Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Onward & Forward

There is nothing all that new to report on the story of Elvis at this time.  Nor do I really know if there will be anymore of significance.  Right now we hang in limbo wondering if he's alright, if he made it back home, or if he gave the officials & thus us the slip & is still in the country, I have no clue.  I do have to admit it does sadden me a great deal.  But again, he is a grown man and I have to in the very least respect his wishes on the matter.  Perhaps a clean break is best, especially with all the drama surrounding it all, but it still sucks.  Again though it could just be he's taking some time to be heartbroken and put his head together before he reaches back out to us, at least in the form of a phone call to say "hey, thanks".

As far as life goes here at BFE (Bonds Family Estates) well, it's life.  I saw Mikaila's ENT today about my own sinus issues & he's called me in a heavy duty super antibiotic to take for the next week or so and set me up to have a CT scan done of my face & head to see if there's something that will show as a cause for my chronic problems.  His initial opinion is that there's something causing me to not fully get over a sinus infection and thus I maintain a mild to severe infection year round.  I give him props for not trying to talk me into taking yet another allergy med (that is ineffective) or try a different steroid med (that I'm allergic to).  I have quite the extensive list of medications that I've tried over JUST the last year thanks to my wonderful insurance company and their insistence of me having to try this and that med before they'll approve a referral to a specialist.  Seriously - I've only dealt with chronic sinus/allergy type issues since I was about 10 years old...I'm quite the EXPERT at what works and what doesn't and I also know that ANY form of steroid breaks me out in hives & causes me to swell within 23 minutes.  My CT scan is scheduled for Thursday & my follow-up with the ENT is on the 4th of February.  So here's to hoping something is found out.

I switched schools & majors again, not sure if I mentioned that previously.  It was nice to be 'off' for most of October, November, & December, especially with all that went on in life, but I really missed studying, writing papers, and the like.  It seems to give me goals to push for and helps keep me on track with all in life, as odd as that sounds.  My new major is Criminal Justice, with a concentration in the social worker side of it.  It fits best with my long term plans and what I've always wanted to do in life.  It also doesn't hurt that I'm awesome at it.  Kinda sucked that it took going through two schools to find one that actually fit what I was looking for, but I think having those experiences helped me find exactly what it was I was looking for & wanted to work towards.  I don't want to just be able to work in a field with a degree, but I want my degree & career to have real meaning for me.  Despite the labels of my previous majors after I looked deep into what the programs were offering they were not what they were made out to be.  I guess that's kinda the job of the recruiter - make you think that what you're getting is what you want.  Other benefits include 12 week courses instead of just 5.5 week courses, real breaks between Semesters, & REAL textbooks!  OMG! How I loathe LOATHE e-books.  I LOATHE them.  The only - ONLY reason I would want a Kindle or any other type of e-book reader would be for the free mobile internet access - I'm not kidding.  I FREAKING LOATHE E-BOOKS!  Okay...I'd also like a Kindle for the "read to me" option...so don't take that off your Christmas list for me. ;-)

I am also still doing the painted glass bit with BooMonkey Creations.  I am back to taking custom orders and have many new pre-made pieces done up!  My goal is to have at least 100 pieces ready to take with me when we go to Missouri this summer & find a buyer for them.  I have a few good leads & some promising prospects, so my fingers are crossed.  If you have any suggestions, even if you're not buying at this time, leave a comment & tell me what you think would be awesome!

Brian is meeting with his lawyer tomorrow to look over the settlement paperwork on his worker's comp claim revolving from the injury he sustained to his shoulder back in August of 2010 and had surgery on in May of 2011.  We'll see what he has to say about it, hopefully it's decent news.

We file our taxes on Wednesday.  We should be getting enough back to tag both vehicles, pay off the car, & get everything else paid up to date...and pretty much nothing else.  I'm at least hoping to be able to get a new desk chair - this one is ready for the dump.

Mikeal is doing well with school.  Straight A honor roll & all that jazz.  His attitude is I guess what one should expect of a 9 year old boy, but it's an adjustment to me, especially since I'm so used to him being quite compliant & agreeable towards me.

Since Mikaila's tonsillectomy her speech has GREATLY improved.  It's expected that by the time she starts kindergarten in about 18 months she'll be on par with her classmates!  This is SOOO awesome especially since it's been only 18 months since the first surgery to remove her adenoids & put tubes in her ears.  She went from almost no spoken words to new words & full letter sounds on a daily basis.

Otherwise things are fairly ho-hum normal around here.  Well, as normal as my life gets, anyways.

And yes, I did have someone follow me to the ENT appointment...

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