 12 is going to be this way, she lives in Little Rock now & is expecting another son...I know she had one about 10 years ago...not sure about any other children in the last 8 years...if she follows her mom's or aunt's lead she probably is on almost #5...anyways she's going to be visiting her dad on Sunday, he, I found out, lives about 15 miles from me & was going to swing by my place sometime on Sunday.

Then this morning I found out that my stepbrother was going to be here all weekend...not sure when he's leaving out likely sometime on Sunday, but they're going to be going to Tulsa on Saturday to see my brother he didn't get to meet last time he was here, even though he didn't get to meet me then either...They'll be in Tulsa all day, so there's almost no chance of me finally getting to meet him unless I pack up to do my laundry early Sunday morning.

But then there's church Sunday morning & I really don't like the idea of missing.

But of course, Brian would have to mention, after work this evening, that dear friends of ours were planning on having a BBQ at their place on Sunday evening and would like for us to come since we haven't been to their place in a while & they feel bad about me feeding them & their crew the last few times they've been out here, but again we've not really hung out for a couple of weeks.

And with my luck half the plans will fall through...the next 6 days of the 7 day forecast is calling for the bbq will likely be modified, but they'll still expect us to come out since there is the invite & we so rarely can really coordinate a good time for all of us to get together. They both work, he's one of the few paid firefighters for the area she's having to do double shifts at her job because they're short handed. Plus she has full custody of her 3 kids & they're gone every couple of weekends to their dad's, he has weekend visits with his 2 kids fairly often. Brian's work schedule is also something to be loathed to work all in this...

I haven't heard anything definite from my friend from long ago, but when we made the plans I told her I'd most likely be home, she knows the area from my description I gave her & would be able to easily find my house, plus has my number. I don't have a cell for her to be able to reach me regardless of where else I might be. But I'd really hate to miss she promised a free make over & such...always fun & I'm WAY over due for some real girlie time.

I could pack up and just do my laundry tomorrow...but getting these kids & laundry loaded in a fair time is almost impossible unless I get it all loaded the night before. And there's still no guarantee that I'll get to hang out with Bradley, they'll end up spending the night at my brothers, then spend most of Sunday being hungover.

So I'm thinking I'm going to hopefully catch my stepbrother at my mom's place tomorrow, do my laundry there less thing to worry about tying me down Sunday. Go to church on Sunday morning. Hope I catch my step brother at my mom's place & hang out a little bit there. Then go over to our friend's place on Sunday evening....unless my friend gives me a call & we solidify plans & she can meet me in the morning or early afternoon, then I'll skip church.

Yes, I'm tired & rambling...but I'm stressed.

I had considered taking the kids to the lake tomorrow, but if it's raining, maybe I shouldn't...not that that's really something that would stop me. Rain with lightning would stop me, but not just rain...watching all these people obviously calling in "sick" to their jobs this week, driving by all day hauling their boats has me itching to go out to the lake.

Then there's my stubborn, pregnant cat. She keeps throwing me "teasers" on if she's actually going to have these babies or not. It's getting more and more difficult for her to nimbly bounce around. I'm just terrified that she's going to go into labor when I'm not home & have some odd problem come up....

Of course there is also the matter of my FIL & his wife coming up in the next couple of weeks & there is just so much I want to get done to the house before their next visit...mainly projects I've started & haven't been able to completely get finished.

I'm having issues with sleep tonight...

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