Friday, January 15, 2010

Dear Katie aka Anonymous Commentor

I realize you like to pretend to others that I don't exist - liar. Its really sad the lengths you go to on a regular basis to pretend I don't exist. I block your MySpace account, you create another one...that you have already deleted yet again, just two days after my posting this blog entry. I block your Facebook account, you have your husband create one and friend my husband, they're brothers, yes, and I realize you have access and control over everything your husband does, so I know it's just as well as you. I create a blog and you send stupid anonymous comments, so I block anonymous comments. Seriously, please, get over me! You are quite the stalker and if you can't GROW UP and tend to your OWN LIFE then have fun getting pissed off at me over living my life.

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