Sunday, January 3, 2010


This year holds a lot of promise for our family!

Mikaila will be starting into a pre-Head Start type program, not exactly sure when as the building has not been built yet, but she is on the waiting list.

Mikeal will be continuing with his wrestling. There has been a lot of snow lately, so wrestling practices have not been held this entire Winter Vacation, maybe things will clear up enough that the kids & coaches will be able to get back into the swing of things.

Brian just got his ASE certification and will be starting his assistant manager's training, so we're holding out hope that an assistant manager position will be opened up in the area so he can slide on into that vacancy.

I'm hanging in here. I had considered going back to school this spring, but believe I'll wait until we know for sure where everything else is headed, this way instead of trying to budget and plan around 4 different schedules we can work with the three...leaving one of the drivers open for this shuttling.

As far family plans we have a few in the works. Our water well is going to be "tanked" so that I'll be able to do my laundry at home, without the hassle of having to wait 3-8 hours between the wash & rinse cycles, and then have to wait another 8 hours or so until we're able to use water period in the house. So that will be completely fixed! YAY!

We're also planning on putting up a privacy fence down the entire length of the one side of our yard. We're just completely tired of chasing off their pregnant/nursing dog, who's constantly tearing through everything, looking for a bite to eat. The building of the privacy fence will also DRASTICALLY reduce the creepy feeling I get just stepping out onto my front porch, feeling like my every move is being watched like a hawk. Hopefully some of the harassment from the local law enforcement & subsidiaries will slow down as well. The biggest bonus of all - being able to walk out my front door and not have to see any of their garbage & junk piled up almost staring in my face. I could maybe go even as far as to say that the garbage that blows around in their yard will not be landing in my yard, for me to have to pick up; am hoping the fence stops it and it all just piles up on their side, instead of making it's way to the fence line between my place and the neighbor's pasture. I'm quite sure the old man will throw a fit over the fence, but that just sucks to be him! He can either get over it or have a heart attack freaking out over it, oh well.

I'm also hoping to be able to climb around in my attic at some point. Maybe put up some more insulation, some plywood, or even some sheet rock in there to finish it off. I know at the one end the clearance is only barely big enough to be used as a storage area, but that would save us shed space and closet space, especially since the water tank unit that's going to be going in is going to take up most of the shed space as it is.

After all is said and done in these areas of home improvement, then we should be right on track to start the add-ons! I can't wait to nearly double our house space!!!!

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