Friday, January 8, 2010


I have issues with someone. I'm not going to sugar coat it, much. I think she's a vile sorry excuse for an adult. She does not seem to be happy with her own life so lives to make herself think she's making the lives of others miserable. In the process all she does is reinforce her vile image. Posting pictures of herself with persons of other nationalities doesn't change the fact that she uses vulgar slang to refer to such persons. Over compensating by wishing some women well on their pregnancies and births of their children does not mean she still doesn't wish miscarriages on others.

Calling someone a liar doesn't mean that they are, especially if the one being called a liar can back her things up with a funny thing called screen shots.

Claiming that someone's credit is screwed up because someone "stole" identity is an easy fix, it does cost roughly $500, depending on the lawyer, unless you know enough about FCCPA laws and do it yourself, then it just costs a few stamps and trips to a courthouse. I'm sure credit doesn't withstand multiple divorces very well in an extremely short period of time, nor does it hold up well against unemployment, especially "revolving" unemployment.

Calling someone "trailor" trash, when your version of spelling trailer is incorrect - it's TRAILER not trailor - doesn't help your cause either. Neither does saying someone is "rediculous" - it's RIDICULOUS! When trying to pass yourself off as smarter, better than, and the like; it really helps you look like less the fool when you use proper spelling, at least, "truely" - it's TRULY.

If living in a manufactured home constitutes trailer trash then you must not get out much. I didn't think that living in a rich man's funded revamped projects area really is all that great of a place to be when trying to pretend to have a better social status. It's not much different than HUD housing, only difference is its mandated by an individual instead of the government, looks better to be buying your own place, even if it does need some work, at least I can say this is going to be ours.

Having multiple children, with multiple men, while "using protection" each time - that's got to be the biggest joke out there! Keep telling yourself that honey. It's a fairly rare thing for it to happen once, but to happen over and over again, you'd think that after the first time you would of figured it out, being you're so smart and all. All it does it make you look more desperate when paired with statements like "I'm too scared to be on my own" "I hate my husband" "If a woman continues being with someone who's abusing her she deserves it" - Here's a news flash for you, if your husband is anywhere near as horrible as you proclaim, over and over and over, and you're scared to leave him, then it's abuse, plain and simple, now whether you're the self-abuser or not, that's another thing, but you're pretty pathetic, so you "deserve" your pathetic life - you created it.

So grow-up, get over yourself, you're the only one that is making out on the short bus. Lying to yourself is still lying.

...Just sayin'. OH! And stalking my blog, which is the reason I even post this, while proclaiming to the world how you "pretend I don't even exist" ranks high in my giggle list.

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