Wednesday, February 22, 2012

List of Updates

I've been busy, to put it short.  Life is also getting much busier and hectic, but such is normal I suppose.

The rundown:  (If you have questions leave a comment & ask)

I'm having sinus surgery on the 28th.  Recent scans & tests & all that revealed that I have what appears to be a lot of extra cartilage blocking fluids from properly draining, thus causing me to have a sinus infection that absolutely will not go away...for at least the last 20 years of my life that I can remember constantly having sinus issues..

I see an orthopedic specialist on Thursday about my knee.  The base guess is that I have torn my ACL in my left knee.  Not completely torn, but enough that it is very weak, constantly swollen, and VERY painful.  Going down to the basement to do laundry is almost torture...add in the knee pain and it definitely qualifies as torture.  I have no clue specifically how I did it.  My knees always pop & occasionally I have some pretty bad pain in them from the arthritis, especially when the weather is being wonky, but it's normally just temporary & tolerable.  This is not greatly tolerable & it's swollen & it is a weird burning type of pain down the muscles even, so it hits no markers for the arthritis blow-off.  I'm not looking forward to this possible/probable surgery and the recovery process that will follow.

School is going well enough.  Kinda boring right now & lots of work, but such is school life I presume.  I'm hoping my next semester is better.

My BooMonkey Creations work is steady now.  I'm not getting rich or anything of that nature from it, but it is enjoyable and puts a few bucks in my pocket for various things that we've gone without or put off getting.  I'm hosting a fundraiser this month for a lovely gal.  If you're interested please check it out here.

Brian is doing well enough.  Work is still annoying and he still deals with his own pains from past surgeries, but such is the new normal.

Mikeal is doing well in school.  He's up to over 300 AR points at school...AR points being points they get for reading books & passing tests over the books.  I think he said there's a 5th grader with more points at his school, so not too shabby for being a 4th grader & having only read the books since school started.  He's read ALL of the Harry Potter books, all the Narnia books, and almost all of another series or two, but they're not ones I'm all that familiar with so I couldn't tell you for sure.  I LOVE that he loves to read so much....but I do occasionally find myself threatening to ground him from reading due to his pre-teen attitude & behaviors.

Mikaila is doing awesome.  She's made great progress in her speech & the thought is she'll be able to drop speech therapy altogether by the time she starts Kindergarten.  She starts Kindergarten in the late Summer of 2013, so another year of therapy.  She is also getting ready to start physical therapy.  It's quite probable that her early hearing/inner ear issues early in life affected the way she moves, walks, etc so they're going to work with her on improving her balance and coordination to get her caught up on par with her classmates.

I guess that's the gist of it.  At least close enough.

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