Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Attitude!

I have decided that I've got to change my attitude about things, if I stay in this funk any longer I'm going to just get deeper into it and that goes against everything I've worked hard for with my New Years Resolutions!

My New Years Resolutions, simply summed up, are to be the best me I can be! I might of been born "poor, white, and country" and that may never change, THAT doesn't concern me. Truth me told I'm HAPPY with being "poor, white, country". I have awesome, well behaved, healthy children. I have a husband that, despite any of our petty problems, I love DEARLY, DEEPLY, and HONESTLY. I can make a dime stretch further than a dollar in most persons pockets, and if push comes to shove I know I can live off the land, with or without the luxury of things like electricity, plumbing, and heaven forbid - television & internet! I'm PROUD to be me!

My New Years Resolutions involve me owning WHO *I* am and being the best me I know to be. Whether that's Wal-Mart rags or 5th Avenue silks, it makes no difference, down deep I'm a happy chipper person that knows how to take care of business. This is the year I buckle down to find that happy chipper person and get business taken care of. This is the year that I show the world (or at least the world that matters most to me) just exactly what kind of balls of steel I'm made of. I'm not the scared abused woman I was in my first marriage. I'm not the rebellious, vindictive ex-wife I was after leaving him. I'm not the drunken & stoned work-a-holic partying 22 year old I once was. I'm not the depressed soul I've found myself in as of late.

I AM Stephanie. I was born monetarily poor, still am, if it changes then that's left to be seen. I still don't know what this means for me, but first and foremost I am a MOTHER. I have two children who have needs that can only be met by their parents, that is my first responsibility. The things I own do NOT define WHO *I* am...rather it's the attitude I have towards the things I DO have and the things I cherish in this world.

So my mantra of the day is this : When life acts up throw on some music, turn UP the volume, and DANCE! ~ courtesy of myself, Stephanie Bonds.

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