Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Medical Crap Update

I heard back about my CT scan. The scan showed that I have a cyst in my sinus cavity, so they're going to treat me for a sinus infection.

What irritates me is that I JUST finished taking a load of antibiotics, including the one that she's prescribing for me today.

I explained to the nurse that I have dealt with the sinus irritation for DECADES! I have also explained to her that I have seen an allergy specialist recently, was tested for everything, it was determined that my allergy/sinus issues are due to me having super sensitive nasal cavities, hence the nasal spray that happens to not be covered by my insurance, so they're going to give me a different one.

Yea, I'm just a bit irritated over all these tests to find out the cause of the sporadic loss of use of my hands and the severe pain I deal with on a daily basis only to be given a ridiculous run around.

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