Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Heavens Opened Up

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January 12 Afternoon

It was so nice to finally feel like one could breathe again.  Elvis relaxed.  Therefore I relaxed.  And it was back to the normal day to day stuff.  Elvis was done with dealing with Prissy.  Elvis had his Saleen that she'd threatened to cause him problems over by leaving at her place.  He also had his Chevy Truck.  He was past over with her.  He was still heartbroken and reeling from finding out she'd been having an affair and then on top of the problems she was trying to cause for him.  And so it was time to start building a plan on where to move forward from here.

I got Mikaila on the bus at 11:30.

Elvis left out for a few minutes, in his Saleen, was gone maybe a whole 30 minutes.

I settled into cleaning house.  My nerves were worked up, the weather had turned colder, and so the drizzle had turned into freezing rain.

Just before 1pm Mikaila's teacher called to say that the schools would be closing an hour early at 2 and wanted to confirm that Mikaila was to still ride the bus home.  That was fine, she'd be home right after 2, that also meant that Mikeal would be off the bus at around 3.  My doctor's appointment wasn't until 3:30 and I'd just wait until after they were home to leave out & get groceries after my appointment.

I called up a nearby friend to see if she'd mind watching the kids for me while I went to the doctor because I didn't want Mikeal to be at the appointment with me.  Elvis did volunteer to watch the kids, but I'd hoped that a quiet house would mean he'd at least attempt to laydown & get some sleep.  He desperately needed some sleep.

At 1:30 Detective Fill-In showed up.  Wanted to take a statement from Elvis about the Saleen.  He said that Prissy was claiming that her signature had been forged on the title and that Elvis had shown up at her place of employment, harassing her.

Okay...she works on the other side of the next town.  It takes a minimum of 20 minutes to get out there & that's when the weather is clear.  It's slightly icy at this point, so everyone is out raiding Wal-Mart & the grocery stores, etc.  So traffic was not ideal.  So perhaps 30 minutes out there & back.  Elvis wasn't gone but 30/45 minutes tops.  Okay, whatever.  She's being a bitch.

Elvis decided he'd had enough with her and wanted to just be done with her.  He told Detective Fill-In that if she's going to just try to keep causing him issues with all of this then he'd just give her back the Saleen under the condition that she'd knock off her crap.

Detective Fill-In left after a bit.  He also admired my glass work that I have in various stages in my dining/craft room, so I gave him a card on how to find me on Facebook to order his own if he liked and he went on his way.

The kids came home, I had to rush out the door to make it to my doctor's appointment.  I was in desperate need of something to help calm my nerves at this point & help me sleep.  I was up to maybe 12 hours of sleep over the last week with no signs of slowing down.  I didn't even feel tired.  It was just insane.  I also know that when I get to that point if I don't slow it down quickly it gets BAD BAD BAD.

Of course my time on my cell phone wouldn't be refreshing until the 14th so I didn't have a phone on me & I was slightly worried about Elvis being at the house alone with the prospect of Prissy coming back out there to get the Saleen.  I called him from a gal's phone at the doctor's office...Prissy & the cops had already been out there & picked up the Saleen.  He was alright, he said.

I finally finished up at the doctor's office & hurried over to the grocery store to have my script filled & pick up a few things.  We were at bare bones & all the events of the past week had put grocery shopping on the back burner.

Two hours after leaving out I was finally on my way back to get the kids & go home.  From my friend's house I called Elvis to make sure all was well & to let him know I was on my way, only about 5 minutes down the road.

He did not sound well, at all, and asked me to hurry back.  He was scared.

He's a former member of the Queen's Navy, 45 year old man...and he's scared.??

I was sure it was just the lack of sleep combined with the emotional toll that the last week had on him, he was just suffering from exhaustion.  As I mentioned a few posts ago I know that I start hallucinating when I'm exhausted, and they're never pleasant hallucinations.  I just figured the same was going on with him.

