Sunday, January 3, 2010

I'm not terribly happy...

:( School has been canceled for tomorrow.

That is all.

Mikeal has been whining to go back to school for the last few days...

This snow, it's not "normal" for us. We get roughly 3-6 snow falls a year....most of them happening in February & March...We've had 4 so far this year, one was even considered a blizzard (because of the winds, not because we ended up with 3 feet of snow) :roll:

There has been snow on the ground here since a few days before Christmas. Snow does NOT stay on the ground here, period. Two days, MAX! But NOOOOOOOO this snow just stays around. Only once has the temp been above freezing...and that day I actually thought it felt "nice" was 36*F :doh: I didn't even fuss over wearing a coat that day.

I'm very VERY much so over winter at this point.

What makes it all so much better is that 36* a few days ago is the highest temp of the forecast, since before Christmas... Tomorrow it's just supposed to be cold. By Tuesday/Wednesday another snow storm is going to be moving in. And with that our HIGH temps might be in the teens.

:bag: Yes, I'm WHINING. I realize that most of you are Yanks or Canucks....but there's a solid reason I don't live any further north than I am now...actually the only thing solid I can think of is ice, and ice is cold, and that's good enough solid reason for me to stay south. :giggle:

TO put it in perspective - this time last year I was working the dirt in my garden, adding fresh dirt to it, etc so that it'd be ready when it got closer to Spring. Yes, I was out there, in my GARDEN, building it and working the dirt in JANUARY! I'd started my seedlings the 2nd of January. Right now...I can't even SEE my garden, much less try to be working the dirt. :doh: And it's just too windy & COLD to let the kids out to play, the wind just stings like a SOB!

But it makes for some pretty pictures. :biggrin:

Three trees that make for interesting photos...they're across the street in the landlady's field. :D
Zoom in (real dimensions: 800 x 600)Image
Up one of the trees...I think I'd attempted to take a pic of a cardinal, but they don't sit still long enough for me to get a picture. :doh:
Zoom in (real dimensions: 600 x 800)Image
My backyard
Zoom in (real dimensions: 600 x 800)Image
The "cool" neighbor's in a few months one of these will be sitting in my freezer. :yum: ;)
Zoom in (real dimensions: 800 x 547)Image

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