Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Job Description...

Its simple. I'm a stay at home mom (SAHM). Nothing too complicated about that, right? Easiest job in the world. Hell, who wouldn't want to sit at home, watching soaps, while eating bonbons all day, while someone else is financially responsible for all the bills, groceries, needs, & wants....afterall, that's what everyone should want to dream of. I've been doing it for almost two years. I have moments that I absolutely LOATHE it and moments where I can't imagine ever having done anything differently in my life.

But what does being a SAHM really entail?

It does vary from household to household, but in the general realm its basically the same. However, to put it on a resumé doesn't always bode well when looking for a job that you'd like....its highly vauge as far as what all is entailed, and honestly being a SAHP actually qualifies a person for a great deal of posititions, from the most menial to the highest of Administrations.

Housekeeper - A SAHP is expected to have the house in great order at all times. After all they're home all day long, there is no reason for the house not to be clean. No amount of pets, children, sickness, etc should be in the way of keeping the house both visually attractive, but also sanitary so as to keep as many sicknesses at bay as possible.

Chef/cook - Dinner should not only be edible, but should also be pleasing to everyone, from the smallest, to the pickiest, to the more advanced culinary tastes of the adults. It should be balanced & nutritious, with as little going to waste as is possible, and able to be served at a later date for lunches or snacks in the event that there is some left over, or even added into another dish for another meal. It must also be visually appealing, because if it looks like pig slop, chances are, no matter how delicious it actually is, it won't be eaten.

Daycare Provider - This not only entails being physically in the house with children, but also keeping them entertained, while also building their little minds so that they can be ready for all that life might throw at them. Also feeding them, getting them to take a nap, and not destroying all that is in their wake.

Teacher/Tutor - Constantly teaching them, about everything. From ABCs, to how to feed themselves, dress themselves, go to the bathroom on their own, how to write, about sex, life, birth, death, how to grow into capable adults. Be responsible, friendly, compassionate, firm, not a stepping stone for someone else, and how to take pride in themselves.

Police Officer/Detective/Lawyer/Judge/Executioner - A parent must set & know the laws of the household, tailoring each aspect to fit each individual, so that all things are fair. And it's not law that one size fits all, because what is fitting for the 30 year old is way different for the 6 year old, and even that is different from the 1 year old. But the 6 year old knows that if the 30 year old doesn't have to do something, then he doesn't have to do it either, and he FOR SURE isn't going to help the 1 year old do it too. But if there is a verdict given that doesn't seem quite fair, I must re-negotiate on behalf of the person being charged.

Accountant - I make sure that all bills get paid, that money gets sent where it needs to go, for what it needs to go for, keep everything in check.

Personal Assistant/Secretary - I keep up with all appointments, make appointments, keep track of who needs to be where at what time, make sure they get there. I also keep records of all that is to be done, who needs what done, for school, work, side work, personal things, etc.

Mentor/Counselor - Not just to those in my household, but friends, family, persons I run across on a daily basis. I am expected to have the right answers for all situations and if I don't have them I at least am expected to know where they can go to get the answers they need, or at least know what to say to them to make them feel better, because if I don't, then I'm the bad guy, even if it's something that they need to hear or be told.

Gardener/Lawn Maintenance - Because Brian works full time & pulls odd side jobs I have made it my responsibility to make sure these things are taken care of. I have 3/4 of an acre that I mow, weed eat, & maintain on a regular basis. Also, as part of the money saving plan I have a small veggie garden that I am keeping up with that requires a lot of work, on a regular basis.

Business Entrepreneur - I have several skills that I have put to use to come up with a couple of spare bucks here and there. I have to keep in mind manufacturing costs, material costs, comparable prices, and keeping up the supply to meet the demand, when there is a demand. This also includes advertising and networking.

Seamstress - part of making sure things are not wasted, but that my family still looks their greatest is to tailor their clothes myself, repair small tears, replace buttons, whatever that may need done. This has also included customizing clothes, making patches look like they're intentionally done, as opposed to just a patch...then repeating that fr various friends that think it's "cool". There is also laundry to be washed, dried, folded, pressed, hung, put away. careful thought put into the types of clothing, what clothing can or can't be washed in what detyergent, chemical, etc...all while taking care not to use anything that would irritate delicate skin.

Nurse - bandage, medicate, diagnose, reassure etc. This also involves dealing with puke, blood, other less than plesant bodily fluids, cleaning up any & all messes, making all better, and doing it all with calmness, reassurance, keeping it altogether while in the pressence of all others.

Sexual Goddess - must try to be in the mood on at least a fairly regular basis...not hard for me most of the time, but once in a while...ugh... but just being in the mood is not enough, I must also work on ways to constantly keep it interesting...just the same ol' same ol' on a regular basis doesn't keep the mustard cut...

Social Planner - must plan outings, or for company, have entertainment ready or lined up at a moment's notice, as well as refreshments, snacks, complete meals, etc...all while socializing with adult guests, keeping younger guests occupied & out of things they shouldn't be in, while also keeping my children in line, because they feel like when there is company at the house it gives them more freedom to act up....

Interior Decorator - Things in the home must match & flow for the most peacefully functional enviroment possible.

Personal Shopper - I not only am responsible for all the necessary shopping, but I also must be in tune with what everyone may need, want, and what their preference is....regardless of how many times that may change in a day even...

But in addition to being these things for the persons in my household...I'm also expected to know how my siblings, mother, various other family members are all doing. What they all like. What's going on in their lives. How the weather is affecting them. Remember birthdays, anniversaries, special occassions, not forget to include everyone to everything..regardless of how they may respond to the invitation...because either way someone is going to be upset over the guest list, occassion, etc etc...and HEAVEN FORBID if I should happen to overlook one person's preference and invite them, or even neglect to invite them because I was considering their personal preference. I'm expected to be happy go-lucky, responsible, have everything together at the seams...all the while on the inside 9million things are going on to make sure that everything falls into place just so, so that all goes smoothly, not only in my life, but my children's lives, my husband's life, my friends' lives, my families' lives, and in the community, as I also do a lot of volunteer work aroudn town.

This list just touches the basic surface.

But, despite all the job descriptions I can list that describes my everyday life I wouldn't trade it off for anything else. This is the most rewarding job I have ever had, and the pay out is more than I could of ever hoped for otherwise.

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