Sunday, January 17, 2010

Neighbor Gripe!

Yea...go figure, right. But it's been a while, thought I'd do a refresher here....

We've had issues with them within hours of moving in here.

They're the only neighbors we really have "close"...yea, not quite as close as if I was living in some sort of suburbia neighborhood, but almost...all my other neighbors are about a city block away, at least, maybe a block and a half.

Problems started right off the bat (April 2008) because it was raining and I'd send Mikeal up to catch the school bus - that at that time stopped in front of their driveway, and the old man over there chewed me out because Mikeal, wearing a poncho and boots, mind you, would walk over there to catch the bus. After about 3 days of this I found out who to talk to at the school to get the "bus stop" moved a whole 15 ft, where it'd stop right at the property line area, that way not only did my 5 year old child have to walk through my often flooded yard, but it also meant that the 15 & 17 year old kids over there would have to walk through their flooded, non-mowed, sorry excuse of a yard....OH MAN! Did they THROW A FIT! Cussed me out two ways to Sunday to our landlord's husband, who'd come over for a social visit, wouldn't say a word to me, just scowled at me.

Around May the 15 year old boy started being over here all.the.time. Decent kid, okay, no biggie...I thought...We'd have bonfires here at the house, birthday parties for the kids, Family dinners, friends over, no biggie, we're out in the RURALS! Nor are we drinkers or the "partying" type, anymore, not in years. They've called the county cops on us...nearly every time...after the first half dozen times the Sheriff's department just started calling us, if it was a "slow" night to let us know they got a call, and inquire about what was going on...I told you SMALL RURAL area, everyone knows us...

In March of last year we went to a Memorial service, when we got back home, just a little over an hour and a half, many things were missing from our house - XBox, controllers, games, guitar from our bedroom, things from the kids' bedroom, almost 200 DVDs...but the computer, TV, etc were all still here, kinda we live WAY out here, ON the highway, it's fairly slim chances that someone would drive up and steal from our home, unless they took everything, not some piddly little things. I mean, I'm talking about they left the 42" flat screen TV, brand new revamped computer set up, all the DVDs that were on the shelf in their cases, except for my copy of Twilight...Yea, I'm not stupid. We did call the cops, filed a report, but the cop didn't do anything about it that night really, and by 7am I had everything back - I walked back to the house the 15 (now 16) year old kid lives in, he had his curtain WIDE open watching for me to walk back there, he started beckoning to me so that I wouldn't knock on the door. So I went to his window and talked to him. After about 20 minutes, and subtle threats of fingerprinting, the fact that he'd have to also be fingerprinted because he's been in the house quite often, we'd just have to do elimination prints, the works...he broke down and admitted to it & returned everything he could that morning, before the bus came, the rest of it, including my camera, FULL of pictures he'd taken - I thought I'd misplaced the camera a few weeks before, and just hadn't found it - of course the pictures I'd personally taken of the kids were no longer there, but he had the balls to insist I take copies of his pictures and put them on his flash drive. played nice, afterall I had a good opinion of him prior to this. We made a "civil" agreement that he'd work over the summer on things in our yard, would do the mowing, etc etc etc...yea, that barely happened. He was supposed to do $3000 worth of work at I think $10 an hour rate, and I'm GENEROUS on the time...yea, he almost did 5 hours worth of work before we quit seeing him all together, at least trying to hang out over here.

Of course we can hear the "mother" screaming and cussing out all the girls over there, including the 4 year old, you'd think she was drunk and in a fight with some hoochie in the top it off I can hear the cussing going on when they're in their house, with the doors closed, while I'm sitting inside my house, doors & windows closed with the TV going 5 feet from me...its BAD! CPS doesn't seem too concerned about it, I've gotten the whole "well, they have mental issues and we won't do much about it" blah blah blah Same basic story when I've called the sheriff's department when I heard a lot of fighting and gun shots - "they have mental issues, a family member just died, if someone winds up hurt or dead we'll hear about it and figure it out then" - HONEST TO GOODNESS, that is what the operator or a detective told me, I can't remember who I was patched to...

Well, just this past November one of my other neighbors, that lives a bit down the road from me, who often brings me a flat of fresh eggs, also had some chickens that he'd give me to butcher, otherwise he was just going to kill them and throw them off in the woods at the back of his property for the coyotes. About a week or two later the GAME COMMISSIONER showed up at my door. Apparently I'd been illegally killing and butchering wild turkeys....My saving grace was the obvious feathers still littering the fence line AND the pictures I actually took of the process...yes, there are more "graphic" pictures than the ones I have posted here.

Of course who else would be calling the commissioner about such things, one neighbor that gave the chickens to me, another neighbor that is related to the first guy, and he'd already offered the chickens to them, the other neighbor, who happens to be our landlord and the LAST people to really do anything with the law where petty illegal type things are concerned, or the ones who call the sheriff every time I spit their guessed it.

So tonight we had a pair of friends over, grandparents other words, an older couple that we love dearly. They came for dinner, hung out for a bit, left to go home around 8pm. During the course of this visit I found out that Brian had talked to the Game Commissioner that was out here back in November, after all he works where everyone knows him and the guy is a regular customer there....Apparently in the last couple of months there has been almost a DOZEN calls pertaining to us and our illegal poaching....LMAO Yea, the only killing we've done here is the chickens I butchered....and a few house plants....Not to fail to mention that the county offices here get almost a dozen calls a month on us. I'm hoping that it's true that they (the county offices) are going to file some federal charges against them for false accusations against us if it keeps going on.

The real KICKER was as Nana Pennye & Grampa David were leaving the old man next door hurried out of his house and watched to see which way they were going. The way it looked was he was half expecting them to turn into the landlord's drive - as if (no offense Pennye) my vintage Jag or Pantera driving landlord would be driving a Chrysler. Then when they didn't pull into that driveway he walked further around the edge of his house watching them until he couldn't see them anymore. He didn't even try to play it off by calling his cat or smoking a cigarette today...I was standing outside, to see them off, when he came racing out of the house...

I'm just so stinking SICK of it! GAAHH!

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