Friday, January 29, 2010

At a single drop

of anything a person's world can come crashing down around them. You can prepare for anything, think you have a great foundation, can see the walls coming up, and quicker than you can process it can all be laying in ruins at your feet.

I'm at this point right now. I don't have the time right now to give the whole story of it, I really need to get some sleep. But I *think* I've reached the point today where everything has come crashing down and now I have a whole bunch of pieces of the life I was building laying around me, things are broken, others shattered, some are just barely hanging by threads, but I'm not disheartened about it. My walls and such may of came crashing down today, but my foundation is still decent, in need of only a few minor repairs, but relatively easy fixes.

So from this point I rebuild. I go at this from a different angle, a different floor plan, and stronger building materials. I AM going to rebuild this life and we ARE going to get to the finished project...eventually. I know that all of the overwhelming news brought to our family today could be quite devastating, but I am determined to make sure this family makes it through this patch.

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