Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Another Snow Day

The temp hasn't even reached the 20s yet today. Most likely going to be another snow day tomorrow. Tomorrow night another super cold Arctic blast is supposed to get here, bringing more snow and more blizzard like conditions...there goes the possibility of school being held on Thursday & Friday...To think, I was complaining about Mikeal not getting a full two weeks for Winter Vacation, now he's had his full two weeks, and then some...

Other just lovely news - either the water deep in the well is frozen or the pump is frozen or something went screwy with the electrical in it overnight, regardless we currently don't have water in the house and the pump house is taking forever to thaw out. I'd wrapped the pipes with an electrical heating tape, plus had a heating lamp in there, obviously days on end of below freezing temps just finally got the better of it. I put a small electric space heater out there and Brian should be bringing in a tarp that I'll use to seal up around the door better, maybe help keep in more of the heat. I'm praying anyways.

Then the propane is critically low. I budgeted it out, based on last year's use...well this year has been MUCH colder, so the heat has ran more, thus going through the propane much quicker. Basing it on last year we would of had enough to get us through until we got our tax refund, then would of filled it up, that would of gotten us through the rest of the winter and then some. Such is not the case, so we get to do some creative re-budgeting.

I'm just completely over winter already. It could go back to "normal" winter and I wouldn't complain, it'd be at least 20* warmer!

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