I pulled up in the driveway & Elvis was hiding back behind some trees, in the cold, icy weather..and he was ready to leave out NOW!  I took him back to my friend's house for a bit, hoping he'd chill out, because no one was following us & it was a safe place.

Once there he seemed to calm a bit & explained that after I'd called him & Prissy had left with the Saleen more officers showed back up to serve him with a protective order.

Oh, the claims Prissy made in the Protective Order were insane to say the least.  I mean, at this point I'd only known Elvis & Prissy for about 7, maybe 8 weeks, but I'd spent the better part of the last VERY emotional week with Elvis on an almost 24/7 basis.

Not once did he show any anger of any sort.  Complete broken heartedness, definitely.  Sadness, most assuredly.  But Anger?  No.  Even after he'd found out that she'd been having an affair all he did was mutter over & over, in disbelief that she was a bitch.  I added in that she was a cunt.  Especially to make him think that she was in an emotionally unstable state.  Until he found out about the affair he was very worried about her.  Even had officers go out & check on her a few times when he'd not hear back from her for a while via texts.

It was very obvious that he cared a great deal for her.  Afterall she'd been his entire world for the last 5 years and it was very obvious to anyone & everyone.  Even my friend that had only just met him & heard him go over her statement of the protective order could see that he was just heartbroken over the ordeal.

This is her statement:

""Meet him March 2007 & two weeks after him moving into my house @ XYZ St, City, State he hit me, threw me up against the wall holding me by the neck stating he will kill me & hurt me if I ever leave him, he broke things in my house, pissed on the floor and made me clean it up Hit me in the head until everything went black & I saw a bright light. Then from that date until the day he would say you better not leave me because you know what I can do. I heard this @ least 4 times a week. In Oct 08 he started hitting me again telling me if I leave I will hurt you. Dec 27, 2011 he said if you leave me I will kill you & I will always live in fear & always look over my shoulder. Jan 3, 2012 he told me if I leave him he will tie me up, cut my tongue out, cut my fingers off, hit me in my knees until I cannot walk again & he would drag me through the woods & leave me there. He said hge would enter the house & I would never know that he was there & he would be covered up from head to tow & I would not be able to know if it was him or someone else. He told me he would have someone from London, England come over & hurt me.""


Uh...yea, I'm not lying.  That's the statement, word for word.

She's former FBI.  We'd also found out, from her first ex-husband, that the reason she'd lost custody & rights to her children was because she'd gone to jail for beating the snot out of the ex-husband & being a violent alcoholic.

Brian met us over at my friend's house after he got off work, I'd gone to get Elvis some food from Subway, he finally ate and I gave him one of my nerve pills..thinking maybe it'd help him chill and be able to think or at least listen.

He'd mentioned that his keys to the Chevy were missing, so was sure that the cops that had been there had picked them up to prevent him from being able to leave & he was afraid they were going to take his truck with all his belongings.  And it was just CHAOS PANIC in his head.

Brian went to the house & was able to find his keys, came back to Friend's house, reassured Elvis that he had the keys & Brian & Elvis left.  The roads were bad out by now, I was drained, and had just gotten into watching "No Strings Attached".  I stayed for the duration of the movie, the kids & I ate there at the Friend's house.  And I REALLY enjoyed the distraction.

By the time I got back home both Brian and Elvis were on our house phones, talking with Brooklyn - a lovely gal we know via Twitter - and Elvis was smiling & having a good time again.  The distraction really helped.

I got the kids to bed, Brian went to bed, I continued talking with Elvis & Brooklyn.  After Brooklyn had to get off the phone to go to sleep Elvis asked me to stay up & talk with him.  He shed some more tears, I attempted to reassure him that the protective order was really not that big of a deal.  Yes, she'd told some grand stories, but whatever, it wasn't the end of the world.

He seemed to be doing better, seemed to be drifting off to sleep, and I did pass out there on the loveseat.


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